New World

All Will Beverly knows: Came out of no where in CA after parents death. Several smaller companies bought out and merged. Kane Industries in NY is a subsidiary. Known that William Kane, former owner, is on the NW board. Edward Chandler is the chairman of the board. Names of other people on board are secret. Will B found out the name of one of them. They have extremely positive PR. Chandler has been nominated for 2 nobel prizes, large Philanthropic charity work. Both political parties see him as candidate for vice president. In San Fran chinatown, Will B found a dark underbelly to them, willing to do anything to succeed. One of most lucrative businesses is Chinese prostitutes brought here, and kidnapped white women to ship to China. None of this proved. Just a year before Will rejoined Gang, NWI opened a company called Pearry Industries, building airships primarily space but also regular ones. Opened a large shipyard in Frisco. Also one in Newport News, and in Birmingham, England. The other big legitimate is in Oakland: an electronics firm looking into new electric tech called New World Electronics.
The ships are to be fitted with new electrical nav and wpns developed in house. There is a covert war tween them and Haelstrom. Raid each other, bribe spies, etc. Haelstrom is winning.
Kang is also at war with New World, a more bloody but low intensity, war tween his Tong and NWI in Frisco Chinatown. NWI there run by Lang Phoo.
The name of the boardmember is this Lang Phoo.
Will barely escaped w/o permanent injury the ‘situation’ which he found this out. He was the owner of a Chinese business, very profitable, and for no profit or reason at all merged with NWI.
NY Will fluff piece info: Ed Chandler has seemingly devoted adult life to good. Chandler Foundation in memory of parents, concerned with helping humanity.
Most modern corporation in the world: fringe benefits and profit sharing to its employees. Has deals with highest forms of gov’t all over the world, including and especially England “WHen Chandler speaks the Queen listens”.
Ed’s bio: sickly child, sent to Europe at 10 to study with private turors. LIved in seclusion, no boyhood friends after leaving SHicago. Primary tutor a mysterious German/Hungarian simply knows as The Baron. At 18 enrolled University of Illinois in Chicago. High grades, football squad, popular. After grad, joined dads firm working way up form mail room. Became vice president by time of parents death in Frisco boat accident. Boat then sold. ED took over company. The very next year, Kane and Phoo’s, another European, all formend NWI with Ed as Chairman.
Major interests: Mining, patroleum, manufacturing, munitions (gun providers to the world). Shipyard info Will B knows, and elect company. Big in international banking, have own bank in Switzerland. Munitions manufactured in Mexico.
They have a skyscraper, NW Tower, in Chicago, some 20 stories!!! He got special permession for a building that tall. Top 3 floors or Ed’s residence. Considered an honored citizen in Chi. A 2 story steel tower atop the skyscraper anchors his private dirigibal. At apex is a huge light that blinks NWI in morse code. Department store on first floor. He is the 1st Citizen of Chi. Special police protection. It sits at the intersection of 3 streets. Public trust is an all time high. US gov’t does take some notice in their dealings, thouth, as in a bit suspicious. The Senator from OH who pushed for an investigation had to resign after losing his mind: found in his study one morning a babbling idiot.
Ed is 48, looks 25.
Edward Chandler: head of New World; from Chicago; sickly child;sent to Europe at 10 to private tutors. Father owned moderatelly successful tool manufacture in Chi. Had no boyhood friends after leaving Chi. When he returned at 18 he was healthy enough to enter business school at U of Illinois. On football squad, joined dad’s firm at mail delivery. Parents tragically killed in boat accident near San Francisco Bay !!THE DARK MISTRESS!!; dad drowned, but fresh water in lungs; lead det. later died w/look of horror in his expensive house; mother had bruising on shoulders/neck; Deep Ones? The Drowning Spell?;
He took over business. Overpowered opponents with ease, merging with a brit company as New World Limited. Instrumental in opening of Mars. He’s around 60, though looks more like 45.
From a fraternity bro. of Will from Illinois: weird, friendly, outgoing and popular. Got all women he wanted, wealthy (his parent’s company had taken off), handsome, charismatic. 1 weird thing: one night we were throwing a party, but though he was not much of a drinker he drank a lot. Started talking about weird things he’s seen, places gone and things read before coming to college, while he was in Germany with some German tutors. I’ll never forget some of the stuff he said, about going to a library beyond the stars! None of us believed him. After a few more drinks, he said he’d prove it. Bets went down and we kidnapped a coed, and “I don’t know what got into was the weirdest thing. We took her to a park, tied her up to a rock, and he was about to cut her open! No joke, sir. When the police happened by and heard the commotion. We were all arrested. He refers to himself as a Child of Destiny. Looks way younger than me." Remembers one thing from chang: Yogsothoth!

