The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

Westinghouse/Atwater Return

July 28

Westinghouse and Atwater return from London. We all share our experiences with one another.

Coming Weeks

All seems fine in both Boston and Arkam with our offices there.

We take time to meet allies like Baxter; as well as Erika Carlyle to keep her informed of the state of affairs concerning her brother. She seems a bit antsy about its resolution. Something to keep our eye on. It raised and eyebrow with both Westinghouse and Will.

Visits to Boston and Arkam in person by Westinghouse, Will and Father John to see our friends and allies there.

We dine regularly with Friday; and with Roosevelt once as well at Delmonico’s.

We officially own the old Silver Twilight Lodge house and the Look to the Future Hall, thanks to the financial backing of Baxter and Erica.

Other than mundane cases to solve for a while, everything seems to be calmed down in NY right now on the occult front. That is, until:

Case 1, on a Monday Sept 8

Lamonde pays us a visit at the office early afternoon. West, Atwater and Father John are present at the time.
Westinghouse “How have your dreams been, Paul?”
L “That’s why I am here.” He believes a killer is loose in NY, killing from the shadows. West is surprised at this, not having deduced this from the papers. He says we are in terrible danger, “she or he is coming after us”. Could be a he with she behind him, he’s not certain. The killer has taken several forms in his dreams. When he dreams about the murders he can’t breath. He knows no other details.
Only this otherwise was in his dream, above a building: TOEW

We have a drink and cigar, discuss general matters and he takes his leave.

We call on Will. He and West start researching news items from the past few months on asphixiations, even if it seemed at the time like an accident. Bodies found, unidentified bodies, deaths due to asphixiation, etc.
Call on Jack to see if the letters mean anything him or Wang since they get around the city. It strikes a chord, but he can’t recall exactly. He’ll ask around on his runs.

Will and Westinghouse find 2 recent murders.
Sept 1: Gwendolyn Jones, upper class, and the maid Martha Collins found dead. Former in bedrom strangled; Collins just inside the door also strangled. All while her suitor John Rathbone and her father discussed marriage with Gwendolyn. When calling for her she did not respond, so butler sent upstairs and found them.
Gwen was heard shouting ‘Jenny’ shortly before being called for.
This is thought to have been perhaps Jennifer Todd, friend of hers and former close friend of Rathbone before a breakup when he started seeing Gwendolyn.
Aug 18: Jonas Stark was killed in a cab; driver suddenly heard him say “What are you doing here, why aren’t you with Howard”. The horses then spooked abruptly. They the driver held them up and found him strangled in the cab.

Next Morning, Sept 9

Young man in early 20’s comes to the office. West and Atwater are still in, luckily, Will on his way.
He is Gordon Lew. Fashionable morning suit, mutton chops, lion head cane. He looks 15 trying to be the 20 years he is. Wants to engage services on behalf of father Hubert to find out who robbed and killed his brother, Justin.
He was locked in his study when murder occured, which he did every night while he wrote. He was a noted historian, involved recently in searching for the lost kingdom of Prester John, in Congo he suspected. Lord Richard Coyle, Baron of Cranston visited him. A noted explorer and arch.
Both at dinner and after, Lord told of his journeys in Africa, including ruins in the south he felt may be the place. Could have expedition ready in under a month, so Justin promised to fund it.
Father took a large interest as well, he and his son discussing things late. Then Justin locked himself in to write.
Then, the murder. Strangled, probably by hands, same as other 2.
Robbed: $500 he had on him (roll of 20’s). It had been taken out by father earlier for expedition expenses.
Hmm, Westinghouse thinks: but they didn’t know about the expedition prospects until evening.
He asks West to come at once. Will arrives during our meeting. We set a price and leave with him to go to his house. On the way, he stops to tell his brothers wife he’s dead. Curiously, they prefer to live separately, she in a city penthouse, he at the house.
The mother died of fever years ago.

While he sees the wife, we see Friday concerning the other 2 murders. Friday says we can meet when we return, he thinks there is a serial killer on the loose.

The house is out in the country north in a town called Phoenicia about 120 miles away from NY. Inspector Warren Davison in charge. We arrive by 3 in the afternoon.
A clerk is waiting for us with a telegram by the time we get to the nearest train station. Jack found the building!!
Temple of Oriental Esoterc Wisdom. A gentleman’s club.
Westinghouse wires Jack to wait for our return to investigate. It arrives too late.

The door is locked, outside it looks nothing oriental; but a middle eastern man greets us when we ring. He invites us in, after Jack says we may be interested in joining. Its very vere eclectic of the east, not organization by culture or anything. Wang recognizes much of it as phony, though there is real stuff. They themselves seem to have no idea what they do or don;t have.
The central dome is 4 stories up above the main hall, mural of night sky. Electric lights shine upward for effect. Books 4 stories high!! Ramp circles upward to ladders.
Theo uses this library as the reason he wants to join, being an academic.
The club coordinator then comes, looking slightly eastern, named Manga Fett Mo’ ron.
Wang knows, that name is utterly made up, natural to no eastern language. Wang relates this in mandarin to Jack. Manga replies in flawless Spanish “What did you say?”
Wang “No hable espaniol.”
He takes us to most popular place, smoking room. We smell marijuana and opium as well as cigs. Full of pillows and low chairs. Couple dozen on hookas and water pipes at present; backgammon, chess and other games ongoing (including oriental though they appear bastardized).
Small side entrance here too, for people to leave unobtrusively. It closes as we enter, and for a second we think it was Friday.
Wang “Was that a friend of mine?” He was speaking with a foremost member, Marc Dulocque; a founding member of the club. Wang moves quickly to catch up to him.
He catches Friday outside. Led here during serial killer investigation, was hoping to get good info from Marc who sent him a letter; though gave Friday a charm to protect him from evil; looks authentic enough. Wants us to meet him tonight at the cop’s club. We shall. Theo returns.
Jack is now in a dresscoat and fez supplied by the establishment, must haves for brandy and cigar. Theo joins him and we hobnob around.
The servant is Indian.
We find some to be mysterious, most rich bored middle class guys finding it fun to play in oriental mysticism. Talk a lot about magic, virtually all BS to misinformation at best.
We are very impressed at his friendliness. Ankh around his neck. He sent Friday a letter concerning a friend and his nephew, but Friday didn’t agree with marc’s ideas on what happened.
Frederick Timms uncle Nathan Reynolds is close friend of Marc. Frederick died suspiciously. Nathan asked Marc to look into it, beleives something preturnatural was involved. Gave the detective Friday a protective charm.
Frederick was a lawyer; at the Law Library of Metropolitan. Suddenly screamed; 4 other lawyers were nearby and ran to him, found hid strangled to death; Aug 25.

Murders seem to be every Monday, or 7 days. How far back do they go!!
Theo researches back, finding only 1 more new murder, on Aug 11th:
Philomena Reed; husband Amos out of country on business, son Clyde at their country estate; strangled in her house in the city; complained of headache to servants and went to bed, they figured she was meeting her lover. Heard her say “what are you doing hre” heard a crash and thump. Found her dead next to bed, strangled.

