The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

Westinghouse/Atwater Return

July 28

Westinghouse and Atwater return from London. We all share our experiences with one another.

Coming Weeks/months

Father Jon and Theolonius read Nameless Cults finally. A treasure trove of info. It is a lesser version of a still greater original, with hints that other copies could start a scholar on their way to learing Mythos tongues! Rathbone needs notified, both he and Wilhelm should find a greater copy. We will send this to London for he and Wilhelm to reed if they can not find their own. Lo or Long will take it across the Atlantic.

All seems fine in both Boston and Arkam with our offices there.

End of Oct: find a box on Westinghouse’s desk in the morning, apparently left by Lo or Long, with 10 juju shotgun shells from NO and 12 blessed of the same from Uriel!

We take time to meet allies like Baxter; as well as Erika Carlyle to keep her informed of the state of affairs concerning her brother. She seems a bit antsy about its resolution. Something to keep our eye on. It raised and eyebrow with both Westinghouse and Will.

Visits to Boston and Arkam in person by Westinghouse, Will and Father John to see our friends and allies there.

We dine regularly with Friday; and with Roosevelt once as well at Delmonico’s.

We officially own the old Silver Twilight Lodge house and the Look to the Future Hall, thanks to the financial backing of Baxter and Erica.

West and Atwater, sometimes with Will as a guest, have attended some meetings of the NE League of Astronomy. Still, nothing seems off. We will be attending the Dec 21 Xmas party.

We are still on the lookout for any of the clues in the Armitage letters, no win more earnest Including rereading the letters themselves. We still haven’t found Tears mentioned in the Necro or any other of our tomes.
Then, a few strange things happen over the course of a a few days.
Wang leaves one morning to walk to office and never shows up. By 3pm he shows up. He insists he only left to walk here 10 minutes ago. Then One day the clock in office ticks and tocks as always. Jon walks in and it speeds up. We send him out and it goes back to normal. It only happens a few minutes then stops.
The letters, we have assumed, have some time travel link. Reading them may be having minor and temp effects on our time continuum. Pray this gets no worse if more letters arrive.

When winter arrives, West wants Will and Friday to send info requests to any police and papers, asking to inform us of any circus/carnivals wintering in any of the towns listed on Letter 2, page 2.

Other than mundane cases to solve for a while, everything seems to be calmed down in NY right now on the occult front. That is, until……


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