McNamara Investigation:

Investigated by subject:
Logistics: Several ton shipment from Oakland, and same from Frisco to Shanghai in about 6 months. Listed as Engine parts.
He gets all train routes that they use, and details in the next month. And warehouses in major cities. This is about a week in. He sends it to Clayton Ranch.
Personal on Ed: story from a cop is 5 men and a girl were found after screams heard in a park at night. 5 guys chanting up to the stars, the girl stripped and tied to a stone in their midst, stripes across here where they had been smacking her with a thin metal rod. One of them was Ed. This was in his college days. The other men were from wealthy families, girl’s family settled out of court. Affair was hushed up. 3 of the other men work for NW, one does not. His name is Jimbo Fischer. Will finds him a drunkard on skid row “I’ve seen the other side” he whispers. Asks for alcohol.
‘It all started at the frat party. His friend Chandler rarely drank, but was this night. He told of he and his friend the Baron had travelled and educated him all around. China, orient, Australia (saw a lost city), Africa (Cairo); saw largest and greatest library in the universe, on another planet. Started to tell us to bow down and kiss his ring, as he was the key to open the way to the Old Ones, he would be the king of the universe. We told him he was full of beans. So we all bet he couldn’t prove it. He accepted, hence the ritual in the park with the co ed. A couple of the guys relieved themselves, sexually. While we chanted, everything went crazy. Sky opened, shining bolts came from above. Things slowed, and Ed said sacrifice needed more so they started beating her. I swear I saw the face of the devil looking down on me, covered with a yellow mask. Just then, as the sky ripped open, an Irish voice bellowed ’what’s all this then’. We stopped, the sky closed and all disappeared. Drink is all that keeps the memories at bay, that and opium. Ed offered us al jobs, but I can’t stand the sight of him. He said if I ever tell anyone, he’ll know and that’s the last thing I’ll ever say. Truth is I’ve wished I were dead for a long time. My parents disowned me once I became a drunken, drugged up wastrel. My fiance left me. At first, some of the others visited me to convince me to rule the world with them. I don’t think they saw what I saw, if they did they are the foulest men on earth. If they come for him, he looks forward to it. There is nothing I can do they have not already done.
The next morning, he is found dead in a gutter. Cut open from throat to crotch.
By now, it’s May 3.
Foundation: Finds reference to an org that got a lot of $ from the Foundation. Via bank records, it has been going to major cities, mostly capitols, all over the world. England, Germany, France, US, Richmond, Austin, half a dozen or so cities in India including couple of largest in India, other major cities of the Empire, plus Mars cities.
Then he finds a coupel memoes that refer to the SOT as Sons of Terror. This is where the money going to these cities is funding. Ground Cleansers on Mars, Anarchists in England and France, Muslim and Hindi Nationalists, etc. They are funding terror orgs.
Business: Several days of work, almost found out once.

May 12:
Will is met after hours by a man in accounting, he thinks. He has been looking into things here from his own suspicions, is just a bit off his rocker, and knows this must stop. He just had no idea how it could happen, how they could be stopped, until Will entered the situation. He shows will a story, quote, about Nefrukah and his prophesizing from the Necronomicon.
This happened in 1733 BC. He says now it is going to happen, then suddenly “did you hear that? They’re coming for us”. He says “look at this”, a paper showing a foundation in England completely financed by NW, the Penhue Foundation. It says the boat owned by Ed’s parents was a gift from a friend of theirs from the Hauptman Corporation in Germany and Romania. Shows another piece telling how NW financed an expedition to Kenya. When they returned, they brought a black woman with them who came to NY. (Must be M’Wuru). Shows us the name of another on the board: Baron Hauptman!!
He says when Nefrukah died, he had a son. The followers took the son and escaped the pharaoh’s wrath, to the ancient city of G’Harne, deep in Africa. There, the great god Shudde M’ell took the followers as prey, leaving only those who carried the blood of Nefrukah and those who protected his blood. Lang Phoo has searched for centuries for Nefrukah’s son to open the way. Then it was that Lang Phoo and Hauptman met, and found the descendants. But, they were degenerate cannibals. So they brought them out and interbred them first with arabs, then beyond to Europe and Asia. Always guiding marriages, their matings, to create the one who would truly be the son of Nefrukah. And they found him!! In the great city of Chicago. Now, he is the key to the rising of all that is terrible in the universe. His plots are many. All aimed toward the elevation of the Dark Pharaoh back to his place as ruler of the world.
They gained much by the division of labor. Baron kept track of the bloodlines, build banks and business for monehy. Lang Phoo layed the groundwork for the political and spiritual upheavels that could work this forward to a reality. They tried before, had everything in place, and the chosen one died during the Napoleonic Wars. If this one fails, they’ll have another chance, even if decaded from now.
His name is Carl Heusan. Before that I was Carl of Hamburg. Before that I was Carl of Hamlin. I believe my first body died just prior to invasion by King Harald of England when he died at Stanford Bridge. Now, the time is comign and I like my life. It’s time for me to get a new body, but they have not given me one. They are beginning to not trust me. He’s a book keeper, so knows a lot. They know what I fear: if all this comes to be, it’ll be the end of us all. The journey had been a good long one but now that it is almost over, I have to find a way to stop it. And then you walked in my door. So, you must kill Edward Chandler. He must die. “Wait! They’re coming, I must hide!” He begins motioning at Will, trying to implant a suggestion that he can not speak his name or what he was doing here. A puff of smoke and he is gone!

New World

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