• Cpt. Bosworth: Cpt of NYPD and not a fan of and the man who fired Westinghouse. However, showed up with reinforcements in the ghoul tunnels. Perhaps a better relationship is in the future.
    Now thought to be in league with cultists, along with officers Kowalsk and Jenkins.
  • Cpl. Harold: Friend of Friday and Westinghouse, therefore not liked by Bosworth. Often relegated to the evidence room by the doofus of a Cpt, unwittingly granting us easy entry.
  • Lt. Bower: Lt. and allie on NYPD, direct superior to Friday;accompanied us with a force, along with Friday, into the lair of Bishop’s ghouls
  • Lt. Poole: brought us info on previous Bloody Tongue murders;
  • Det. Striebeck: DECEASED checked out Look to the Future under order from Friday. Became ill after attendances and died soon after investigation ended.
  • Joe Friday
  • Occult Flying Squad: the special task force assigned to the agency by Roosevelt, led by Friday.

New York

  • Paul Lamond: medium/spiritualist; skilled hypnotist from Tannerhill Haunting; hypnotized Erica and Corry for us; grew up in rural Buffalo; father (salesman) died of heart attack when Paul was 3; mom worked as a seamstress;
    At 17, Paul had series of nightmares like recently; left him hospitalized with partial amnesia. During hospital stay, personality changed; suddenly didn’t seem to know the names of people, what things were called, and had a sudden interest in science and history which he had never had before. He became close friends with another patient named Clarence Rogers; inhabited during this time by a Yith; series of trips for 8 years with Rogers incl. Australia, South America, Central America and for a time within America; returned home, another amnesia attack, hospitalized in coma of sorts, woke up as Paul again; remembered nothing of travels; nightmares of huge rock city, living in it as a huge hideous creature; psychic talent awakened thereafter; Rogers disappeared after travels;
    Drew pic of ‘The Beast that Comes’ trouncing NY, giant, ‘The beast is a mask’; “They will come on the day of the beast”; mom burned it; another probably of Cthulhu; another of huge bat breathing fire;
    Last few entries of diary (from age 14 to 18) of a gigantic city in a tropical jungle. He moved around the city not as himself, but as a thing of alien proportions. There were huge lizards there as well.
    Temporarily in Woods Estate Rest Home by Herb.
    (dinosaurs? Lizard creatures?)
    So Cthulhu and Bat Cult god not the same thing?
    Letter to his mom ..The huge ferns wave in the wind outside my window. Beyond these are spired buildings. I don’t remember the way, I’m afraid I’ll get lost. Sounds like our view of old Antarctica during time of Elder Things
  • Herb Whitfield: Paul’s manager; Herb Whitfield Professional Management Services; 7th floor office.
  • Betty Avery: Herb’s secretary.
  • Velma: Paul’s girlfriend before the case; seems somewhat disingenuous; maybe out for the success more than love for Paul;
  • Clarence Rogers: DECEASED; Yith cultist; man Lamond travelled with; disposed of by Wexler after questioning; had 2 unnamed accomplices, one of which DECEASED the other AT LARGE but unknown.
  • Bob Wexler: organized crime boss to whom Herb owned money. Assisted us in case; practically resides in his warehouse office; next to his meat packing plant;
  • The Bishop Family:
  1. Nathaniel: former owner of the cemetery, whom we defeated twice now but is still at large. Met him at the Tong HQ but he escaped in an officer’s body.
  2. Cassandra: Sister of Nathan Bishop; now girlfriend of Will; Sorceress
  3. Elizabeth: Living ancestor encountered in the ghoul tunnels, but allowed to escape in return for the lives of infant prisoners
  4. Agatha: ancestor from the time of the Salem witch trials, and seemingly the source of the Bishops descent to evil. Began the worship of Nyogtha and the families accursed relations with him and ghouls.
  • Paul Lamonde: from Tannerhill House Haunting. Medium skilled at seance and hypnotism.
  • Annie Basent: Head of the Theosophist HQ in NY. Consulted early in the Fava/Cthugha case. May be of assistance in the future, especially anything concerning India and mysticism.
  • Mrs. Timmons: Westinghouse’s landlord and general voluntary maid of sorts. Adopting the little girl Theo saved from the fire vampire. Lost son in The Timmons Case.
  • Harry Hargrave: Brother of the deceased Jennifer Hargrave, who hired us to investigate her murder.

