Loose Ends

Hargrave Case

- ‘free’ ghouls still on the loose in sewers
- Elizabeth Bishop: where did she flee to? Where do the portals lead?
- where are the canopic jars and why are they important? Is Penhue important?
- Why murder the Hargrave girl at all? If a cult wanted the jars, they didn’t need to kill her in the streets to get them. It’s not like she was home when they broke in or walked in on the burglary.
-Get Edward Collie mental assistance after Twilight Finale
-still running chemical tests on brown liquid from under Look to the Future, may be poison that killed Striebeck and ? David Lee


How bad are the people, considering the deep one bloodline is basically the whole town?

Ghoul Tunnels

Under Twilight HQ; Under Bishop Cemetary; Under Pickman’s Arkam house; in Salem Cemetary and Mercy Booth’s Lyle St house (this one cemented shut)


Silver Twilight Lodge building in Boston we want as ours.

Camera and lenses from the LA film brought back to NYC with us. To go to Hobbes and Rathbone.
GET MISKATONIC TO LOOK AT ARC, possibly take with us via Rick’s airship friend to London.
Heart of Darkness taken by Long and Lo, stowing away on a ship, to London. They are willing to do this.
Still monitoring Dark Mistress movements.

Loose Ends

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