With Friday tonight at club:
Friday is not there, they let us wait in dining room.
2 hours goes by, no Friday. We leave. Wilkins, a cpl from the flying squad, runs in with “the worst possible news” Someone tried to kill Friday! He was heard shouting Banish Banish!! No one could have gotten to him w/o being seen! Found him with the charm in his hand, half strangled to death. He’s in a coma at hospital.
Wang “Where’s the charm?”
The cpt has it. Who doesn’t believe in the occult. Doh. He gives us the amulte, wants nothing to do with it “If you can find out about this, you’ll have the gratitude of the department.”
Wang wander into Fridays office to see his notes.
Woman: lamp knocked over by bed
Cab victim had left a play with wife and business associate Howard; chasing a client Greenfield. “Why aren’t you with Howard?”
Library: why afternoon this tme? ENgaged to Marion Parsons, seemed little disturbed
Notes on Justin Lew: why outside NY?; must follow up with West asap

So, this think keeps showing up as a woman, whatever it is. All on Mondays. One odd out afternoon; one odd out outside city.
The charm seems an inert piece of cold iron, but cold iron alone is useful vs certain things especially demons. The faintest spark of energy fades as Theo touches it. Can it be recharged? Writing in Hindi upon it though.
Off to Egg Shen! It’s one word “Banish!”

To Friday, leaving flowers. We wire for Atwater concerning Friday, receiving one sent to us to not investigate yet. Oops.

Back to club and speak to Marc, ask him if he told Friday the word. We see nude dancing girls but for the sheerest silk dancing to oriental orchestra. We realize its impressive or odd that Friday was able to say Banish while being strangled. You can say it in any lang and it will work. He did tell Friday the word to use. He thought it was a demon, or a warlock. Now he thinks its a demon.
Jack “What kind of demon takes shape of other creatures?”
Marc says only one he knows is Indian, called the vengeance demon which takes the form of the one who sent it, so makes no sense. How would so many people know such magic?
Jack “They’re obviously a coven of witches.” Since all the people the victims thought they saw were women.
He says it takes 2 days to charge the amulte, and its an exhausting ritual. He is willing but wa will have to wait. We leave it and our card with him.

Up North

Stop at a tavern near the station first. Will wants to get the feel of the folks here.
Will and West gather local info:
Justin and Gordon we hear are very popular. Half the town works for old man one way or the other. They pay for much of the public works, they are the only real prestigious family in town. Everyone loved their mother 9 years ago, from scarlet fever that killed 6 others. Justin met his wife at college, William and Mary. The younger bro supposed to go to Harvard but maybe not now, he may have to stay and run things. Wife’s maiden name is Landro. No one knows why she stays in the city exactly; few months after she left a house maid Beatrice was fired who still lives in town at the inn. The footman of the house visits her often at night; often go for a ride. Visited her this morning in fact, was seen going to train station in tears, maybe an aunt’s house in NE. They say Baron gave her a lot of cash to leave. Stack of 20’s, totalling $500 in a bankroll.
Same as was robbed from the victim!!! She said the Baron gave it to her, but the Footman was the one who visited her.

Now up to the house, a modest country estate.
Mr. Shay, the butler, greets us. Lew will meet us at the drawing room where we are served sherbet.
Lew is old, thinning hair, portly, cane (left leg injured in civil war). Thanks us for coming as we sit by the fire.
We bring up Beatrice, he says she has nothing to do with anything. He says it is a bald faced lie that he paid her to leave.
The local invest Davison enters. He feels it was only a burglar.
West wants him to take him into the study: He was careful not to mess with anything.
The body at the coroner: indeed strangled by what could be a snake, or a tentacle like appendage; but that didn’t kill him! The body is not normal, seems as if the heart stopped; almost like life essence was drained from him (this will match Friday’s predicament). So the appendage only holds the person still. No leftover tissue or such from the creature at all.

Davison says we should all go back to where we came from. He’s afraid we’ll blame some poor innocent person.
Will “I’m sure you are a fine town constable.”
He insists Lew only wants someone blamed, and we can point the finger. Will says Lew does not trust Davison’s opinion, which is that it was an inside job.
“Mr Lew did it! He’s beyond the law! He killed his son!”
He leaves angry, assuming we are there to set someone up though our credentials are impeccable.

In the study:
The room has been cleaned since the murder. He was writing a letter to ‘my darling, I fear we can not" ends there.
A piece of paper is partially burned in the fire place. Can only pick out a few words, telling someone they can’t be together ’My father has forced my hand".
Locked double doors open into the garden. A couch sits nearby, sure enough is is littered with bodily fluids. He likely had a girlfriend.

Interview of all the servants: girls give us nothing other than confirming Beatrice was having an affair with Justin; and he and his dad had a huge fight the night before after the explorer left. The dad did hand him the cash.
Butler Archibald is genuinely sad, respects family name; confirms the footman Pool was being sent to escort Beatrice back for Justin; no reason the dad could have done it, he had convinced his son to break it off with Beatrice; gave in for the sake of the expedition to Africa. Did the young son do it, for the inheritance? Physically, no one else in the house could have done it. But they have always been best friends as well as bros.
Footman Pool: He confirms his escort status after a small bribe. The ‘writing’ was only an excuse to lock the doors. The old man did give him 500 to pay Beatrice for her discresion; he was outside in the servants quarters when the murder happened, knows not how the dad got the 500 from the son. There are 3 guard dogs that wander the grounds, who will attack unknown people. Eli check the grounds, found no tracks leading through the grounds. They feel it was an inside job.
Smell of burnt cinnamon reported by all involved at murder scene.

This evening, the wife arrives. She and Gordon kiss in a bit of an un bro/sisterly way. Cares not to talk to PC’s yet but we must talk to her. Though she may open up to Cassandra more over tea tonight, so we set that up.
She admits Justin and he were having a rough spot, she discovered the affair. Willing to overlook so far as it was kept down. The dad threw here out. Relationship seemed to get better, but dashed when Justin came to say he wanted a divorce! Her response was unladylike. He was to informalize it w/in a week. Wished she could take it all back now.
Cassandra feels she is being honest, picks up no magic vibes from her either.

So, were the other wished ill upon by someone? Is this demonic attack uncontrolled but by these thoughts?

We get the message from NY about Wang and Jack about Friday.

Sept 10

Back to NY, met by Theo and Jack. We have to interview all others involved.
Atwater goes to see Friday.

First to Jenny: lives with her parents; been in her room all day with a headache; the mom says she was at a play the night of the murder “For Love or Duty”. She soon yells for Jenny. The maid is sent when she does not respond, finds her dead, hung!!
Left a suicide note “sorry for what I wished on Gwendolyn”.

We check, same play Stark was at.
We wire to confirm the wife up north saw the play: she did, night of the murder.
The deaths all happened at same time but for Timms the lawyer.

Now to find out about Timms. His fiance Marion Parsons. Timms needed a wife for social reasons, dad set it up. She is actually in love with Maurice Porter, lawyer but not wealthy like Timms was. Frederick was supposed to take her to same play, but afternoon performance. She was angry when he didn’t go.

Sept 11

Play written by Rupert and Finnegan, comedy writers. Philomena’s husband took his mistress with him, a patron of the arts including investing in their plays. Has a lover too, as we know.

We get tickets for tomorrow evening.