Look to the Future: hall remodeled by a company linked to New World; primarily to help business men get ahead; basement filled with future machines but sealed and housing a trapped Shaggoth;

  • David Lee: Look to the Future member who initially contacted us; sick from gatherings; Dead or recovered?
  • Mr. Black: NYARLATHOTEP; gifted alienist heading Look to the Future; leads the gatherings; has arab guards; never seen outside ritual center;
  • Byron Slim: DECEASED; founder Look to the Future;
  • Clarence Rogers: the man with whom Paul Lemonde went on his mysterious travells. Met him in hospital.
  • Su Yung Quin: of …Imports. Green Eyes, 2 attacks/round 8/3; roll plus 2 dam; defense 20(?); her and Theo fancy one another. Theo saved her from assassin. Retains streak of subservience to males.
  • Eddie Chang: Chinatown restaurant owner; know some about Lo Ping; gave us Singapore Sticks during Spirit Warrior fight. Has Heroic Surge 2/day. 48 fat., 14 wnd. Knows some sort of supernatural acupuncture (see Lo Ping, Feb. 14) but it fatigues him.


  • Jeff Daniels: Reporter from Boston, pulled us into the Case of Mauve Murphy’s Demon.
    Student at Miskatonic as well..
  • Lt. McElroy: Allie on the Boston police force, met during Mauve Murphy Daemon investigation
  • Webb: Editor of the Boston Leader who fired Daniels. Will spoke to him, with Jeff along.
  • ‘Fast’ Eddie Clark: lowlife who worked with Malone, was Daniel’s informant. Theo put a beating on him; given a medallion by Mauve which we took then went on its own back to him.
  • Mauve Murphy: mother of Malone (aka Murphy) who summoned the Dark Angel. DECEASED

Silver Twilight: no mention of them in Catalog of Fraternal Organizations; started fairly recently, having as yet unclear connections to a group in NY called ‘Look to the Future’; tome on Demonology mentioned a ‘knights of the silver twiligh’ from as far back as Renaissance, an offshoot of the Teutonic Knights, and also known as The Knights of the Outer Void, were believed to be pure evil by those who knew of them, and rumors come down to the present of their continual existence, went out, in history, with a bang, Their HQ was assailed by eastern orthodox priests and their followers, burning all the Knights of the Silver Twilight at the stake. They were said to have been performing magic when they were attacked. ; Hall location at grounds of old Scott farm (see below);
Soul purpose may be to drive men mad, for Armitage found in a ‘Keeper of the Silver Gate’ “The wailings of the mad are but the birthcries of the new man. The old man gone like dust in the desert wind. Cleansed of the lies of mankind, the new man, the man of darkness, is free to obsorb the beauty of nothingness. The glory and the stark night of the utter void. As our useless reason disolves rejoice in the knowlegde that others in as diverse places as Scotland and Louisiana and the South Pacific have walked the same path, have drunk the same blood, have revelled in the same prospect of everlasting night as you.”
“You do not yet know the true gods. Everything you know is a lie. The great old ones, those are the rulers of the universe. Those and others you have not yet heard of will be the objects of you adulation, your emulation, your love. You are the fortunate ones. The time may come if you give your selfless devotion you will worship in the flesh in the temple of R’yleh, whose glory is beyond your comprehension.”
Overheard at gathering: "But you know the trure purpose of life is to bring the Great Old Ones to their proper position on Earth. And then true reality will prevail”. To which another replies “The way is not prepared. You don’t just call Yogsothoth whenever you wish.” 2 of them then argued over who would rise to be a ‘son of Yogsothoth.
Questioning of prisoners after Finale: plan was to raise R’yleh, stars are aligning but Twilight only a small part of a whole;

