The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

The Elias/Carlysle Investigation, III

Harvard team departs;Arkam report

We examined the notes of Elias and have it and my suspicions were correct. Elias left Kenya for Shanghai because he learned from a man named Nails Nelson that Brady was there, that Nelson has even met him. Unfortunately, Brady was not forthcoming to Nelson with any specific information. There are other leads, including that Elias felt that Carlyle’s steps in Egypt should be thoroughly retraced. I would want none other than Rathbone on this mission, as I am sure Archimedes would agree. I must also admit that a voyage to Shanghai may be outside of our area of skill as well, though Theolonius would bridge the language barrier. If not us, perhaps Wilhelm and his men?

After relaying our findings to Jon and Atwater this morning, Will travelled by train immediately to Harvard with Father Jon to meet Miriam Artwright. I will detail their trip once they return. About an hour later, a Sgt. arrived from the station, introducing himself as being on the task force.
“You find missing persons?” a bit of a rhetorical question it seems.
Myself, apprehensively “Sometimes.”
“A friend of mine is missing.”
Me, doom ridden about what I feared he was about to say “Who?”
“Name’s Friday.”
I blew up. I knew it was coming, but still could not contain myself “NO! Don’t tell me that! He’s going to be killed! When did this happen? What happened, did he not show up for work?”
“Yesterday it seems. He was investigating something, supposedly for you. Did you tell him something about…there’s some sort of a cult operatint in Harlem?
Myself “Yes.”
“He went out there.”
Myself “Why would he do that!?”
“He wanted to figure out what was going on! He took with him one of his operatives, then didn’t show up at the precinct today. We went to his apartment…”
Myself “Both of them?”
“Both of them. We found the operative floating in the Hudson River this morning.”
We knew him. The brave man had raided Bishop’s cemetery with us, as well as descending into the ghoul tunnels underneath, like the rest of the new task force. A veteran we will greatly miss. There was a rune carved into his forehead, along with a hundred slashes. He had been tortured for tortures sake. The Sgt. had come straight here after the body was identified.
Sgt. “The task force is going up there and break some heads. We want to know if you’re interested in coming along.”
Myself “This must be done right, though. Tell everyone to meet here at the office tonight to talk things over and decide on strategy.”
He agreed and went back on the job.
Another knock in midafternoon, now Atwater had stopped by during lunch, and I answered the door myself. A man stood there “You have a visitor.” The door to a steamcar opened and out stepped Roosevelt. He entered quickly.
Myself “We have trouble.”
Teddy “We lost a very good man this morning, and may have lost another.”
Myself “Hopefully not. If they took him captive, which it seems, they have grander plans for him. Therefore it won’t happen too swiftly.”
Teddy “There’s a rot in this city. A stench.”
Myself “There’s a rot in NE. It’s all over, wherever we go.”
Myself “I’m afrad that may take years, if not more than one lifetime.”
Teddy “Certainly something worth dedicating yourself to.”
Myself “We have.”
Teddy “I just want you to know, I understand when you’re dealing with this kind of thing, sometimes you need to make decisions that in the light of day would look crazy….or illegal. I want you to know the law is a line you cannot cross; but I will bend it as far as I can on your behalf.”
Myself “Good, sir. It will be needed I’m sure. We’ve bent it several times before. This will take cover-ups. People can’t find out what is really going on. Something Will helps with in the paper. I need to wait for the others to return and see what they found out. The center of this seems to be Juju, but we don’t know where they are doing there rituals.”
Teddy “I have two plainclothes on it.”
Myself “They better be careful. Moreso than Friday was. I may go help case the place myself.”
“Well then, be aware they report directly to me but you won’t recognize them.”
“I’ll blend in.”
“You don’t get my meaning. They completely fit in.”
“Ah, I see, even better.”
After he left, Atwater “If anything happens to Friday, bad things are going to happen in NYC.”
I joined the recon off and on during the day and night, meeting the other members while they were off duty with me. Very little activity at Juju, however. My first thought is that, if the killings and sacrifices which they surely have go on there, we will notice activity as it draws nears.


Received wire from Will and Jon about research with Miriam, including more damning clues about M’Wuru from years ago and suspected Great Old Ones worshipped by her and her tribe in Kenya. We should see them by tomorrow evening.

Theo and Jack came knocking on my door just before 8:00 this evening after returning, Cowles and his daughter Eva in tow. I now relate their trip:


Upon arriving yesterday, they went immediately to Cowles office, but they informed Jack and Theo that the Professor was home today. They made their way to the house and Prof. Cowles answered himself.
“What can I do for you genlemen?”
Theo “We have a friend who we think attended your lecture recently in New York City, about the Cult of Darkness. Here is the bill.”
Theo “We’d like to speak to you about your lecture if we could. Perhaps give us a copy of the transcript?”
“Yes, I’ll be happy to give you a copy. You just won’t have the slides. But why would this lecture on obscure cults have any interests to you gentlemen?”
Theo “We’re interested in the occult ouselve, and I am somewhat of a scholar on the subject. I am from China originally, so you know how it is.”
“Hmm. All right, well, come in and sit down gentlemen. I’ll be happy to explain everything I can. Eva! Eva! (calling to his daughter). Would you prefer tea or brandy?”
Theo “I would prefer tea, professor.”
Jack “Brandy.”
Eva left and soon returned with the drinks. Her hand I am told lingered on Jack’s as she gave him his Brandy, and they began talking about Cowles’ lecture and Jackson, but he knew nothing of Elias. “If he was there, he never approached me afterwards. I just can’t imagine why that would be of any interest to Jackson. It’s just an obscure cult. If he was researching death cults, as you said, this has nothing to do with him.”
(see handout for lecture notes) about a batcult of Australia.

