The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

A New Office in Arkham

We take a break from horror, without simply wasting the time

We have spent the last 2 weeks here in Arkham as well as NY to rest and recuperate, though it has not been fully idle time.
The morning after we returned here to Arkham, a summons came from Armitage and his group. The men looked pale, for they had already received a second letter. It was discovered by Armitage himself, lying on his desk in the morning while we were away in Kingsport. This time, the paper was of the type Armitage typically uses in his office. The letter reads much more like the sane man Armitage is now, so it is certainly in the nearer future than the first letter. I shall log notes on it in the Armitage Files I have started, separate from this Record of Strange Events. Many possible leads of names are here in the letters. The worst of all, a mention of the Tears of Azathoth. The Inquiry describe it as a forbidden tome, thought to be only myth and tale. However, an odd detail makes it all the more unsettling beyond it’s very name itself: Armitage and his men, as well as Theolonius and Jon, have all heard of the supposed book. None of them, though, can recall where and when nor in what context they ever learned of it. No memory, at all, not a one of them. Neither have they been able to find a reference to in in any of their written sources. That does not sound of ‘so much flim-flammery’ to me, and Theo and Jon are in agreement. There is more to this tome than mere legend.
At first, it seems that the matter has become much more urgent, for the letter mentions events in the month of October. However, Armitage being involved in no such investigations prior to the first letter arriving, nor heard of any of the names mentioned in their context, it must refer to next October, 1890. Additionally, Will noticed the conclusive proof: the letter mentions a precise number of the astronomy club’s newsletters that had been released at the time of the writing, a number which they will not reach for over a year. We therefore should be able to count on having a generous span of time to ponder before rushing into anything.
Armitage and I brought up a worry of ours about time. He is not currently investigating any such thing. If he never gets into the investigation, because we do instead, he will never write the letters. If he never writes these letters they never come back to us, and their is no investigation.

We have also decided to open an office here in Arkham, and found a suitable location to rent for a very fair price. Through talking to local officers, some of the group’s associates, and placing an add in local papers, we decided on a man named Jack Bridge. Bridge most impressed us for his action oriented approach. Bridge is in his early 40’s, and so experienced, bushy eyebrows, wide eyes and long ears. The man smokes cigars incessantly, and fiddles with his silver cigar cutter constantly. For a time he worked for the Continental Detective Agency (an offshoot of the Pinkertons, and with a good reputation). We of course contacted his former office with the agency for his reference, and they said he was not a particularly strong operative. He tended to get personally involved in his cases. If he was hired by someone who he felt was the bad guy in the case, he would work against the hiring party behind the scenes. He simply can’t help it, especially when innocents people will be hurt. He was a thorn in the side of the rich in Boston for always taking the side of the little guy, so the agency let him go because no one wanted him assigned to their case.
Bridge felt he needed a new start, and came to Arkham to look into opening his own office. He got on the wrong side of the chief of police, so is not looking to work for someone else.
All this together made the man the best choice for us, by far. He is not schooled in the Mythos, but seems a man who will believe his own eyes no matter what they see, and will not shy from the attack. He prefers a straight ahead approach, ol’ Jack’s kind of man, though he is going to get too old for that sooner rather than later.
We introduced him to Armitage so as to give Bridge contacts for assistance in research and knowledge, as he is not the type of man for that. Bridge will receive 50% of the office’s income with the other 50% to the business himself.
He informed us he already has a couple cases he would like to look into:
-A shopkeeper who is being muscled by a gang of thugs for ‘protection’. Something we see much of in NY.
-A blonde woman came to his room, saying she is being blackmailed over some incriminating loveletters she wrote. She is not about to get married, and the ‘creep’ is holding the letters over her head.
We set up an introduction for Bridge to Frank Donnelly of Kingsport, and Donnelly was very excited at the prospect of his involvement in some private work for us alongside Bridge. We also told them both of Archer in Boston, and will tell Archer of them when we return there, so that each can cooperate with the other should the need arise.

While Theo and Jon stayed in Arkham working with their books, Will (with Cassandra), Jack, Atwater and I spent several days back in NY. Jack left almost immediately and only returned this evening, having spent the time running his business. Will, Atwater and I left after hiring Bridge at the end of the first week. Will finished and turned in his work for the Times, while Atwater stayed busy at his office and home. I touched base with Friday and Roosevelt, but first checked in on the poor Mrs. Timmons for the first time since prior to uncovering the murder of her son. She was doing somewhat better than I had expected, and I am positive it is the little girl saved by Theolonius that keeps her spirits up. The girl has recovered astonishingly well, and may grow up to not even remember that night, God willing. We three returned here last evening.

We leave for Boston first thing tomorrow morning.


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