  • Edward Collie: INSANE; local physician; pleasant to meet; high ranking member; by Silver Twilight, Finale he been a rarity at socials, disappearances made him nervous; last to disappear; found gibbering mad during final assault; must find good place to help him;
  • John Scott: DECEASED Noble Philosopher and Chief Wizard; young; pockmarked skin from “family disease”. Church archives: raid that took place on the farm of one John Scott…in 1721! The author is a Clyde Wibbel, who was a participant himself. It states that the attack was provoked by weird sounds, chants, graverobbing and strange foreigners about all linked to Scott. It records a speech by someone, though from the context it is likely Scott himself, that was being given at what surely seems to be a cult gathering from the description. It reads as follows: ‘Do you dare imagine things as they can be as indeed they can be when the earth is transformed and the illusion of reality is erased from the minds of men by the annihilation of these minds? Do you live in hope to see Great Cthulhu stride the earth, do you dream of the throne of Azathoth, of joining the flutists who dance there forever? Purify yourselves then, for these and greater things await you who are members of our terrible order.’ a news article on the attack by an angry mob on the John Scott farm from 50 years ago, says Scott was a reputed warlock; rumors of tunnels underneath the old Scott house! Some of the raiders ventured into them, and several never saw the light of day again; woodcut of the old John Scott shows amazing similarities to the modern John Scott, but no evidence of courseness of skin with the old Scott; several years ago Scott’s tome opened and found empty;
  • Carl Stanford: AT LAREGE; Founder; congenial; knowledgeable; very much in higher circle; he and Scott seemed to not like one another; we got along with him swimmingly; part of Look to the Future; a Karl Sanford from an article 80 years ago was being sought for questioning in the case of a missing infant in Boston; Has kept self alive for centuries by feeding on the souls of innocents. Will feels he saw him at the Hofus Asylum on one of the days he was a prisoner there; may worship Yog Sothoth; over 300 years old; true power of the lodge; levels are Keepers of the Silver Gate/Knights of the Outer Void/Sons of Yogsothoth; seen in Slim’s house in NY speaking remotely with Baron H as if H was his authority figure.
  • Max Reed: APPREHENDED; burly bodyguard of Stanford; apprehended KO’d and arrested at Finale;
  • James Clark: MISSING PRESUMED DEAD; member who vanished into thin air shortly before our investigation

Arkam (9 hours trip from NYC)

  • R. Upman Pickman: artist of ghouls. For our investigation at his house see Investigations in Arkam. Taken by Nightgaunt?
  • Frank Donnelly: Young student of Miskatonic and Kingsport beatcop; accompanied us vs McCoys; we have recruited him to work with our Arkam man Bridge, and for each to provide the other with assistance whenever possible.
  • Professor Wilkinson: Professor at Miskatonic. ‘Bit of a nut’ and fussy but has an adventurous heart. Foremost afficianado of Aklo and heretical Prroto-history like Stygia. Rick studied with him for a semester abroad. Carries a 2 barrel .45 derringer nowadays.
    Says can read more Aklo than he lets on. Had a student who was of great assistance. Mostly, dark groups know this language so he’d be in danger if they knew. Shows us metal cylinder in a rock that is at least 50,000 years old (see handout of fossils). Foung in Australia by an anthropologist, Given his son Richard Rathbone as a keepsake because it was an impossibility. One of first pieces of evidence of society in lost ages. Feint writing on it.The son cracked it open to see it more clearly. He came to study with me for a time because of one of my papers on Aklo. It’s a mystical language that forces your mind to think in ways that align with magic. Very complex and has its own mathematics as well. That may be the link with your coefficient.
  • Professor Steiner: (see Lo Ping adv., Feb. 12) Has studied mythos; read Latin Necronomicon; opinionated; magic/Mythos 4th dimension theory; anti religion, science, and Jews; thinks Mythos can be thwarted with correct understanding, just need to find a key.
  • Waitley: farm of the Dunwich Horror dealt with by Armitage years ago; There was old wizard Wilbur Waitley from Dunwich; had Half insane daughter of Levinia. Frightful tales of magic in youth. People there still talk of him screeching Yogsothoth in a circle of stones and the lands shook. He was the nephew of Oliver Waitley who went west with the Arc.
    The 2 lived in a farmhouse 4 miles from Dunwich. Large collection of ancient books inherited from 2 centuries of family. Used to instruct Levinia and grandson Wilber (one of 2 Levinia’s sons); Waitley had called down some avatar of Yogsothoth who impregnated his daugher; she had sons: one like the father, one like the mother.


  • Thatcher, Henrietta and Olivia: 2 old women who run a Historical Society of witches in NE history. Atwater is a paying supporter, and if they ever start a newsletter it will be delivered to the agency office.