We go to meet Rupert and Finnegan, West and Will and Cassandra as his note taker enter with Theo and Jack outside for backup, at St. Clements Theater, owned by Mr. Dykstra whom we meet first. His dad won it in a card game, running it poorly until 5 years ago when Rupert and Fin brought it alive. Smokes cheap cigars. Will flashes is presspass.
Rupert is a musician, French. Remembers Friday inquired about connections to various people who came to see the play.
He was barking up the wrong tree.
Will gets to interviewing, as if for a puff piece. Finnegan is Irish, sister Anne behind him,hand protectively on his shoulder.
Apparently Friday implied to him if he writes his own plays, specifically if any dialogue is taken from older sources. He denies it. He writes everything, though Anne does some editing. She was not here for their first big hit The Jury is Out.
Back then, Anne says, she was in Arabia. Considered writing a play of her own on Arabian mythology, went to xp it first hand.
Finn “You brought back some books with you didn’t you Anne?”
“No, I don’t believe I did.” Says she gave up on that, it went no where.
Finn is sure she did ‘something called the Brass Rituals’.
“No sweetheart” you’re just imagining it.
They invite Will and Cassandra to a special box seat, hosted by Anne herself.

Westinhouse wandered off after talking to Dykstra, to get the lay of the land and people.
Star is named Prescott Morrison, a major ham. He says the dance routines were all developed by Anne, Finnegan’s sister. The one he does solo for “How Do i Choose”, every step has to be done exactly the same every single night to fine precision at exactly 9:05 (all murders happend between then and 10:05.
No one seems nervous or anything like that.
Westinghouse sneaks to Anne’s office, finds a copy of the brass rituals. He opens it, there is a flash, and the book bursts into flame!! It was protected by an incantation. He cleans it up, and sneaks away.

Theo and Jon get to researching this Brass Ritual back at the office. West is in his office. The others are out front playing cards and hanging out.
2:05 in afternoon, suddenly Anne is standing in West office!
“It’s here men!”
It hits him, draining 2 con. West leaps over the desk trying to keep it tween him and it. He keeps just ahead of it as it tries to come for him. Will throws the door open for Jack who rushes inside to bravely attack with his dagger; Atwater following, firing his service revolver.
A few moments as the battle wages, Theo and John arrive and engage with Jack. It’s a despirate fight. A hale of Will and West bullets finally deal with the demon thing, and it melts into nothing.
Jack is down 4 con by the end.

She’s obviously onto us. We need to disrupt the dance tonight. Jack wants to get backstage, and before he goes on for his solo Will will use his disg. ability to go out in his place and perform a terrible rendition of the dance.
That is so a Jack Burton idea.
Cassandra thinks we should use the Silver Twilight basement as a secret prison for mythos cult bosses. We could kidnap ann and jail her up in one of the pits. Father Jon likes this idea.
West figures Jack could just throw something at him instead from off to the side instead to ruin the dance, then we can deal with her.
We go with that plan. Then, we can deal with Anne at our leisure.

Jack hits him square on the chest. He stops cold. Jack “Booooo!” and hits him again. Anne curses from her booth. Wang and Father Jon bust into her booth while all the attention is on fast Jack.
She casts, tries to switch minds with Jon but he barely resists. Cassandra rushes in with us, pulling down the drapes just in time to cover Jon and Theo overpowering her!!

With all ushers rushing to Jack, we get her down and out a side door. There waiting is our Flying Squad who take her to the Silver Twilight, bound securely and gagged, with us all; but for poor Jack.

Sept. 12

The charm is ready from Marc.

January 5, 1891

Friday comes to office in morning. He has come to ask help, though this has no known supernatural element.
The “dirty mayor is no doubt in bed with gangsters” as we know. State senate is having a subcommittee on organized crime kicking off tomorrow under Sen. Andrew Barrington.
Roosevelt has given Friday security detail. Dept. is ripe with corruption as we know, so he’d feel better if we came down just to be there for first day, in case anything happens. Armed, obviously.
Westinghouse wants every detail of the place and event. Schematic of layout, security placements and who they are, any outsiders like catering who will be on the grounds and where, etc. Everything. How the senators get to and from rooms, such as any private hallways.
West “What makes you think their could be any trouble here?”
Stefano Lucinetti is determined to stop the hearings. He’s the number one city in the syndicate. He’s one of the men the mayor is presumed to be in bed with.
Nick Zabatta disappeared, presumed dead, as we have heard. He’s Lucinetti’s left hand man. Rumor is Barrington and Rev Parkhurst have been hiding him, and he’s going to testify vs the mayor.
Friday will have some plain clothed men on guard as well.
Roosevelt is against this mayor, and we are on his side as well.

Will is going to see Wexler. He is in a different syndicate from Lucinetti, they have even exchanged violence. We want to know if he has any info or advice to offer.
Father John on Baptist Rev. Parkhurst: does not like him; he’s very brave to take on city hall but he’s unyielding in his convictions; he’d smite a sinner over saving a saint; if a moral decision would somehow loose the old ones, he’d do it. He sees no shades of gray.
Theo “So, narrow of vision.”
Atwater “But wide of purpose.”
Theo “Dangerous combination.”
West “Indeed. And therefore unimaginative and unbendable on any issue.”
Will’s opinion of Barrington is that he is a good guy. He has a wife Mrs. Ann, married son Robert to Amy (3 yr daughter Sarah), 1 daughter Elizabeth, 1 child grandaughter, 55yrs old. None of them will be present, but are to meet him for dinner at Delmonico’s afterward.

Will at Wexler:
He thinks a gang war is about to begin. Lucinetti has pulled many of his soldiers off the street, businesses are quiet. He’s preparing for something.


In Hearing room. Will sits with the press. Jack and Theo patrol outside, eyes peeled (in Wang’s case at least. Jack’s truck there to make it convincing. They get in the alley behind.
Atwater and West are in the meeting room audience.
Father Jon is outside in front of the building.

Barrington enters the hearing, Zabata indeed in tow!!
Barrington pounds his gavel to begin the hearing.
Doors remain open to allow crowd packed outside to hear the proceedings.

Barrington introduces Zabata “one who is now willing to risk his life to put an end to this reign of terror!”
Westinghouse way back in the audience and Will right up close both see a blonde woman in the crowd, dressed expensively. Hands an envelope to a Barrington aid then melts into the crowd outside.
The aid walks to him, whispers to him, and gives him the note.
Barrington adjourns for 10 minutes to judges chamber.

Out front, Jon notices 2 cars sitting out front with motor running.

In back, Theo sees a beer wagon pull into ally, 5 men get out of it.
Jack “It doesn’t take 5 men to deliver beer.”
Theo sees the flap of a coat open, revealing a shotgun.
Down other side just then, Jack sees a man come out a window of the building and take off toward the front street. Jack leaps off and gives chase. Wang watches his men stand there smoking for a bit.
At the corner, Jack can’t see him anymore so returns to Wang.

After 10 minutes, Barrington has not returned. Office is checked, and he’s disappeared!
The police Cpt. in charge, Nick Killkenny, has 4 trusted men guard Zabatta in the Sequestor room next door. People are starting to empty out with quite the gossip.
They try to get us to leave, but we motion for Friday who says we can stay.
Nick gets a bit gruff about him being responsible here and orders Friday to leave as well.
Friday refuses. The cpt. cries insubordination, calls a sgt over who cracks Friday in the jaw by Cpt’s orders.
Cpt “Oh, looks liek Lt. Friday has slipped and fallen.”
West “We’ll get him out of your way” and drag him out. We go out front. Westinghouse goes to the side of the building to get in window adjacent to judges chamber. Will and Atwater are out front with Jon. 2 officers guard the front to make sure no one comes in.
Friday comes fully to, and is not happy at all.
Jack runs down to tell West and Will what they saw as they climb into the window.
The chamber is empty.
Out front, the cops walk away, 8 guys from the cars, 2 releive the officers who leave, other 6 go inside; 1 guy stays with each car.
Out back, the beer men get out and walk to the door near the corner and inside.
The hit is on.
They are going to take out Zabata in the courthouse.

