Gathered Lore

The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones will be. Not in the spaces we know but between them. They walk surrean and primal. Undimensioned and to us unseen…
Necronomicon at Miskatonic, read to us by Armitage

Azathoth: Armitage says some sort of deity from before creation; hand in creation of universe?; writhing,blind,insane idiot, Dwells beyond time and space at center of existence; flutes with servitors dance,antithesis of intell, Great Old Ones worship him, some say everything around us is made from it; humans not known to worship him (until perhaps John Scott)

Corpse City: to be raised with Arc of Vlaktos et al; If dread city rises and stars are right, you can not send it back. Even if the corpse city rises, Earth’s supreme horror will not rise from his crypt because the stars are not right. So the horror is not the city, its something in the city; If a cult attempts to free it, and you stand upon the blue monolith (from People of the Monolith?) and chant the reverse of the spell to raise the city, the 2 combine to sink the city.
Theo “So this all is R’yleh and Cthulhu.”
Westinghosue “So all of this SIlver Twlight business and Baron H and McBane is about raising R’yleh. That’s what they’re all about.”
Armitage “Probably has been for hundreds of years.”

Cthulhu: chief priest of Azathoth; Armitage says wishes to destroy us; sleeps on R’ yleh;

Cult of the Bloody Tongue: Kenyan; Nyarlathotep worship?

Cult of the Sleeping Spear: aka The Spear Cult; Started by Nero; worship Great Cthugha, husband to Isis; bring about the return of Rome; may also have a connection with Nyogtha;

The Crawling Chaos: aka Nyarlathotep

Dark Angel: creature summoned by Mauve in Boston. She said it is an avatar of a being called Nyarlathotep.

  • Elder Things: Bisymmetrical; created and warred with/defeated by Shaggoth; lived in Antarctica; may have retreated to Atlantic where rest until stars are right, or escaped to the future; said to have seeded Earth w/ life millenia ago for slave races; still worshipped by cults;

Essential Salts: adheres to nothing. Goes with an incantation you say over the salts.

  • Ghouls: ’natural’ ghuls, though I don’t like the adjective in relation to such monsters, which do indeed breed with each other. These are NOT undead; stories of them kidnapping human children, and that those who eat the food of the ghuls for an extended period of time and live with them can eventually turn into a ghul themselves. This may be what happened to Pickman.

Nightgaunt: Paraphrase from Monsters and their Kynd: Shocking and uncouth black things, smooth and oily surfaces, horns curved inward toward one another, batwings whose beating makes no sound, ugly prehensile paws and a barbed tail that lashes needlessly, they never speak for they are w/o face, only a suggestive blankness where a face ought to be. They clutch and fly and tickle (is this a mistake or mistranslation?), that is the way of the Nightgaunt. Known for dropping victims from high in the air;

Nodens: The cosmic hunter and ally of humanity that was once a human; One of the Eldar Gods that supposedly fight against the great old ones; appears as an elderly human male with white hair; said to ride in a chariot formed from a huge sea shell and pulled by legendary beasts; He chases evil creatures in the dreamlands and hunts the servants of the Old Ones and Nyarlathotep, but for the great sport they offer. Though, it is said he is known to help humans on occasion.”

Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos, the Bloody Tongue, the Bloated Woman, He of 1000 names;Armitage says he’s the one to worry about, Azathoth’s chief instrument or maybe controls Azathoth; are all Old Ones elements of him?; a trickster type. likes to play with and torment us; seems constrained in some way or does he in some way like humans?; rarely acts directly yet tales of him doing horrifying things; told Investigators he was “once like you” and that his plan is to make men like gods
He along with Yog Sothoth seem to be mentioned in similar forms in Wilkerson’s Hyborean texts.
The Dark Pharaoh, Mercy Booth connected with him, he brought her to Elder Thing Antarctica;

Nyogtha: mate to the Bishop women; The Thing That Should Not Be; The Dweller in Darkness in Necronomicon (a title also given to Nyarlathotep); brother to Nyarlathotep; summoned in caves/fissures; seen by sorcerers;terror and destruction; Only with the looped cross of the vash firosh and the takoon elixir may he be driven away.

  • Shaggoth: created by and defeated Elder Things; one is penned in under Silver Twilight Hall in Boston; then warred with Cthulthu creatures (Cthulhu spawn?, Deep Ones?) and defeated them when stars were misaligned for Cthulhu, hence sinking of R’ yleh and sleep of Cthulhu;

Yith, Great Race of: Use possession to gain knowledge, even through time and space, including Paul Lamond;

Yogsothoth: He who could not be named; not known prior to Mad Arab, who heard satanists chant Yog Satha meaning the ‘strange/abnormal ones/times/things coming’. Seems to be mentioned, along with Nyarlathotep, in Wilkerson’s Hyborean texts.

>The hieroglyphics on the statue in the Bloody Tongue bar is a corruption of arabic: ‘The thing is not dead which has the capacity to exist eternally and if the abnormal/bazaar ones/things come then death may cease to be’. Theo immediately recognized that line in the Necronomicon, in english translated from Magyar. In some variant or another it has been seen on artifacts as far back in time as ancient Egypt on hieroglyphics. A more poetic version, which he found, is the earliest known.

> We visited Eldar Things in Antarctica of the past, chasing Mercy Booth, Brought back a Shaggoth prod. Shaggoth’s rebelled against Eldar Things. We saw a Shaggoth in sublevel of Look to the Future. It is still trapped there!

Gathered Lore

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