The Last Theorum and the Puzzle Box of Lo Ping

Fu Xi’s (2852 to 2737 bc (long life!) The Black Sutra talks of Chaos Coefficient; possibly mythic person; born lower regions of Yellow River
I Ching symbols of Air, Earth, Fire, Water linked somehow

Higher form of math existed prehistory to discover ‘the last theorum’. This makes a person go insaneand/or become very powerful of mind. This Chaos Coefficient is part of it. Monestaries in Tibet trying to work it out because that is the sole purpose of humanity. Supposedly understanding the Chaos Coefficient allows you to see a ‘true reality’.
There is a supposed biography of Fu Xi which mentions 8 trigrams with which he could gain mastery over the world. Wrote the Black Sutra in order to block away evil from mankind. Old Ones?
I Ching, also supposedly written by Fu XI, part of deciphering all of this. Used by some to supposedly predict the future and tell past, using special ancient Chinese coins which you flip to give you 2 groups of 3 lines. The symbols we have are 4 of the 8 trigrams! The ones used in traditional alchemy. The code of the secret of the universal barrier between chaos and order are hidden within them. The calculations that show that are called The Chaos Coefficient.
Black Sutra may help keep evil at bay, or a manual to become an all powerful sorcerer. Also supremely evil, so any copies that may really exist are hidden away.

Dr. Robert Strange

Acquaintance in NY of Armitage; clothes looks like a bunch of random, mostly fake, arcane symbology put onto his clothes just to look cool; gives is spell to counter demons leaving our plane so long as it is recited with Full Round Action each round.
Magik From the Orient. Thinks it is only copy still in existence. Experiences of westerner John Nevill in orient. Much is folktale, but some is of great value, including mention of something called ‘Harbinger’ which wanted to destroy earth as we know it and remake it to suit the great old ones. Mentions Fu Xi and Black Sutra, which describes a mathematical formula that has power to alter reality. It IS the basis of reality. Can stop the Harbinger, was used to do so that time. Actual formula itself has no form on paper, has to be in the mind of understanding only. That persone becomes more than human, godlike, and cease to exist at least in this plane. The whole is called the Last Theorum. It is made up of 3 parts: The White Axiom, The Reality Doctrin, and The Chaos Coefficient. Fu Xi in his wisdom chose to hide the pieces in 3 different places. Only piece known to still exist is the Coefficient. It was thought lost until the prof. found an old manuscript that spoke of it hidden in tomb of emperor Su Lao. Before this, the Evergreen Society just talked about the occult, to be cool
Understanding the Coefficient requires the I Ching, which Fu also invented. How he doesn’t know. Perhaps, one would measure the intricacies of opening the box and somehow use the code in the I Ching translate that into the actual Chaos Coefficient formula. This would take a long time, it is presumed.

Miskatonic Mathematician

Showed him formula found at murder sight, calls the formula gibberish.
The symbols themselves have to do with gravity, the speed light travels through aether, and the relation of reality and non reality. Might be an attempt to figure out a constant that gets plugged into something else. But it failed. It makes no sense.
Wilkerson has never heard of Chaos Coefficient. He does thing there was a mystical math in Stygia with certain important numbers. Some mystics, of course, think math is the secret to the world, to everything. Theoretically doing or undoing reality, maybe even the Great Old Ones. Birth and Rebirth, destruction and creation.

Col. William Kelly

lives in NY with wife and child; claims to have no idea what we are talking about; Tells the tale of the Evergreen Society and China. Baxter’s arrival and Runstead’s began it all, with story of powerful relic hidden in China. Strange helped them understand things.

Andy McPherson

no regular address, seems to be a soldier of fortune; Was seen led away from an apartment by some Chinese men; only one that entered final section of tomb in China and found box, said only one and should make fakes.

J. Worthington Baxter

railroad tycoon paid from a special fund, his ‘Evergreen Account’ for outfitting and passage to China
Included a shipment from China brought in through the Su Yun Quin Imports, NY.
Also paid to Bill Kelly, US Army retired; Tony Melendez; Andy McPherson; Frank Baird.

Su Yun Quin

Heads Su Yun Quin exports; close with Theolonius, possibly romantic, after saving her life; the boxes entered NY via her business; McPherson’s lover for a time;

Tony Melendez DECEASED

had studied the I Ching and had some ideas. The I Ching is made up of those groups of lines, 81 possibilities. ‘How this all works really, who knows.’ Strange admitted; found at Fu Sung LIng’s Tong HQ, had seen inside box and gained its power and madness. Died there from own release of power.
Said he had solved the box the Tong had, math is Harbinger; said there are 4 boxes.


Head of Tong we crushed in final raid;

The Last Theorum and the Puzzle Box of Lo Ping

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