The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

The Murder Scene of Jackson Elias

The Bloody Tongue murder Will's friend Elias, we arrive at scene with the cultists still present

In the morning mail, Will received a telegram from within the city from Elias requesting Will come to see him at his hotel room at 8PM. Will therefore immediately came to the office with the news so I sent for the others to meet us there. At the hotel the concierge directed us to room 410, Will leading us to the doorway and knocking.
“Jackson, it’s me Will.”
“Jackson, it’s me my friend.” Still dead silence.
Myself “Jack, Theo get up there. No time for games.”
Wang and Jack without a moments delay went crashing through the door, the rest of us coming up behind them. Within lay a scene of gore. On the bed ahead and to our right, lay a dead man, eviscerated, his guts flowing from his belly to the floor. Obvious by their red veiled hoods with the cloth ‘tongue’, it was immediately evidend they were cultists of the terrible Bloody Tongue! One vile culstist stood over him performing an act I will not repeat here. Another was rifling through the desk ahead and to the left while a third was searching the dresser drawers. As Jack and Theo halted at the sight a 4th attacked from behind the door.
Theo reacted with amazing alacrity, attacking the man standing at the bed-15. The cultist at the desk quickly spun, pulling out an exotic weapon called a blowgun and sent a dart, probably poisoned, at Jack who stood there fumbling with his knife. Yet, he still dodged it deftly. The cultist who lay in wait by the door then went at Jack with his dagger but to no avail. I charged the scum standing at the desk with the blowgun and attacked with my fists alone-6. The cultist at the bed then gathered himself and retaliated against Theolonius with a dagger himself and stabbed at Theo visciously-11. Atwater charged to assist Theo with swordcane drawn-3. Father Jon drew his blade and attacked the cultist at the dresser, who stood dazed and seemingly dumbfounded at our assault,-3. Jack, still unable to draw his somehow stuck dagger (only Jack!) went at his man empty handed and took his own dagger away from him and struck him with hit-16 DEAD. He also finally got his own dagger out and threw it at my opponent-8.
Theo continued his assault with a jump kick to the chin-12DEAD. My man ran for the window to the far left, which took him right past Theolonius and Atwater at which point he halted as if stunned by the current situation(card). I gave him a good punch to the kidney-9. Atwater turned to the body as Jon continued his attack-6. His opponent finally came to his senses and hit-3. Jack ran to assist Father Jon-10 with the cult dagger. A largeand wide dagger, almost a short sword with a deadly toothed blade that tears more flesh on the way out.
THeo struck the one goind for the window-9. The man made a charge for the window again but was hit by Atwater-5 and a superkick from Theolonius-15 that knocked him through the closed window and over the fire escape to his death below. Atwater hit the final man-5, then that devil opened his mouth showing a maw full of filed razor teeth. He grabbed Atwater and went for a bite to animalistic bite-7 (1 a auto wound point). He hung from Atwater, gnawing on his shoulder, as Jack ran up behind him plunging both his own and the bloody tongue dagger into him-9/5 DEAD.

I quickly ushered everyone save Atwater out of the room so as to conduct a proper search.
“Give me 2 minutes. Keep all others out.” Atwater examined the body closely.
As the others exited they closed the door behind them, for several staff and patrons of the hotel were making there way in our direction. Will tended to them with his gifted tongue, telling them to send for the police immediately. It would take the police 20 minutes to arrive.
All this I took, for the task force of course:

  • Letter addressed to Carlysle (see handout) about curios that may aid him in the knowledge Carlysle seeks. A precise location as well!
  • Photo, business card for Emerson Imports and matchbook (see handouts)
  • Letter to Elias from Miriam (see handout).
    About half a dozen volumes lay upon the desk, all dealing with the occult. It included A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. Within it was inserted a handbill for a lecture here in NYC by a Professor Anthony Cowles, an advertisement for which I recall having seen for a lecture just 3 days ago. However, I am fairly sure the professor is still in Arkam.
    At the body, Atwater noted the horror still upon the visage of Elias. He feels certain they held him down, alive, while they disemboweled him slowly.Nothing seemed missing from Elias’ corpse, but carved within his forehead was a symbol. Calling Jon in, the Father said it is a sign for the Bloody Tongue cult. He and Theo’s researches have implied that the focus of their worship may be an aspect of Nyarlathotep.
    The police arrived, and insisted none of us could leave until an investigator arrived, and at first wanted to arrest us. Will explained the unfolding of events, and it was a good hour before Friday arrived and straightened everything out. He sent the police on their way.
    Friday “These guys are from that bar aren’t they?”
    Myself “Good eye, Joe. Very nice.”
    Atwater “Good show.”
    Myself “We need to meet tonight, perhaps for dinner, to discuss this. Bring Commissioner Roosevelt if you can.”
    We left Friday to the scene, and awaited his message at the office. We expected McSorley’s Old Ale House or Delmonico’s, and in precisely 1 hour a member of the task force knocked to inform us of reservations made by Roosevelt at McSorley’s within the half hour. We left immediately in a cab we had waiting outside.

Roosevelt and Friday were already there, several shrimp appetizers and tea and coffee awaiting us.
Teddy “Bully, men! Bully! Tell me what this newest mess is all about now. Why did you wish to have dinner tonight? Not that you’re not plesant company, but the good Sgt. here implied there is something I need to know about.”
We explained the nights actions, and went into its links to the Bloody Tongue which we touched upon only briefly during the heat wave.
Teddy “I begin to think cults are responsible for over half of the disappearances in New York City.”
Myself “Maybe.”
Atwater “You may be right, but it just so happens that this man was a friend of Will here, who was investigating the Carlysle Expedition.”
Myself “He discovered something about them. This cult itself comes out of Africa apparently.”
Friday explained the gruesome details of the crime scene.
Theo “They are vile.”
Myself “Elias had information of the sort we dealt with together in the affair in Central Park. We need to follow up on this; we wanted to alert you to things going on in the city that may be shady.”
Teddy The Central Park affair is the most dangerous event to happen since I became police commissioner."
Mhyself “And one of the worst things we have ever seen.”
Teddy “Do you think this has the same kind of potential…repercussions?”
Theo “There is no evidence of that right now. But no evidence doesnt mean there is none. It seems to be pointing to Africa.”
Atwater “An absence does not mean a lack.”
Myself “Well spoken, Atwater.”
Teddy “No question, I believe you. First, I will put a task force on the investigation for you. Second, I will give you carte blanche to continue your investigation. Keep me up to date through my liaison, who shall be Friday. Do not misuse my trust in you gentlemen.”
Myself “We will do our best. We’ve gotten quite proficient in covering things up thus far.”
After a marvelous dinner and more serious discussion, we all went our separate ways for the night. I now turn in as well. There are many leads in the case, those in our city is what we begin on in earnest tomorrow. We must investigate Emerson Imports, speak to Professor Cowles at Miskatonic, and find out who Miriam Artwright is, and find out more about Juju House in harlem (their presumed headquarters).


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