The Investigators of Down Cthulhu

California with the Washington Gang

Train ride uneventful. Cassandra is with us. Will meets us. We bring Old California with us.
Outlaws meet us at Hollywoodland.
We see City of Lost Angels, and the maze. Much of city sank during great quake. Looks much like monument valley but water instead of desert. And a maze of rocktops where chinese pirates hide.
Messenger waits for us also. Names “Dr. Atwater, Mr. Westinghouse, and you are?” (to Will).
Westinghouse “May we help you lad?”
“Yes, please come with me> Im from Mr. Wynwood I am to take you directly to his home.”
West “I didn’t realize anyone knew we were coming.”
“He received a wire from a Mr. Brown saying that you were coming to help him with the mystery of his movie.”
He tells us to watch out for those ruffians about (outlaws. We say they are with us. The steam car can only ride 4 or 5.
Jake “We’ve got our own horses.”
Messenger “Of course you do.”
Westinghouse asks Jake to join him in the car, who insists on Billy as well in the rumble seat, so that he can bring the gang up to speed on the details of why we’re here.

House is large spanish style mansion. Butler looks a little like lurch.
Director did go crazy and kill self, main actor is the gibbering fool.

We are left to wait in great library. Westinghouse and Will peruse them. He does have a section on the occult. Half is significant works, other half pure trash. Madame Blovestky’s Worlds in Collision (basis of much of Theosophy); Frazier’s The Golden Bow; Heronious Bosh’s the Adamites Revealed (its a fake); a couple Jackson Elias books.
Wynwood enters.
Mad Dog sits in a corner talking to Jack.
“Oh, I didn’t know there was so much company here.”
West “Mr. Brown didn;t warn you about the assistants we’ve called upon.”
Says its just a spirit. Papers said Von Varnstein died in hunting accident, but he really comited suicide. Thougth unseen entities plagued his set. So he became obsessed with creating a lens to see them, which he did. A weird clunky thing. He sat one night with a gun, but was found shot in the head by his own hand.
Will “Do you have the lens?” Its at his office.
He has 6 guest bedrooms to divide as you wish.
Cassandra and Will
Billy and Jesse

Westinghouse and Jake hang out in the library late talking about exploits of late and crash there. As does Ron. Share info on New Mexico Yig natives especially.

Next Morning
Wake to 3 course breakfast: fruit and puddings (some of them pour it from spoons staring like its gross); thick steaks with fried eggs; slab bacon and coffee.
Then, off to studio office of director, in limo: 2 open front seats; main part like a coach with 2 large wide seats facing each other and cabinet of liquor in between. Seats 6 well. All 3 investigators inside with Wynwood and Jake and Billy. Dog rides shotgun next to chauffeur.
Pass guarded gate.
See Romans soldiers marching.
A man tries to usher the riders to him “Quick, come on, we’ve been waiting for you.”
Ron “This is our chance to be in the movies.” Beverlys follow, as does Anne, Luke, and Jesse. So all the riders follow the guy into an open field with about 200 guys in civil war uniforms, cameras running. Down further it turns into a dusty western street.
Director yelling “NO, no, no! You’re supposed to look like outlaws!” They are whisked to wardrobe and given fancy double breast clothes with big eagle emblems and such, huge hats, bandanas over faces.
Luke “This is awesome.”
Nick “I look fucking ridiculous.”
“No female outlaws! Get her dressed as a school marm”, they do.
First spend half an hour getting different shots of us riding in and dismounting, then casing bank. Then robbery.
“Say ‘nobody move, this is a holdup’.”
Ron does from couple directions. Getting frustrated at multiple takes.
Hoot Gibson is the star, who walks past Anne for a scene and Anne has to swoon at his “morning ma’am”.
It continues to the gang’s death scene.

With a guide, we get a quick tour of studio. One movie on Mars (which if we knew different looks nothing like Mars or Martians); several acre built lake with Roman age warships. Filming Actium for “Antony and Cleopatra”.
Some weird limping guy walks up behind Westinghouse, suddenly whips out a foil from his dirty clothes “You’re trying to hurt my friends! They told me so!”
West “I’m not here to hurt you or any of your friends.”
“Yes you are. You come to me in the night and whisper in my ear.”
Guide “Mr. Raven, no, he’s not trying to hurt your friends.”
“He’s not? Then who? My friends are all dead. The evil ones came and killed them all.”
That was James Raven, the actor who starred in Prince of Babylon.
We’ll need to talk to him and get as much as we can from him.
Studio heads is a great, down to earth man. Hangs a lot with stunt men and the like that’s why Raven is allowed to live for free on studio grounds.

