Monsters and Their Kynd


Time to read: 1d10+1 weeks
DC 22: Theolonius= 2 weeks.
+1 rank Forbidden Lore
-1d4 sanity initial, -1d8 upon completion
If you use it to id = +2 either lore; research use = +6
1d10 spells:

Barrier of Naach-tith: If ye face myriad creatures of magic and must protect thyself from their physical and magical fearsomeness, thou must cast a barrier to defend thyself. This beeth the great spell to create the barrior of Naach-tith._
This spell creates a sphere 10’ diameter/level of the caster. Lasts 1d4+4 hours and takes 10 minutes to cast. Spells can not be cast into or out of the barrier. A creature attempting to move through it must make a str DC40, or deal 200pts damage up it (hardness 10). Costs 6 intelligence damage.
Command Faceless One
Summon/Bind Bhyakee
Summon/Bind Star Vampire
Summon/Bind Haunting Horror
Summon/Bind Dimensional Shambler
Enchant Altar
Enchant Blade
Enchant Pipes

Theolonius has successfully read this book.


Found in Bishop’s house during the Hargrave case. Initial perusing done by Father John and Theolonius.
In English by an unknown author, hand written, 16th century.
Only one copy previously known, resided in British Museum but stolen. This is the discovery of a second copy or this is the one know stolen original!
Unidentifiable black leather cover; 12 and a half x 20 inches, 3 " thick. Thick vellum pages and iron hasp.
Rumors of other copies persist to this day.
Jumble of topics drawn from variety of other tomes. Many creatures of Mythos discussed, including Cthulhu, Yogsothoth and Lloiger

Monsters and Their Kynd

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