Theo and Jack tail the beer hitmen inside, through the Rotunda, and are moving to the sequestor room joining more men. Now total 9.

West goes into stairwell, looking into sequestor room where 4 cops guard Zabata who is crying. One of the cops “Don’t worry, we’ll protect you.” One is handling his shotgun unknown to the other 3! He’s going to kill the cops!! Obviously waiting for his backup to arrive.

Out front, Atwater chlorophorms 2 rags he and Jon use, one for each driver.
Atwater gets the first car no problem.
Jon “Have you found salvation son? Let me show you” and ko’s his as well.
The 2 at the front door see this and start shooting!! They duck behind the cars as cover, bullets whizzing overhead!!
They yell “Hey, somebodies after the cars!!” 4 men run out from inside and join them in shooting.
Friday is still up at the corner. He moves down further, kneels behind a fire hydrant and returns fire.
2 turn on him now.

Inside, the last 5 are moving for the sequestor room.
The shotgun traitor quietly unlocks the door, and begins to move his shotgun.

In the Entry Hall, Theo and Jack hit the 5 left from behind once the gunfire outside begins.
Will says “let me walk into the room” and act like he’s there on behalf of the mob also, bluff the guy. Sent by the Cpt., who’s obviously in on this, to watch the prisoner until his friends arrive.
The shooting has been heard in here, all guns are out then trained on Will as he enters.
He explains he’s working undercover, bluffing his pants off.
The bad cop raises his shotgun at Will “has their been a change of plans?”
Will “No” with a wink.
The guy turns to shoot one of the cops in the back.
Meanwhile, West has run back through the Hearing Room to enter the now unlocked door from behind the bad cop. Passing the battle now in the Great Hall.
Theo and jack each killed 1 on the surprise. The last 3 turn and fire their shotguns, missing both, Theo dodging one shot that would have hit.
They both then kill another.

The cop with West and Theo opens the door to the fight! He fires and kills the last thug “They’re making an attempt on his life!!” trying to cover his tracks.
One of the others in the room “Good shot Winkler!”
Westinghouse arrives from the Hearing Room.

Out front, Father Jon’s death sermon as he draws his shotgun shakens all 4 of them!
One of the enemy is clipped by his own men in the 2 front defense of their position “Sorry Luigi!”
Friday continues to move closer and fire under cover as well.
Friday and Jon finish off the last 2 simultaneously.

The inside issues end right after and we all group up inside the sequestor room.

Friday enters. We tell him aside that Winker is on the take. Friday says 4 men from the Flying Squad will be called in to guard them. He tells us to take Zabata and hide him for now ourselves at the Lexington hotel.
Friday intercepts the police out front when they arrive shortly after whle we get him aboard the Porkchop Express out back and off we go to Wexler.

On the way, 3 steam cars pull up behind it, suspiciously!! Traffic is medium. The first car drops the front windshield, and the passenger pulls up a steam machine gun.
Jack goes to avoid, but swerves horribly right back into the shooters line of fire.
We all get down behind the boxes of clothes and sewing supplies. The rounds rip through the stock. Will dives atop Cassandra, rounds buzzing all around him like bees. Only Father Jon takes several shots.

The car then tries to get up beside us, but Jack is able to block it!
Theo “Do you want me to board?”
Jack “I’ll take care of them.”
He breaks slightly, swerving the lead car off the road. It crashes through a wagon damaging the car. It drops an increment but the driver stays in control.

The gattling pistol misses, strafing passersby!! Theo “We have to stop that thing” he climbs to the top.
Jack hits the breaks, letting the car speed up to us. Theo then leaps from the top, foot first, crushing the skull in of the gattling gunner. Now he’s in the passenger’s seat. The car is now totalled. Jack takes some damage to his rear.
The car right behind him crashes into the dead car. The other swerves around.

Theo kills the driver with a chop to the head and climbs out onto the hood, just dodging off the overheating engine as it blows. The gattling gun inside blows as well.

Jack yells ready with shotguns on the left. He breaks and turns, crossing the T.
As he does, and the car catches up, we fire shotguns out the right. Unfortunately, he turns terribly and we get no shot. They go past, swerving around us, turning sideways on us and the passenger fires a shotgun at Jack but hits the car. It circles us to the other side and we fire as Jack gets the truck back in gear.
Jon hits the shooter with his double barrel shotgun, almost killing him; Westinghouse destroys the front passenger tire. The driver loses control, hitting a fire plug and coming to a halt. The passenger us under heavy fire from Will and Atwater too.

Jack hits the gas and drives off!! Back toward Wang. They come up, one on each side. Wang crouches low, so only one can fire at him. The thug unloads, hitting once which Wang dodges. Wang tumbles and leg sweeps the guy. The other jumps atop the car, missing with a shotgun.
As the other stands, Wang hits. He then moves and disarms the man’s shotgun. He draws a pistol but misses. The other guy “Damn chink” and throws his gun at Wang hitting him in the back.
Wang steps back and drops him with the shotgun.
The other fires again but misses again. Wang then engages him. He turns and runs for his life. Wang throws the shotgun at him but misses.

The Porkchop picks him up soon after and off we go to the hotel.

The 4 guys from the Flying Squad are already there, us having been delayed.
McGillicuddy “We’lllllll, we’re waiting.”

Ed Stuben, the aid given the message at the hearing, is at the station being questioned. Going through the book of criminals, he pegs the girl as Lucinetti’s girlfriend. Top floor sweet of Kenmore Hotel is her address.

Zabota is of no help “They got him, oh Lord I’m next, I’m next. I won’t tell you anything.” He thinks they got Barrington.
A knock at the door, it’s Roosevelt’s typist Edwina Brighton. Smart and does a lot of his undercover work. She’s become friends with Emma, our secretary.
Message from Roosevelt: report that Barrington’s home has been burgled. Lt. Friday is on his way to the house with some men. We may want to meet him there.
Westinghouse, Will and Atwater to the scene via cab.
Jack goes down to more closely inspect the damage to his truck.

At the house:

Mrs. Warren next door reported the burglary. Will interviews her while West and Atwater check the scene of the crime. Friday is here with the Senator’s right hand man John Brevard. In we go. A child’s doll lies on the floor next to the door. Doesn’t seem to be anything obviously missing. Some reserve cash is gone, and an old suitcase. His home work/gardening clothes, are missing as well. Nothing is tossed at all. This was not a burglary.

Mrs. Warren is appalled and troubled by the crime in this neighborhood. She says the whole family left this morning. The person who came must have known no one broke in. He looked like a bum, a hobo with a dirty brown coat, worn green trousers, stupid looking hat. Ran out of back door with big brown suitcase. Ran out back and through neighbor’s yard. The whole family left in a Brown Hansom Cab number 6235 with 2 other tough looking men who came with the cab. 9:00PM, half hour before he got the message. They had not luggage or anything, did not look troubled at all.

The burglar was Barrington himself. Either they were wisked to safety and when he got word, everything went down and Barrington booked it; or the people they used had gotten close to the family to be trusted, and they’re using them as collateral vs Barrington.
One of the tuffs left a mark in the house with his shoe. Trademark impression of an expensive Italian shoe ‘Lucci’. West and Will know them as imported and burn stamped, they are owned by Lucinetti as a front company. There is a warehouse that stores the shoes at the docks.
The Ace warehousing company is in Hemsley Office Building. That’s Lucinetti’s main office.