  • Father of All Bats
  • Blood ssacrifices to make him appear, and he would conquer the world
  • Cult leader could supposedly take the form of batwinged snakes, and kidnapped victims
  • Cowles says it became extincg, or dormant, hundreds of years ago, but it is the reason he became interested in Elias’s books about present day cults.

So he knows of Elias, just never met him.

  • Reports of an aboriginal song about beings not men in western Australia, builders of great walls and caves
  • ‘Living winds’ defeated them, paving the way for this Father of All Bats
  • showed them slides of men standing next to huge blocks of stone, presumably in Australia. Barely distinguishable carvings could be seen still. Cowles said the discoverer of these was an Arthur McWurur, who also recorded several deadly attacks on them by Aboriginals.
  • Tale of Sandbat versus Rainbow snake (deification of water)

Theolonius first thought, gravely, was that The Father of All a Bats reminded him of the beast which killed Father John. Which leads to Great Cthulhu itself! Is raising Cthulhu part of Jackson’s conspiracy? We shudder at the idea.
Cowles expained aborigines are not in any way known for violence. This is very strange. After finishing, he mentions having seen several negros lurking around his house recently, ever since he came back from New York. I have told the police, and since the negro population of Arkam is small you would think it would be easy to apprehend them, but they have found no one yet.
Jack “You want to come with us?”
Theo “We need to wire NY, tell them we are protecting an potential victim and to notify us if we need to return for any emergency.”
Jack ran to do so. The professor invited them to stay, and that was Jack and Theo’s thought as well. They tried to get as much rest as they could for the next few hours, planning to stay up all night. Eva was very interested in Jack for they talked much, Jack being as full of bravado as possible, and Theo warned him to be careful.
Theo watched the rear entrance into the kitchen himsellf and patrolled the other windows. At the beginning of the watch, he found Jack’s door locked. It seems he then interupted Jack’s attempt at a daliance, but thankfully nothing must have happened by the disappointing look on Eva’s face as she left to her own room. They kept all the lights off, and Theo put Jack at the front door figuring he could not trust his powers of perception. A couple hours into the night, the quiet was interrupted.
As Theo passed into the kitchen he heard a low noise. Peering carefully out the door he could make out a black figure slowly moving closer, a glistening blade in his hand identical to the one Jack now had. Just then, Jack heard a loud noise at the front of the house as well. There is an open hall from the kitchen to the entry area, so at this point Jack and Theo could see one another and were fairl close. Looking out the front window he could see 2 men standing by the front door, trying to be quiet about prying the door open but failing. One of them then the put a cloth to the small window on the door and broke it before reaching in for the lock. Jack stabbed at his arm but missed.
The man in the rear then slid the window open after forcibly snapping the lock, then began to crawl in. Theo attacked but did not hit solidly-6. Suddenly the front door burst open, wildly waving blades in the dark. Jack had moved back to the foor of the stairs just ahead of them. Theo hit his man again but more solidly-11 as he finished entering through the window. Theo could tell he had hurt the man. The first man through the front door came for Jack, who with a quick slash with 2 daggers killed the man easily. The other lit a molotov cocktail and hurled it at Jack. With anyone else, I would call this a tall tale; but not with Jack. Jack caught the bottle in midair before hurtling it back at the man. It struck him square on the face and burst upon him. The prowler ran flaming into the street before dropping dead.
Jack, hearing a noise up the steps behind him, turned quickly but saw only Eva and the Professor, a look of shock on their faces. Jack bacame relaxed in an instant, explaining “It’s all in the reflexes.”
Theo then struck the man in the back a single lethal blow to the side of the head.
Professor Cowles “My God, send for the police! There’s been an attempt on our lives.”
After they reported the incident to the police and they left, Cowles said “Maybe it’s not safe here anymore.”
Theo “I don’t think you’re safe here at all. Seem like everyone Jackson Elias came into contact with is in danger.”
He decided on packing up and coming with his daughter to New York with Jack and Theo. They all got a train early the next afternoon, allowing time for Cowles and his daughter to pack, and returned here around 7:00PM.

Cowles and his daughter will are staying in the office for a few days until they find suitablel accomodations. Should we face off versus the Bloody Tongue here and come away victorious, it should be safe for them to return.

I think to myself now, what if we hadn’t stumbled upon all of this? What if I had never been fired from the force, the occurance which led me to be here to take the Hargrave case? Would I have been able to devote the same time to it if I were on the force? Not likely. If it wouldn’t have been us, it may not have been anyone. Then what? Think of Cthugha especially, with no one to stop it.


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