John Warren Westinghouse

Former NYC detective now private investigator


Smart 3/Scientific Det
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 23+
Str 15
Dex 16
Con 16
Int 22
Wis 16
Cha 16
Com 15
Luck 13
Occupation: Investigative
Talents: Savant(investigate); Exploit Weakness;Outsmart;Savant (search)
Feats: Brawl; Voracious Reader; Attentive; Vulture; Lightning Reflexes; Heroic Surge;Find Clues; Deceptive;Renown
Sanity: 81 (80)
Wealth: 16
Reputation: 4
Languages: Latin-2,German-2r/w;
Forbidden Lore: 0
Weapons: Colt .38 Lightning revolver, dagger
Affiliations: Archimedes’ Inner Circle, Freemasons


Born and raised in New York, he joined the police academy after receiving a B.A. from Miskatonic University in Sociology at 20. On the force, he became one of the fastest ever to rise to the rank of detective due to his acute observational and deductive skills, specializing in homicide investigations. Upon the death in the line of duty of Captain Norwood, who was Westinghouse’s mentor on the force, he quickly came to be disfavored by the less competent Captain ?. After the death of a suspect during the strangest murder case of his career, he was put on permanent leave and for several months descended into an opium and whiskey bender. This case introduced him to the supernatural, involving an ancient Egyptian scarab amulet that turned its owner into a horrible and murderous creature. He stopped and killed the beast with the help of Rick Rathbone and a local named Jack Burton, who became a friend and later a regular assistant on his cases.
It was the return of his best friend John Atwater from military service that pulled him out it, and upon his full recovery Atwater suggested and helped fund Westinghouse’s opening of his own private investigator agency. In the end this freelance style has worked out for the better, allowing him to specialize in the strange and unusual investigations, those which the police are incapable or unwilling to grasp, and which seem to be all too regular, a disconcerting fact. Terribly, these happenings go far beyond the strange these days. Ever since the arrival of Theolonius Wang and the revelations of Archimedes Brown the Chinaman brought with him.
Though incredibly intelligent, he isn’t all brains. He possesses deceptive strength and has on occasion been known to take part in underground bare-knuckle boxing matches for the fun of it. He uses his body and brain together, creating a formidable adversary.
Westinghouse reads the newspapers in detail, using his deductive mind to read between the lines, making him quite knowledgable on current events and pop culture. His side interests include physical sciences and chemistry.
Though a PI now, he still has some friends on the force willing to assist him when possible, especially former partner Sgt. Friday of homicide, and a Cpl. Harold in charge (so fortuitously) of the evidence room.
Atwater stands with Westinghouse always, and assists Westinghouse on all of his strangest cases. Apart from Atwater and Jack, he can also call upon the assistance of Theolonius, a reporter named Will McNamara, and the Jesuit John J. Johnson.

John Warren Westinghouse

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