Next, to the cab company. 6235 on John Delaney’s growler. We are the 2nd to ask about him. Some guy looking like a bum came in an hour ago. Looking like a bum, not a cop, they threw him out. He’s not been heard of for at least a few hours now.
A cop arrives with a message for Friday. They found a dead cab driver in a tenament section. Cab was there, 6235.
Back to our office. A visitor arrives later, an old woman. Mrs. Barrington, Annabelle. Angry, sits down roughly “My family has been kidnapped. I want them back alive and well” she’ll pay $120/day, bonus 5000 when done, “and here’s 1000 to get you started!”
She’s the senator’s widowed mother. She thinks her son was kidnapped, and the mayor is behind it. She distrusts the local cops. The family had no known plans prior to dinner post senate meeting.

Question is does he have any underground help, he’s going to need it?
Will and Westinghouse start hitting the streets to find out.
Will finds out Barrington had a friend in the old days, grew up together, named Johnny Levine.
Westinghouse finds out Levine is a small time hood who hangs at a bar he owns called little Oggie’s.

After dinner, we get a cab to Little Oggie’s. As we enter, a lot of people are leaving in a hurry. After sqeazing in, 2 men standing on suits aside a 3rd man. One is grabbing the sitting man “If you see him, you better tell us and fast.” The middle guy punches the guy, then pulls a revolver into the otherh man’s stomach. The bartender drops down behind the bar and rises with a shotgun.
Will “Whoa gentlemen. We don’t need any gunplay in all this.” The man on his floor gets a kick in the rear by Johnny, and he ushers them out the back door.
West “Johnny Levine I assume.”
Will “Fine job handling yourself.” Will introduces himself. Levine is not that handsome, but very charismatic personality. Will tries to charm him, but Levine will have none of it.
Westinghouse uses our reputation, coming clean. That opens up the discussion.
He then recognizes Atwater, who in his earlier days saved the life of a family member in the army, a Cpl., of Levine.
He agrees to help us find the Senator’s family. He knows what the note said: End the hearings and get rid of Zabata, or your family dies. So, he ended it as he could w/o cancelling it. Now he’s working the underworld to try to find his family.
He won’t tell us where Barrington is hiding out, but he will share any info they get with us.
We convince Levine to tell Johnny stop being dumb, with Levine made by the enemy he’s surely being watched. Leaving no recourse for Barrington but us.

We will need the rest of our group now, so its up to the F lying Squad to guard Zabata. We will move him to the Silver Twilight late tonight secretly

Jan 6

Message arrives from city hall, West, Will and Theo are requested there at 9 this morning.
The mayor is there with Roosevelt and Cpt Kilkenny.
Mayor “I’m afraid I had to step in” with the shootings and civilian casualties and street chases “I want Senator Barrington found” immediately and it has to be through official channels under Kilkenny. The commisioner has objected. He’s suspended Friday “I want you to do nothing else to help find the Senator” and he “wants the whereabouts of Zabata immediately”.
Will explains we helped Zabate get away to save his life, but afterward he went his own way.
Mayor “I know for a fact that you, Lt Friday, ahve used some of your direct operatives”. Friday has refused to say, he is hoping we’ll “take the wiser course and tell us where he is being held”.
Roosevelt “I’m afraid I may be forced to resign if this situation continues. I have complete confidence in these men and Lt. Friday” so that no one finds out.
Mayor “Are you insinuating Cpt Kilkenny would inform?”
Roosevelt “No, but….”
Mayor “Well maybe I will ask for your resignation.”
“I wonder what JP Morgan would say about that.”
“You were never my choice, never my choice Roosevelt!!!”
Will offers a deal. If we are allowed to keep doing our part in finding Barrington, and Friday’s men are able to continue their duties with Zabata, we will gladly keep Cpt. Kilkenny up to date on everything we find out.
Kilkenny “In addition, I want to know before you take any actions, what actions you are taking.”
Roosevelt “And Friday does not get suspended.”
The mayor gruffs at this, but all is agreed to. The mayor backs down, afraid of JP Morgan.
Will is lying of course.

Back to office.
Still no word from Levine.
Phone call. Muffled voice, has info on a good cab driver who got shot for $5 and couple bottle of wine to the ally in back of office immediately. Won’t wait long.
Jack, Wang and Jon go out to meet him.
He shakes Jack’s hand, and reeks of alcohol. Theo gives him the $5 and he starts complaining for 10 and more wine. Theo armbars him “How about I take the 5 and you tell us for free”.
“Just give me my wine” Jon sets it down.
He was sleeping it off under a porch. Saw Delany forced out of his cab by 2 men with him and stabbed to death. One said “well he’ll never tell where they got dropped off.”
He stole the growler cab log and cash. He’ll tell us where the log is for 5 more dollars and more wine.
We agree and he pulls the log out of his pants, its badly stained. He’ll come back tomorrow for the extra wine.
Inside we go.

Log says he took the family to a corner in the warehouse district. The address is not Lucinetti’s shoe warehouse. Will and Westinghouse in disguise go to check it out. It’s a house of ill repute, owned by Lucinetti.

Back at the office, Levine shows up finally.
Theo “We were about to go looking for you.”
He says Andy is willing to come in. All we have to do is go and get him. He’s hiding in the docks section, a flophouse called the Booth Apartments. Andy is positive they are holding his family on the docks. That’s where most of Lucinetti’s properties are, Andy has been casing it.
Jack drives Theo, Father Jon and Levine to get him.
We see an old bum come running out of the flop house really fast as we drive down the street. 2 men come out chasing him, and fire pistol’s at the bum. Another pulls up a steam machine gun.
Jack hits the gas!! Gets between Barrington and the shooters as they open fire. Bullets riddle Jack’s truck side. Levine returns fire from the passenger seat. Jon fires his shotgun in return as Theo leaps out the far side, ready to charge next round.
The gun fires again, this time wildly missing completely.
Jon kills one of them as Theo gets Barrington in back, then we take off.

He thinks his family is being held at a place called Purgatory, a whorehouse. When he says where it is, it’s where West. and Will went!!

We got to office to gear up. Message waits from Flying Squad. They arrested the girl who delivered the note at the hearing. She’s 24 years old, they have no criminal record of her. Johnny knows her, it’s his girlfriend Rachel Ames.
Will “I think we know your dad.” She says that’s impossible. He’s a drunk, she hasn’t seen him in years. She is shocked to find he is a police officer and off the drink!

Will sends Kilkenny information: Barrington may be hiding in Chinatown, and we are searching in earnest.

Will and West, in disguise, will enter as patrons.
We get Wexler to forge paperwork to make Jack and Theo look like they are doing emergency inspections of gaslines in the basements. They will enter first.

Levine stays back to guard Barrington. Cassandra stays with them.

At Purgatory:

Atwater, and Father Jon wait at the back door, hopefully we can secret them inside.

In go Theo and Wang, let in by the doorman. Led through the common room with piano, revolving stage, girls on couches in varying stages of undress. Others work the room making conversation. Then led to the basement. Jack tells them they need to stay up here, it may be dangerous gas below.
Down they go. Now that they got any peering eyes out of the way, they sneak back upstairs into the back.

In go West and Will. They work the girls, hoping to be able to find the worker with the heart of gold.
Will finds the girl he thinks will be most ammenable, one of the more undressed.
Will goes into a back room with her. Westinghouse hangs downstairs, mingling all over and drinking slowly. He is casing the 5 men there. Bartender, bouncers, etc.

