Necronomicon, John Dee translation


Time to read:4d4 weeks
DC22; We read it together, assisting one another, in 4 weeks
+2 ranks Forbidden Lore
-1d10 initian sanity, -2d10 upon completion
To make a check about a specific piece of information, 1d4 hours.
2d6 spells:
Call/Dismiss Yogsothoth
Call/DIsmiss Nyogtha
Command/Bind a servitor of the outer gods
Contact ghul
Contact Nyarlathotep
Dust of Suleiman
Eldar Sign
Powder of Ibn-Ghazi
Voorish Sign

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Found in Bishop’s house during the Hargrave case.
English translation by Dr. John D., 1586
3 known copies prior to this one, which makes a 4th.
Accurate but expurgated version from Greek never printed. Bound manuscript form only! Never printed.
Contains 40 more pages than other known copies.

Necronomicon, John Dee translation

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