Cthulhu in the Necronomicon

Annotated notes


1d8 weeks
DC 22
3 spells
plus 1 Mythos

3 spells:
Contact Cthulhu
Contact Deep Ones
Eldar Sign


Written 1875 in Arkam by Dr. Laben Shrewsbury while studying the Necronomicon. It is not unique, as copies have been made. The original is said to be kept at Miskatonic (Armitage confirms this).
Lanen’s handwritten notes, intending on it being a concordance, of all Cthulhu references in the Necronomicon, with annotated notes containing all of his knowledge of Cthulhu otherwise. Tells of its power to effect the dreams of men and a world wide to bring him back.
It is an unfinished work, as the Dr. disappeared from Arkam while still at work on it.
Each copy is said to be of varying levels of accuracy.
He was putting this together to fight the cults.

Cthulhu in the Necronomicon

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