Will gets her to talk. They took her out in the middle of the night. She says her life is in danger by talking. An abandoned tenament building, she gives address, they sometimes use it as a hideout for hot gangsters, break in new whores, etc. She was broken in there. She heard someone say ’let’s take them to the hideout’. That place is usually what they mean by that.

Jack and Theo have searched the 2nd and 3rd floor and found no body. They do find the room they must have been in, finding a child’s toy.
Will gives her his business card “If you think you are in trouble, she can call us. We can help you get out of the business.”

Wang makes for Chinatown. He’ll meet us with some Chang Sing. He meets us with 4 men.

Silver Spoon Saloon is open across the street. Other places around are all closed. The tenament is abandoned. Closed grocer next door is closed and 2 stories. The tenament is 3. Onto the roof we go to get in a window.

West, Atwater and Jack with 2 Chang Sing approach the front. Coupel guys dressed too good to be in this tenament. They ask us to move on, then a scream come from inside! They draw their guns! Hitting Westinghouse but missing Atwater. The Chang Sing attack, both hitting one!! Followed by us, Atwater with his swordcane, Jack daggers, Westinghouse brawling. Jack cuts one down! We hear 2 gunshots from upstairs as their fight begins. The Chang Sing combine on the last while we rush in. Another scream, this floor in the back. That direction we rush.
In 3rd room, we find 3 future prositutes naked with a guard. He fires his revolver at Jack.
In the next room, is one girl screaming with 2 guards. Another future prostitute. This guard is too busy getting pants on to react, the other is waiting and hits west with a pipe.

The Chang Sings take the last man down out front. Then they run to help us.

Atwater back up West, as Jack charges the gunman with a crit DEAD. Jack and one of the CS help the girls. The other Chang Sing helps eliminate the West/Atwater foe. The 2nd thug there has moved for the window and opened it. We try to stop him but he jumps out. Atwater plugs him down from the window, he drops.
Noise is coming from upstairs. We see 12 men running from the Silver Spoon toward the tenament, looking like gangsters.
We lock the doors in one room and run for upstairs. Noise is coming from 3rd floor, so up we go. Here, we hear the men entering the front door.

With the other group:
Looking in the window, we see 2 pistol armed guards pacing the hallway.
Windows into the rooms flanking the hall are locked too. The left has another guard in a chair, prostitute kneeling in front of him. In right, a girl is tied face down onto a bed, a man paddling her.
Will gets a thin file, and carefully works at the window lock. He has a bit of trouble but gets it. One of the guards walks around the corner. The other stops as Wang sleeks inside. Wang grabs him around the throat, pulling him out onto the roof and chokes him out.
In Wang goes to cover the corner. He sees a door closed. Likely the bathroom. Father Jon and a Chang Sing enter. Wang hears another door on the other side of the building enter, a man walking this way.
Wang gets ready to choke him out.
Jon and a Chang Sing each listen to the next 2 doors. Nothing in one, talking from one. Opening the silent room, its unfurnished. 2 doors out to small side rooms.
Otherside is opened by Will and the Chang Sing a matching room, both doors closed, One guy playing cards, a 2nd guard, and Barrington’s son!!
The Chang S rush them! We hear 2 shots from downstairs.
The C Sing with Jon runs to assist Will and his brethren.
Theo grapples the the other thug down the hall. He struggles.
The bathroom door opens, pants around his ankles, and fires, Wang spins and he hits his buddy in the grapple.
More men come from the room this grappled thug came from.
In the room, they pull knives. Will gets out with the son. They open the next door. The rest of the family is in there!! The grandmother ready to hit somebody with a pot. She realized its not a thug in time.
Jon eviscerates one in the card room and cuts down the 2nd.
Wang chokes out his man, Wang holding him for cover. The pantsed gunman misses.
3 more guys are coming up the hall from the grappler’s room.

Wang kills the bathroom man. Will calms the fam, grandma in charge, and tells them to gather in the next room, has the Chang Sing guard vs the 2 men in the first 2 sex rooms.

They get to the far side to surprise them. Jon gets ready for the other 3 coming.
2 rounds, Wang kills the pisser.

The back 2 rooms open up. The Chang S surprise them.
Will has the son free and the family gathered.

Jon is waiting for the new 3 with his shotgun just in time but doesn’t kill. Wang joins him in the fight as Jon draws his sword. His first jump kick hits DEAD. These are tougher guys.

Will has the family in the hallway. He slips into the room with the tied up girl. As the battles front and back wage, we hear people coming up from the 1st floor.

Noise from the steps getting closer!!
The Chang S kill the 2 simultaneously, turn and give their sign to one another. Will opens the other prostitute door, waves her out with the family.

At the front, these 2 are tough.
Out the window the prisoners start going.
Our guys are at the bottom of the steps!! Jack in the lead!!
Theo crushes his foe’s skull in.
Jack enters to help Father Jon. Both almost fumble.
Will keeps getting the others out the window.

We hear the gang of 12 coming upstairs. They are not rushing up, probably wary of an ambush. Jack cuts into him, blood pouring out. We combine to finish him off without issue right after that.
The Chang S move to go out the window to help the rescued get down.

It sounds like too many. We back down the hall to the window to escape. Atwater and the a 2nd Chang S by now are out. To go faster, we split off into the 2 rooms and go out all 3 windows. The enemy see the last guy going out the window, Will.
Will “I was just here to see a whore!!”
They pause and he escapes.

They rush down to the window, fire a few fleeting shots but we get away!!

The Chang Sing saved our asses. If not for them, we would have had to deal with the 2 in the bedroom. We probably would have been held long enough for the men from the Silver Spoon to catch us in the hall! The lower group would have been held longer by the front door guards. They may have been caught.

Thank you Chang Sing!
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the prostitutes downstairs. This makes us very disappointed.

Jan 7

We give the hobo his extra reward, he shows up early in the morning.

Friday believes Kilkenny is desparate to infiltrate our Occult Flying Squad. We will have to be careful.

The family is reunited.


The hearings go on. A case vs Lucinetti is being built over the next couple weeks. It’s getting hot for him.
The mayor is unable to be implicated in anything in particular, and is out to get Roosevelt.
Lucinetti now has it out for us, and is reaching the point where he has nothing to loose. We need to watch our backs.

Arkam with Bridge

Bridge sits in his office, alone as always, smoking a cig as always. A knock at the door, and SHE walks in. A beutiful dame, thin, just the right height. Smells of pecculi. Looks maybe 30.
“Oh, Mr. Bridge” in a throaty voice “I need you help.”
JB “What can I do for you, maam?”
She explains: Name is Mary; she’s 38 actually; 20 years ago she had a baby, gave up to adoption; now she’d like to find him. Innsmouth is where the kid lived when last she heard. Name is Mark March probably. When she left there was bad blood tween her and some of the residents there. She’s from there and left in disgrace. Her family name is Longman, all her close family is dead.
Jack pours himself a whiskey.
She wants JB to find out what happened to her son. She prefers to pay by check, but can do cash. She agrees to the typical common fee. Bridge says though he feels more comfortable with cash, “cause your a pretty lady” he’ll accept the check.
She lives in the Timbleton Armes Apt. building, only a few blocks away, 3rd floor. Her bank is in Boston.
Coincidentally, the gangster O’Banion has a penthouse there.
She travels all over the world, just came back from Europe. Her family had money, when they passed she sold the home and such.

