Teddy at desk
In Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt’s New York the times are dangerous ones. Activities of cults and the supernatural, usually unknown to the general populace and relegated to tabloid, are on the rise, becoming more brazen and too overt to the public eye. A public who need not know about such dangers that lurk underfoot, overhead, and under the cover of night and shadow. Fortunately, a deadly introduction of this supernatural and occult presence to a promising city detective and a delivery driver set in motion events leading to the alliance of the only group of investigators who can help the greatest city in the world sustain the lives and sanity of its citizens.

The Westinghouse Detective Agency
Operator: John Westinghouse
Partner: Dr. John Atwater
On Call: Will McNamara, Jack Burton, Theolonius Wang, Father John J. Johnson, Father Jonathan Johnson1w ny ny 1889

The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

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