Varnstein Lenses (and Prince of Babylon reel)

includes the contraption to project and goggles


Lenses through which the Hotec spirit creatures became visible in the film reel scenes

set of 2 bluish tinted lenses
look through one direction, everything becomes blue or invisible; the other, a swirl of incomprehensible shapes/colors causing eye and headaches almost immediately

the contrapion is a clunky thing; through the lenses is shoots a beam of light which one can narrow and broaden

The lenses were used by Baptiste to create 2 sets of goggles through which the wearer could see the Spectral Haunters.
Still a -4 to attack with ranged weapons
Can they see anything incorporeal;ethereal??
Can Covington or Hobbes use this tech to make a ‘dispelling beam’?


The Film Reel w/o lenses

Lasts 30 minutes.
Nothing horrible at first, just feel like a subliminal nature of unease. Scenes go on, lots of extras.
Then, as scene of dervishes charging across sands. While eyes assure us nothing unusual, depths of our psyche detects unseen terrible forms and auras. Beverly’s each lose a point of sanity.
More scenes.
Then a scene of Raven mouthing orders to offstage and feel same presence now as before. Now Will McNamara loses 1, Ron 2.
Finally, at the end a scene of female lead Monica in opulent interior Roman set awaiting her lover. Her face, in the close up, look trapped, horrified, scared. She does great job concealing them for the job but jerks here and there.
Westinghouse “Look closely” then you can see her dress moves like something running its hand along it. Then her dress flutters as if from underneath; finally her chest moves and you can see the outline of her nipple, and it being sqeezed to the point that she jerks most obviously.
Will lost 1, Jake 4, West 5, Nick 3, Dog 2

The Film Reel through the Varnstein Lenses

When lenses are fitted in the direction one would see blue through them, nothing.
At first terrible part, after half a minute, see shapes shambling across desert behind the riders, ugly things, naked male humanoids, crab like claws for hands, leering at camera and almost…gyrating.
Cassandra calls them “Spectral Haunters". Once human but a terrible spell is cast upon them; you have to choose to do this and give up your humanity to live forever.
Soul is transferred into a spirit item. Could be anything. Placed in safe keeping; it dies if ever leave 1 mile area around the item, or if item is destroyed. They exist to guard a site or item.
Normal creatures, but can become incorporeal or ethereal at will.
Seeing them, Will loses 2 sanity, Jake 4, Anne 1, Jesse 1.

2nd scene, with Raven, Spectral Haunter comes up behind him and just barely touches him in places. We can now tell he is slightly distracted by it, even a shudder at one point as it holds a claw above his head. Viewer can see sanity being drawn from him with a huge grin leering at the camera.
They love to play with their food, vicious but cowardly.
Last scene with Monica, 2 climb through window onto set and she senses it, they rub claws over clothes, reach claw under dress and it moves; the other pinches the nipple.
Finally, after she startles for a moment keeping her cool, they each take their big man parts and just barely touch her lips with them.

Varnstein Lenses (and Prince of Babylon reel)

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