At office:
Will, Will and Westinghouse look the paperwork for movie over. Find the order for the expensive camera. Discover the film was expensive but shrewdly financed wisely.
Rest of gang arrives.
Will Beverly finds loose papers in the desk in German, difficult to read. Westinghouse reads it. Its the directors personal and professional notes. Get more inconherent as they go. Talks of entity effecting film. Putting everyone on edge. That’s when he experiments with film, chem an optical techniques to prove it. NIght before, Wynfield tells of no film had been made. But the notes talk of existing film stocks.
Will Bev searches waste basket, finds melted reel ‘outtakes Prince of Babylon reel 2’. Nonsalvagable.
Billy demands answers at gunpoint. He is shocked and not happy. The 3 investigators are quite surprised.
Jake “I think you got our point across.”
Admits to burning all of the film,most of it."
Jake “Where’s the rest?”
Reluctantly “Back at my mansion.” Says cinematographer Pierre Baptiste still alive, should talk to him.
Westinghouse suggests WIll and Cassandra start researching the Arc, Weatley, the Canyon etc. Will requests back up in case of trouble. Billy tells Jesse to join them in case of trouble, and Jake sends the Beverlys along too.
Westinghouse will talk with Baptiste with the rest of the gang and Atwater.
We will meet at the house tonight to watch the movie footage.

At some point, Cassandra excuses herself to restroom. There was another woman nearby, busty and wearing a fur stole. Make up is kind of heavy. Soon as Cassandra leaves she approaches, saying she recognizes Will McNamara. Will realizes she’s gossip columnist Rosanna Bartlett. Keeping close watch on Wynwood since failed movie. Heard hired group of ‘psychic investigators and cowboys’ and wants to know what’s going on as a professional courtesy. Worth quite a bit of money to her. Could cut Will in.
Will declines, saying all investigations are private. Offers to spend night with a fellow reporter.
“As long as you don’t mind my girlfriend joining too.”
She declines.
Will “Sorry, I don’t like the idea of being killed by my girlfriend.”
“Maybe we could trade info then.”
Will “What do you know?” That the area has a evil rep, Hotec’s hated even by their fellow heathens. 4 men killed by mountain lion a few years ago. Hunt stopped after more death. Closer they got to old village worse the hunt went.
Will Bev “She didn’t really give you anything, you could have found that out tonight anyway I’m sure.”
Will tells her the star actress is dead in NYC.
She says if we go to the canyon she wants to go along. He declines.
Nick “She’s going to be trouble.”

  • area of canyon owned by Dennis Smith, who rents land to anyone who wants it. Currently on vaca in Rio. Never even been there, just owns it.
  • Report written for Univ of Cal., very technical. He pieces it together; Hotec outcast Hope disliked by others cause of worship of Yig and corn fertility god The Black Beast; lots of contact with Weatley as we know; Hotec vanished 1843 probably of small pocks though legend says they exist maybe as spirits. Can defeat by ‘burning souls’. Mentions chant to be used but not what ‘burning of their souls’ means. Author of this paper took trip to Central America where he disappeared.
    Nothing on the Arc.
    Hotec’s would go out on kill raids, with red paint on fingers!

At Baptiste:
Wife answers. West insists Wynwood join us to get in the front door.
At first she does nto let us in as he has suffered enough. HE will never work on another fild, she says, that place (canyon) cursed. Voice of Baptiste from other room “Let them come in.”
She brings us lemonade.
West “Thanks for seeing us Pierre.”
Says director a brilliant drivenman. Certain fo evil troubling production, convinced it manifesting itself in the completed takes. In last couple days of his life, he modified the new lenses and hit upon the right system Roamed desert at night with the equipment.
One night he watched outtakes from film, not the desert but movie, then took a pair of forks and gouged own eyes out then shot himself. Estimated poked eyes out about hour prior to death. Pierre does not know if he caught anything in the desert on film.
Feel of presence since first day of filming, even touching you. No one ever saw anything live.
He stops there, but West convinces him to continue further. His hand shake always, face gaunt. “You think this is from fear but your wrong, its from lack of sleep. I don’t fear what I saw out there I fear going to sleep.”
Dreams of nothing but walls and rooms of Babylon set. Fills him with fear, that some day he will not wake up from that dream. Feels that when he sleeps they start coming for me.
That’s all he has to say. Does not know where the special filming equipment is.

