The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

A Flight to London

The Investigators meet Archimedes and 3 of the other groups of Chosen Men

This man named Archimedes, of the group Iluminati which the Wang’s belong and who sent Theo to us, has requested our presence at an important meeting after New Years. One dealing with matters of the occult and such beings as we have read of and dealt with in the past several months. An English royal named Livingstong, Lord Percy, and his Men will be arriving tomorrow in his own airship to fly us there and back! Imagine, the first flight for all of us.
There, Theo says we will meet 3 of the other 4 groups of Archimedes’ ‘Chosen Men’. Theo says that Archimedes believes machinations mor grand than we know are working against all mankind, and the Iluminati is blind to it. Archimedes swears by the horrific truth of it all. At this meeting he will detail his beliefs and needs us to share all that has happened to us with the others. Especially another English royal, an Earl named Paul Warrington, as well as the very same Richard Rathbone whose path crossed with mine in the investigation which led to my meeting Jack, my release from the police force, and my introduction the the supernatural truths of our seemingly normal world. Knowing he is a part of all this, and working toward mutual ends though separated by great distance from ourselves, is a light amongst so much blackness.
So, go we shall.


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