Nodens Headband

Juju House


+10% to contact Nodens
+ 1 to spell casting
Nightgaunts worship Nodens actually, and any wearing it will never be hurt by a nightgaunt. There is also a random chance of a nightgaunt showing up in random times of danger to assist the wearer.
However, each day you put it on you lose a sanity point.


Has Mythos rune upon it.
When Jon rubbed his hand across the rune, he envisioned the word “NODENS”.
Said could mean 1 of 2 things:
Ancient pagan Celtic god from Britain, associated with healing, the sea, hunting, and dogs. Also, there is Nodens, lord of the great abyss.
Archimedes mentioned the second in London.
Jon, by impulst, donned it for a few seconds. Felt like it gave him power against the Mythos.

Made of another unrecognizable gray metal, very hard; Wilhelm has a flash already, Nodens told him of it. Perfect for Cassandra.

Nodens Headband

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