The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

LA group in New Orleans

April 24

Halfway through the day, the 3 from LA arrive.
They meet Etienne, giving Jake’s letter of intro.
They talk over a number of days. Hang at the jazz club. We try the absinthe frapp that Mad Doc recommended. We don’t like it.

Receive the wire from Jake in Texas during our stay concerning the bullets with our name on them, and how to recreate them. They go back to Indian arrows with an enemies name on them in the old days.
Wang Lo arrives with the bullets themselves.
They take a lot out of a person to create. Papa John knows how they are made. But he can’t do it. They need a drop of the targets blood. Deals constitution damage. Takes a solid day. So, who got ahold of our blood?
Lo leaves with the info on needing blood. He gets it to Wei, who will tell the Gang asap.
Automatic hit if fired w/in vicinity of target, auto max damage.
Full letter from Jake arrives detailing his encounter with the gunfighter. John will have to research the oil he knows of as Gunfighter Oil, it will take some time.

Westinghouse sends a letter to Jimmy about this information.
Westinghouse is able to convince Etienne that he and his investigators are serious players in the scheme of things.

One day, he pulls out from his safe a small green stone. An identical one lies in the safe. A raggedy piece of parchment comes with it: A phonetic translation of a sacred ritual with which we can communicate with him and vice versa. Say it over and over while concentrating on a simple message you then repeat over and over in your mind. The other stone, the nextd time the person sleeps, will have a vivid dream of the message.
Westinghouse “Can you use it from Mars?”

We meet Dr. John and Julia Jackson. John agrees to make us and Outlaws Juju rounds in the future. He will ship them to NY and Clayton Ranch as he does. He makes one set of shotgun shells for us while we are here. He will make another set every week or 2.
Etienne tells us same he told Jake of this ‘Nemesis’ thing.

On last day, get message from NY Will, rush delivery. Investigated NW Charity Foundation STOP One name doesn’t seem to fit STOP Research Rhon-Paku STOP Sending large moneys to him

Etienne will look into it, too. Westinghouse does not know the name. West and Atwater research in newspapers. FInds short article about Temples of Rhon-Paku. New religion that has sprung up around world in last 10 years, almost every major city in western world. Including NY and New Orleans.
Del Rio brings us “Revelations of Rhon Paku” pamphlet sent out monthly by mail to all temples. This is arecent one. Starts with treatise on his teachings: brotherly love, with slight intriguing hint of occult. Love thy neighbor, all people are equal in god’s eyes.
Encourages young, middle class to live in temple in poverty. Send funds to main financial temple in NY to be distributed to less fortunate temples.
Paku is supposedly in India, where his followers have built a temple.
At end of pamphlet, reminder of special holy day coming soon, maybe w/in the next year. As soon as stars are right, the holy day will come. Special rituals and incense will be done, instuctions sent to each temple prior to the day.
Del Rio gives us the spell and chemistry instructions to create the Powder of Ibn Gaazi. Cassandra can use the spell; Westinghouse can do the chemistry. (see her sheet).

We ask of Armitage Letter info:
Del Rio used to have a copy of Tears of Azathoth!! It was a real mythos tome!! He can not remember what it was about, though he read it, oddly. It vanished from his library. He remembers not when. The more he tries to think about it the more confused he gets.
Otherwise, no familiarity with the names.

We visit the Paku temple. There is a symbol on the door, same as on the front of the pamphlet.
Door is open, so we enter. Long linen sheets hang to the side. An old voice welcomes us, and all who “espouse the universal brotherhood”. He looks in his 60’s, long white beard. We sit down in the common room. A wooden painted statue at the front of old holy man. Behind it on the wall thin silver and gold guilding on the wall. Words written across it in gold of a language we do not know, or just decorative marks. Sort of like runes and geometric shapes too. Lines of them vertically.
He hits a small gong. 4 young men/teens dressed in plain white linen mome out with a box and pitcher, a tray with a water pipe hooka, several goblets.
They sit cross legged. Oldster "these are brother Aiden, Jeremy, Sister Sue and Sally.
West “So what do you do here?”
They contemplate the cosmic all, beg for alms, etc. Gathering money to send to the main temple. They do odd jobs as well and their own professions as usual, you must only turn over all you make. Most live here, though some have not come to the full realization and only come to the services. We ask only 50% from them.
They poor us milk to drink. He says ‘there is a force that permeates the universe, those who are in tune with it can achieve enlightenment. Not through thought, but lack of it. From emptiness from within, not from without. Better than sex! All are welcome.’

Sounds kind of Buddhist ish.
We soon realize he is not nearly as old as he looks. Has died his hair. Some of the dye runs as he drinks.
Westing house deduces: he’s mid 40’s; used to be married; former career involved using his head as much as his hands (maybe writing); suffered a terrible tragedy in last few years; seems to truly believe all he spouts; native of area. About the kids and temple: kids appear exaclty what appear to be (middle class who left their homes to become more spiritual than parents); one boy whenever supernatural overtones are mentioned gets excited (here for occult, not brotherly love); both of girls are flushed, recently involved in sexual intercourse with the 2 boys; a message hidden in the writings on the wall, 6 phrases from various languages (hindi, latin, german, greek, persian, hebrew) “Day of the Beast”. West. knows latin and German, Atwater Latin. Our stomachs turn. The lines are spread out, hidden in all the other stuff.
Faux old says ‘they are in the forgotten ancient language of lost Atlantis. It was so fluid, so many characters, some parts look like modern languages. Day of the Beast is the day the beast will be removed from ALL people. Some conjecture that is the advertised day on the pamphlet.’
He invites us on a tour of the temple.
Atwater mentions his fake oldness. Its simple: old wise men are believed more. HIs room is only a bed. As leader, he must obey law of poverty the most. Each country has a primary temple that runs the rest. London, Capetown, NY, Berlin, St. Petersburg. Paku’s temple location is a secret, but w/in easy travel in a couple days from SImla.
We come to the service. Atwater keeps detailed, minute by minute notes, of all that is said and done. It’s a normal, unsuspicious service.
Westinghouse spends the entire time writing down the markings, in order, on the wall. All that he can.

April 30

We board train for NY. On way, Westinghouse tells Atwater that we need to set up a great meeting of minds, in NY or perhaps Boston. Etienne and Del Rio, Archimedes and Wang Dong, us, Armitage’s circle, hopefully Wilhelm and Rathbone.


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