Back to Wynwood"
Brings out large wooden chest with director’s effects. Half hour reel of Prince of Babylon shots, set of 2 unusual lenses with blueish filter, and the weird device mentioned by Pierre.
Will McNamara looking through one way, everything becomes invisible or blue. Other direction, swirl of incomprehensible shapes and colors and brings on an almost violent eye and headache immediately.
Hooking onto contraption shoots a beam of light which you can narrow and broaden.

Wynwood insists we will watch the film one time only. He is not watching it a second time.
He makes projectionist leave as well.
Lasts 30 minutes. Nothing horrible, just feel like a subliminal nature of unease. Scenes go on, lots of extras.
Then, as scene of dervishes charging across sands. While eyes assure us nothing unusual, depths of our psyche detects unseen terrible forms and auras. Beverly’s each lose a point of sanity.
More scenes.
Then a scene of Raven mouthing orders to offstage and feel same presence now as before. Now Will McNamara loses 1, Ron 2.
Finally, at the end a scene of female lead Monica in opulent interior Roman set awaiting her lover. Her face, in the close up, look trapped, horrified, scared. She does great job concealing them for the job but jerks here and there.
Westinghouse “Look closely.”: then we see (but for Will, Ron, Atwater) her dress moves like something running its hand along it. Then her dress flutters as if from underneath. Westinghouse finally sees her chest move and can see the outline of her nipple, and it being sqeezed a the point that she jerks most obviously.
Will loses 1, Jake 4, West 5, Nick 3, Dog 2

Will asks Cassandra, what do you think?
She saw and felt nothing worse than we did. But for sure there is a malign presence there, revolting that even made her queezy. Not necessarily powerful, but disgusting.
We think about watching through the lenses, so we can see what’s there.
Will McNamara, being most sane, will watch it through the blue lens. Cassandra watches it again normally. Nothing at first, so shines the light on the projection but nothing else shows up.
Calls everyone in.
West “Maybe it does have to be rigged onto the projector” He does so.
We put it on so that one would see blue. At scary parts, normal feelings again. Reverse film, flip lense and start again. Now, scenes look just like before.
At first terrible part, after half a minute, see shapes shambling across desert behind the riders, bit ugly things, naked male humanoids, crab like claws for hands, leering at camera and almost…gyrating.
Cassandra gasps “Spectral Haunters. Once human but a terrible spell is cast upon them.”
Jake “That’s what happened to the Hotec, why they disappeared. They were turned into these.”
Cassandra “You have to choose to do this. You give up your humanity to live forever unless they are destroyed.”
Jake “How do you destroy them.”
Cassandra “Soul transferred into a spirit item. Could be anything. Placed in safe keeping. Tied to item and it dies if ever leave 1 mile area around the item, or if item is destroyed. They exist to guard a site or item.”
West “The arc maybe.”
Luke “Are they invisible or on another…”
Cassandra “Normal creatures, but can become incorporeal or ethereal at will.”
Billy “We need holy bullets.”
Seeing them, Will loses 2 sanity, Jake 4, Anne 1, Jesse 1.
2nd scene, with Raven, Spectral Haunter comes up behind him and just barely touches him in places. We can now tell he is slightly distracted by it, even a shudder at one point as it holds a claw above his head. WE can see sanity being drawn from him with a huge grin leering at the camera.
Cassandra “Love to play with their food, vicious but cowardly.”
Last scene with Monica, 2 climb through window onto set and she senses it, they rub claws over clothes, reaches claw under dress and it moves, the other pinches the nipple.
Finally, after she startles for a moment keeping her cool, they each take their big man parts and just barely touch her lips with them.
Jake “Nasty little bastards.”
Wynwood from back of room, walks in “Those things have to die. We’re going to devil’s canyon.”
We question whether he should go.

One advantage, they like to play with us. Might let us see glances of them, signs of them. When they do attack they pounce from hiding. Avoid fair fights. Like to attack from fully solid, but can stay invisible. They can not attack from incorporeal. If one of them can grab and hold,they can take you to their incorporeal realm with them. That person can hurt them as if solid but could be lost. Effect wears off on its own in a few rounds and you phase back.

Westinghouse wonders if Baptiste could rig this projector to emit a beam of, essentially, dispelling invisibility and ethereal. We must ask him first thing tomorrow.

Next Day

Baptiste says that is not possible, but he could rig up 2 headsets today that we could look through like goggles. It will take him all day but he’s happy to do it.
It will be -4 to attack with ranged weapons though.
Westinghouse make a note to remember to give this projector and lenses to Covington, maybe he could do what we originally wanted and make one for each group.