That night, Jack goes out drinking before he leaves for Innsmouth via the bus tomorrow with his best buddy, Det. Micky Harrigan and his girl Louise Peckman. He explains the whole story.
Micky “Insmouth, I wouldn’t recommend that.” Mickey recommends he lets his pals up in NYC know “in case you run into trouble”.
Bridge is going nonetheless, but informs Westinghouse.

In Innsmouth, he goes to records office and medical examiner. Meets Eustice Elliot, who seems to not want to help people much but she does begrudgingly. She gets the adoption papers, new parents are Allen and Annette March, in the harbor area. Address from then is long gone. Father died 3 yrs later accidental ‘misadventure’.
Next, census office in same building. No record Annette after her husband died. A man named Roger Waitley (!!!) arrives and introduces himself to JB. Eustice sent a boy to let him know what JB is doing here about his grandniece Mary’s son; he would like to make ammends with her if possible “If you have any knowledge as to her whereabouts” there is a small inheritance she has waiting for her as well. He is ready to give a $100 fee for the information.
Bridge says he’s not sure of her whereabouts.
He says Annette moved to Arkam after the dad died.

By next evening he is back in Arkam to report to Mary. She greets him in a skimpy negligee and JB, after paying attention for ‘fish parts’ quite the evening. She’s thankful for the info and he leaves. He warns her the people of Innsmouth aren’t to be trusted.

Next day, case seems over, but he’s suspicious. Her own records in Innsmouth were gone. He goes to the Arkam office, and sees her ahead of him. He holds back, she leaves, and he enters. She had found the death cert. for the adopted mother Annette, 3 years after dad. The papers for Mark are there as well, adopted at 5 by Thomas and Janet Jeffries. Janet is Annette’s cousin. Live at 51 Derby Rd.
Some quick research tells him Thomas runs an office supply store and a successful investor with is money. 57 yrs old; wife is 51, she spent a lot of time in Innsmouth as a youth before marriage.
Bridge cases the house. Sees the wife leave, returns couple hours later; husband arrives home for dinner. Gray hair but looks very fit. Probably plays tennis and such activities.
Mark comes home too. Looks nothing like his mom; bandage around neck; carrying school stuff so he must be a student.

Next morning, Mickey is called away on a burglary with is partner Zebediah Marsh. Family home, on Derby St. Jeffries household. Someone broke into the house during the night. Mark surprised him, got KO’d in the fight with a silver punchbowl; He’s home upstairs, Dr. thinks he may have fractured skull. Bowl has a dent in side of it. He has an ointment on his neck, skin is rough and scaley. He says started 6 months ago, Dr’s can’t make heads or tails of it. Can’t get rid of it.
He gives description of the assailant. 5’11", husky, moustache;
Zeb presses the skin condition on his neck, for he has a similar condition that started a few months ago but is not so severe.
We notice Mark has a feint fishy odor to him.
The culprit only took one thing, a picture. Frame looked silver but wasn’t, pic of Mark.

This evening, we all meet at the watering hole and share stories.

Next Day:

We take mugshots to Mark.
Ask him if he’s seen or heard from his biological mother: No he has not.
The parents, separately, also say they have no. Though the mom is decidedly nervous.

He recognizes a mugshot as the culprit: a small time hood named James Mulcahy. Zeb knows him as a local thief and burglar, served a 90 day sentence once. Lives right around the block from Bridge’s office!!
Informing Bridge, we all 3 go to check it out. Typical rooming house. Mickey thinks to cover the back fire escape first, walking up it to outside the window. Dead body inside on the floor, or sleeping. Window’s open. Mickey enters to the knocks from out front.
He lets the other 2 inside. No visible signs of death.
Brandy snifter smashed on floor by him, a little bit of water beside his face.
We call the cart.

Later, coroner says it was salt water. He drowned in salt water. He was drinking brandy. Downstairs we talk to the manager. Zeb goes intimidate on him, he says a hot dame in her 30’s came to see him then left.
Mickey assumes its Mary.
Still, suspicious that he drowned in his apartment.

Later, they are walking, and Mickey has a strange feeling like they are being watched. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a hobo but he’s huge, 6’6" at least. Mickey looks at him directly and he’s gone. He turns away, and sees him again out of the corner of his eye.
He whispers to the other 2, and they are skeptical at first.
Mickey is unsettled, somethign weird is going on here.
Mickey “We should get in touch with Westinghouse.”
We go for Bridge’s office. Mickey loses him for a few blocks, but then sees him gain, pushing a wheelbarrow now, full of trash or his belongings. He may have been pushing it all along. He’s bigger than we thought, too.
Zeb “What are we going to do with this thing?”
Mickey “I don’t know.”
Bridge goes to the office, and he calls the NY office.

Ms. Kathleen Lamar is waiting at the precinct house when Mickey and Zeb show up. She saw a dead woman.
Mickey “Where’s this body.” No, a dead woman alive! When she was young and lived in Innsmouth, her Aunt Martha Lamar vanished. Never found, assumption was drowning. Yesterday, she saw her walking down the street looking not a day older than 20 yrs ago when she died!!
Following her, she went into the Timbleton Armes Apt. building.
She shows a pic of her aunt. Looks like what Bridge described as Mary!

The Inv’s will arrive tomorrow afternoon. We will case the hotel, follow Mary/Martha’s movements. We’ll take turns, in plane clothes. The other 2 will stay at the office while the other 2 watch.
Late tonight, Bridge sees 3 men exit in overcoats, hats down low, collars high, lurching more than walking. Mary is with them, in a long coat. Something in her mouth like a piece of cloth. So, she’s being kidnapped!!
A wagon pulls up, delivery type, and they all climb into the back of it. As it moves off, he grabs onto the back an hangs on. When its leaving town on its way to Innsmouth, he drops off and rolls away, then back to the office to report.

Next Day

Investigators arrive and are fully briefed.

A search of Mary’s apartment:
1) set of 5 uncommonly light metal plates, covered in an unknown lang. We take those!
2) 12" diameter copper bowl: another sending dreams bowl like from Juju House!
3) crumpled receipt: garage on south side of town, dated day she moves in
4) full length mirror, runes etched in the glass

Wrapping it all in blankets, we take it to our Miskatonic friends. The plates are deep one incantation. Mirror is a gate, the runes are the magic. It could to anywhere, who knows? They put it in the vault for now.

Next, to the garage:
Inside is a steamcar. Box in trunk is full of money; a shotgun; a wicked looking dagger; suitcase of fancy clothes; clothes for roughing it; food and supplies for several days.
She was ready for a quick getaway, didn’t get the chance.

To Mark again: Westinghouse wants to know if he’s been having dreams. Yes he has: he saw his mother, standing by the ocean beckoning to him. As he got to her, they changed into deep ones (though he knows not of that name) and dove in together. Dreams happened last night. We know a photo can be used in the spellcasting of sendind dreams!!

