Theolonius Wang

Chinese Buddhist monk from a long line of Iluminati Wangs


Dedicated 2/Fast 1/Str 1/Martial Artist
Player: Mark
Age at start of campaign: 22+
Str 16
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 20
Cha 10
Com 7
Luck 15
Occupation: Cloistered
Talents: Skill Emphasis(dec. script); Aware;Faith;Skill Emphasis (arcane lore)
Feats: Shaolin Kung Fu; Defensive MA; Natural Martial Artist; Ki; Linguist; Weapon Focus(unarmed);Combat MA; Jump Kick
Sanity: 92 (100)
Wealth: 10
Reputation: 1
Forbidden Lore: 1
Weapons: Staff
Languages: Engish-2(r/w);Arabic-2(r/w);Latin-2(r/w);French-1;Hieratic-2
Affiliations: Iluminati, Archimedes’ Inner Circle


A Chinese Buddhist monk, hailing from a long family line of kung fu masters (including his 6 brothers and their one sister, and his father Wang Dong), Theolonius is an introspective and studious man. The temple within his walls he grew up in, as well as several allied ones, were infiltrated by evils of the land of China. In his attempt to fight back, Theolonius was captured. Rescued by Iluminati through his Iluminous father’s influences, and secreted out via ship to India, he from there he made his way to London via the Red Sea and Egypt. After some time spent recoveing from his hectic flight, he was brought into the Iluminati. Soon, his father introduced him to Archimedes Brown and Theolonius brought into the fold of Brown’s Mythos. After risking his sanity in reading some forbidden lore, he was sent dispatched to New York in search of two who Archimedes believed to be Chosen Men. He first, quite literally, ran into Jack Burton and with his help found the other man he sought: John Westinghouse. Theolonius introduced the young detective and delivery man to Brown’s Mythos Known.
Afterward, Theolonius remains stationed there permanently as liaison and a supernatural/mythos consultant for Westinghouse and his team.
Theolonius’ 6 brothers, all members of the Iluminati along with their father, include:
Wang Wei,Wang Long,Wang Hung,Wang Phat

Notes on old sheet:
On way to England teamed with Fritz vs a mad scientist in Black Forest.
Met Rick through Fritz. Gave Theo letter if intro to give to Westinghouse.

Theolonius Wang

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