  • Moira DECEASED; Her case brought us to Innsmouth. Killed by the lighthouse creature, as was the ‘mermaid’.
  • Garrett Frost: Former friend of Pickman’s, now blind, eyes burned out by cultists with a flaming blade. We saved him from the altar of the McCoy’s in Kingsport.
  • Paul Fredericks: attorney for Pickman
  • Greta Tromboe: poet of rhyming verse; was close to Pickman; troubling dreams are her inspiration; took a liking to Jack; Westinghouse wants to investigate her mind further;


  • Miriam Artright: head of library; now a couple with Lt.
  • The Lt.: assisted us at Miriam’s attempted abduction; now a couple with her;
  • Mr. O’Reilly: cigar shop owner near Miriam’s apartment; hid Miriam like a gentleman; Will wrote a fine review of his shop later; we order cigars from him regularly now;


City of Lost Angels:
across Devil’s Bay from Hollywoodland. The city is run by a Prophet Reverend Grim.
first KOTST was in city of Lost Angels, one night Avenging Angels (Grim’s squad) killed them all and burnt the place to the ground, this was last year, couple months later the ones with the $ from Stanford arrived and disappearances started, girls rates rose especially
Entire bay by Lost Angels so they get a lot of the sea trade not here.
It is true the dead walk there? Ain’t never
The Enforcers: Grim’s men aside from police/mayor. Enforcers are who to fear. Cross the church and you’re a dead man
it’s folktale that no one leaves there. Anyone can just walk in like anywhere else, though its true a certain % don’t come out. But, you fall under the sway of the religion you never leave. You join the congregation The Chosen Ones. Chosen for what, who knows?; they act Christian, have crosses and such, but “are about as close to being so as those damn Mormons”. Grim set up shop right after quake, opened a kitchen, fed the people et al.
Lost Angels is basically a great seaport. Grim’s church still provide free meals.

Hollywoodland: KOTST on Sunset Strip; came to law’s attention cause of disappearances, name of Stanford came up concerning a large money draft from an account of that name in Boston; they are bad news, went quiet in last week or so, place like a tomb now, empty, reports some went off into the desert; give us names of higher ups: Mortimer Smythe (accent odd, English to German), his right hand Raif Jenkins. Disappearances started, girls rates rose especially. They may have been trying to frame the Tong.
Lt. Mack an old friend of Friday.

The Maze: a network of islands and inlets and channels where the mines of ghost rock originates. All this was caused by the quake of ‘68. Chinese pirates and smugglers frequent it.
California passed a law against Chinese entering. So they are smuggled in, ending up on railroads, the Chinatowns of LA and Lost Angels; also an underground railroad type of thing to move them to San Francisco.
Political reasoning was they were afraid they would take jobs from the citizens. Weird twist is it is against the law for them to enter CA, but once they are here they can’t be sent back. You must then prove absolutely they sneaked in, which is difficult. There are anti Chinese sentiments of course, even gang activity.

Los Angelas:
LA is primarily a horse and buggy town, small docks by the river

Gomorrah: Biggest city in the maze, on a plateau, biggest boomtown ever. Best gun makes the law; sheriff is the best, plus his lawdogs. Texas Rangers are there, federal secret agents, straight confederates (all making sure the rock makes it to their homeland), miners guild; Collegeum inventors club (everone knows they are insane from working with ghostrock, its cheapest right where it’s mined), Haelstrom is allied with them.
This is no place for civilized man.
Small group fo Silver Twilight sent here to ‘help where it was needed most’ early on.

  • Galloway: Archaeologist working in Egypt, tied in with Cassandra and the Canopic Jars. Its his site where it seems they came from, a Miskatonic dig.
  • R. Uptan Pickman: Fairly famous painter of the region, specializing in the morbid. Family lives in Arkham. He himself disappeared some time ago. We now know him to have been taken, by force or not, from his Arkam home by a nightgaunt or similar flying creature. He may have turned into a ghoul. MISSING
  • Jakcson Elias: DECEACED, Murdered by Cult of the Bloody Tongue in NYC. Friend of Will’s and writer on occult. Had been in researching new book in Cen. Amer. when discovered info on Carlysle Exp.
    See beginning of The Thwarting of the Future

Baron Hauptman): ‘H’ is German, was in touch with the false D. Timmons from Germany.
H family has looked German, Spanish, British… Is he inhabiting different bodies through time?
1 fought in 1st crusade, 1 helped found Teutonic Knights; (MH need to look him up if in Germany!!!!! See Baron H Conspiracy

At Large

  • Tresk: Bishop’s missing butler DECEASED: killed vs arab’s.
  • The pale cannibal corpse: DECEASED. Slain at Bishop’s Boston house.
  • Nathaniel Bishop: see above under NY
  • Carl Stanford: see above, and Baron H Conspiracy
  • Lo Ping
  • Ti Lung: One of the Talons of Lo Ping


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