Journal of Bartholomew Tagg


Contains his record of keeping the Skivern Rock Lightnouse near Innsmouth with Muir, and his dealing with the ‘mermaid’ Sedna and her Cthulhu Spawn, which slew Father John and almost the entire group of us.

Contains a single spell, as well:
The Baleful Dust of Hermes:

  • Must have the ‘golden dust’ (the one we found and used was red with gold metallic flakes)to go along with the spell. Must dowse target somehow (missile, throwing, dumping, fan blowing it…): each successful application burns for 2d6/round as it slowly dissolves. A miss does 1pt spash/round. A fumble results in a complete miss. Dusts effects cost any observer 0/1d3 sanity to witness. Victim clenches, flails and sometimes screams. Body burns as if from powerful acid. 2 ounces = one attack. 16 ounces are provided/recipe created.
  • Costs 0 sanity to cast.
  • Effects only notearthly creatures like eldar things, starspawn, shaggoths…;but not zombies, humans, deep ones…

Journal of Bartholomew Tagg

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