Now, to Innsmouth, via porkchop express.
On main street, the only car has Arkam license plate. 4 guys stand by it as we pull up. One pulls up a steam mini gattling gun! Another walks over to our car flipping a coin “What are you gents doing here in this town?”
He opens his jacket, shoulder holster with revolver inside.
West “No need for that gentlemen. I assume you work for O’Banion?”
They want us to stay out of what they are doing here. They recognize Mickey too. Mickey says that’s Topper MacDonald, one of O’ Banions right hand men.
West reminds them of his assistance when Rathbone and Golstein met.
Topper “What are you guys doing here?”
West beckons him over “We’re looking for a girl?”
T “Are her initials ML?”
“Indeed.” He wants to pack up and leave town. West advises they do the same, for their own safety.
Topper says ML spent the night with a certain O’Banion, and is pretty ticked she was kidnapped “So, we’re taking her back, not you.”
They want to know what we know. West says we are pretty sure she’s a murderous sorcerer, or thinks she is. Probably killed the thief from Mark’s house. West wants them to check with O’Banion.
They are going to see Dr. Marsh concerning where they are keeping her. They suggest we question the Elliot woman.
They drive away, we find Elliot bloody and bruised. The mugs roughed her up to find out where Marsh lives. She has no Innsmouth look. Atwater sees to her. We hear a shot from across town, and a shotgun!! Then a machine gun. We rush for it.
We come to the mug car ahead, Topper gun out firing into the dark of night.
Theo “What are you firing at?”
T "They came out of no where, look at theeemmmm!! They took Bruce’s (Bruce Walton) head!! Dead Deep Ones lie on the ground!! Fibber McNally’s colar bone and shoulder are broken; having smashed his own shotgun over his shoulder. Bugsy Malone is bleeding from the groin area. Atwater gets to work. He may lose one testicle.
They are freaking out right now, Topper is hurt the worst mentally, he’s visibly shaken.
He keeps insisting we come back to Arkam with him, as he repeats “We’re in hell, in hell!!!” We get him to leave to tell O’Banion. He begs Mickey to go to, but Mickey insists on seeing this through.
Mickey “Detective always has to finish the case!”
As he climbs in the car and leaves “Then you’re dead, you’re all dead.” Topper will probably never be the same again.

We talk to Marsh, who’s untouched “Mary/Martha is beyond your grasp.”
Theo “Where is she?”
“I know you already know some of the secrets here, and you haven’t told the authorities.” He knows we won’t, since we don’t want to see whole towns go up in flames. “Our visitors from the sea” took her, she was of them and betrayed them.
Theo “How?” Neither for me nor you to know. The son’s time is coming, he will join them. He recommends we leave Insmouth “no one here will welcome you”. As we drive away, we hear the churchbell ring.
We stop a block or 2 from it and skulk up to it.
Folk in heavy overcoats shamble into the church! Deep Ones! And cultists with and w/o Insmouth look.
We sneak up. 2 guards stand outside the front doors. We lift our own coat colars, drop our hats, and wobble in with the rest.
Inside, 50 or 60 people. Some are nasty looking cultists, some are women, elderly, and young adults. A dozen or so Deep Ones, and 2 of them in front dressed like priests. Tied to an X is Mary/Martha. No way out but the front doors.
“Now you shall be flayed alive, for daring to steal the treasures of our ancient city” to Mary.
Mary “In your arrogance, you deservet to lose your treasures” she sounds more like them now. She turns to the priest “And you high priest of Yahanacklah. You meant to kill my child.”
Priest “It was an abominatiooooonnn. Abominatioooooonnn” we point and repeat the word after him like everyone else. He continues “But your child lived, and soon will become one of us.”
Mary “Neverrrrrrrr!”
There is a big stained glass window behind her.
Theo asks what if Jack gets the Porkchop Exp outside the window. Then we get to her; one person cuts her free, the rest hold her off long enough to get her free then out the windoe into the porkchop and drive off.
Jack is up for anything. Will, not so much. He’d rather burn it down from the outside and let them burn.
Will and West look at each other. Put the 2 plans together. Burn them out, then in the confusion get her out the window. Will and Cassandra will burn the place down, West and Jon rescue the girl. Theo will go outside with Will to take out the guards. Atwater joins them. Mickey and Bridge inside, and Zeb will help outside.

Our outside crew is allowed to pass. Once around the corner, Will and Cassandra move to gather burning materials, Jack for the truck. Atwater jumps one guard with Zeb, Theo the other. He kills his with one ridge hand. Atwater and Zeb fail to kill, it turns into a melee where he fumbles with his axe in the shock of the attack. Theo counter attacks, and Zeb finishes him off.
They wait to meet Will et al then light up.

Inside they rip the first piece of skin off her side. Once they remove it, its all scaly. Westinghouse gets to the front, and pulls a tactical bluff, preaching the word. The priest is enthralled by his intelligent monologue and all halts long enough for the fire to start.
Once the smoke is detected inside, the cult starts to panic and make for the door. The deep ones, however, run for the stage and go through a mirror sitting off to the side, vanising through it as West cuts her free. A cultist then hurls an axe at the mirror, smashing it to bits. West “Kill that man” to Father Jon. He had the wherewithall to do such a thing in the midst of these panic conditions, that’s a future cult master leader.
Jon hits him with the double barrel Holy Redeemer DEAD!!! as he is about to cast a surely terrible spell.
He points his hand on the ground “I curse you! The wendigo will find you!” as he dies in a blood heap.
Jon fires another double barrel through the window. From outside Theo helps clear the bottom of glass and we escape with Mary. Jack hits the gas! Back to Arkam fast as can be. Casandra smiling back at the burning church.
Mary wants to know if we are keeping her prisoner.
West first wants to know what has been going on. She does so “since you rescued me”. She’s 75 year old, highly intell. and curious about the world. Her mother was an Insmouth woman, father deep one. At 20 she changed and went to live in the ocean. She had a boyfriend on land when she left, who was also changing. She waited for him to change and join her. They mated and had a human child, almost unheard of. It nearly drowned but they got it into an air pocket in the city. She loved it, but her husband wanted to kill it as did the high priest, same at the church just now. She got it out and had it adopted by a relative and her husband. Still, determined to get revenge for their unacceptance of her kid. She killed her mate during sex later, then stole some of their sacred revered tablets. Also treasure which she turned into cash here. First woman she came across she killed, the girl whose likeness she took. Hence cutting a piece off turns back into deep one.
JB is over the edge of the truck vomiting uncontrollably. We find out why only later.
The pichuli is to cover the fish smell. She plans to give her son a mortal form, and live here until they can sneak back into the city and kill the high priest.
Will shaking his head, she’s evil after all. Westinghouses curiosity got the better of us.
Mickey wants to arrest her, but we are concerned about her sorcery killing someone. She does acknowledge she owes us big time. If ever we are around her, and its not too much trouble, she will be of assistance.
We have to let her go for now.
West house does not want her to kill some innocent person to steal there countenance. She has to for her son’s sake. She says “turn around” she’ll kidnap one of the cultists.
We do; she brings back a straggler. Promises not to kill any humans in the future out of respect for us. She will not go back to O’banion either.
There is a lost city in the Congo she is thinking of going after, she mentions on the way back.
To Father Jon “You and I are enemies, but, let me warn you. Beware of the urban wendigo. It looks like a huge bum, invisible but for on our peripheries sometimes. He will hunt you down and kill you.”
Mickey “What if we already saw it?” Then its already following you. It was originally sent to find me. Now its after Father Jon.
West “What can we fight a wendigo with?” Any damage and it goes into a rage, easier to hit but gets stronger too. Very, very fast and stealthy; rending attack. Set a trap for it and outsmart it. It has the intell of a young child; it heals quickly; It heals by causing damage. You have to try to focus to see it; spot check that costs you an attack.
Will wants to use Jon to draw it in, he unarmed. Be ready to cover it with something to negate the invisibility. Something sticky like honey, but it won’t splash.
West says we can die some oil of some kind, even cooking oil.

In Arkam, we stop to explain to O’Banion, but not that she was a deep one herself. He gives us no trouble.


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