Next Day

Wynnfield is coming with us, along with 2 Toughs good with fists and clubs. They 3 ride steamcar, Roll’s Royce like thing. Will McNamara is in the car too, with Cassandra, Westinghouse and Atwater. Devil’s Canyon is about 25 miles from nearest highway.
Takes a good half a day off the highway to get there.
We arrive at the set, 4 months since shut down.
The tower is one of the few full buildings left, as well as a large Babylon age banquet hall of adobe and wood outside. A couple barracks for the crew, sand all around the insides from wind; a crate in a storage shed, unmarked.
Jake “Open it up Mad Dog.”
Inside are 3 more of the special lenses!
Banquet hall looks to be the best place to base so we set it up.
An uneasy feeling pervades us all, the gunfighters point their arms at every slight noise they hear.
The Toughs are particularly nervous. One keeps mumbling to the other. Further into the valley, worse it gets. Jesse keeps an eye out with a goggle as we set up camp.
We place lamps and such around the complex.
Guards: north door, south door, inside respectively are:

First watch: Jake, Ron and Dog inside
Second: Jesse, NY Will, Nick inside
Third: Westinghouse, Billy, Atwater

Jesse sees dust disturbed outside in the light. Through goggles, sees nothing.
Jesse wakes Jake up asap. He gets some others up, starting with Billy then Dog then Cassandra, sending Jesse back to his door; sends NY WIll to spot with Nick so there are 2 sets of eyes there.
Nick and Will hear noise around corner. NIck puts goggles down and one of the Spectral Hunters round the building’s corner. HE fires but the bullet passes through, he can just barely see through it. It’s ethereal!
NIck blocks the door, and waits for it to be hopefully solid.
It turns solid but invisible. Nick fires and hits 13. It becomes totally visible, back of its head blown own and blood gushed all over Nick as if falls back dead. NY Will calls Cassandra over.
The body crumbles into dust, blood drying into sandlike blood and falls as dust. A cloud whisps up from it into the air.
WIll “Is it dead?”
Cassandra “No, within a day it will be back as new. 1 way to stop it, a secret vessel with its soul. There is probably only a few for the entire tribe, hidden in center of a circle of a disruption in reality. That discomfort we felt, that was us entering the circle.”
NY Will “Did we bring a map?”
Wynnfield “I have that.”
We keep well and alert. Cassandra knows of nothing she can do to help, arcane wise.
Dog volunteers Jack to make the patrols outside for the night. Jake says “Great idea. Tell him to do it.”
Cassandra “No, you must spend your spirit friend away or he will be destroyed.” Dog does so.

Next Day

So we need to find the perimeter of the uneasiness. Cassandra says those with particular arcane sensitivity are the best to do so. Jake wonders if you’ve been dead if that would help, she says it might but its a gamble. She tests the sensitivity and only Billy is feeling it more so. The mumbling tough is very sensitive as well.
Luke “What about Jack, can Dog us him as a sensing device?”
Cassandra “Very likely.”
Those 4 will triangulate the perimeter.

  1. Dog w/ Wynnfield, Luke, NIck on horseback, Wynnfield riding with Nick.
  2. Tough 2 w/ Ron, Atwater, Westinghouse (w/ goggles) via the car, Tough driving.
  3. Entrance Trail: Cassandra w/ NY Will, Jake (w/ goggles), Anne. Jake/Cassandra and Anne/Will in pairs on horseback. Its almost a mile back to the pass.
  4. Billy w/ Will B., Tough 1, Jesse on horseback; to the

At the pass, Cassandra easily feels the edge. Suddenly, a shot rings out! Cassandra is hit 11. Jake draws and looks toward the shot sound. Anne dismounts, looks and pulls knives. Cassandra. Jake spots the glint of a sight about 300 feet away atop a cliff face and another shot rings out. Anne is hit 10. Jake fires and hits fairly close even at such long range. He fires again, 2 shots but both miss. Anne rushes into the hills. Jake misses by a few feet and moves to the hills telling Cassandra and Will to take cover. Anne starts to climb. The rifle fires again at Jake for miss/jam! Anne has climbed to his height and starts to move for him.
We hear the sound of horses. Anne reaches his position but he’s gone. Sees dust of him fleeing then a horrific scream. A wildman appears in front of her, axe in hand, swinging for her head. Anne kills him in a few rounds.
Will sees the set on fire, horses and riders around. He points it out to Jake who sees it.
Luke sees it as well in his group.
There’s nothing we can do. They retreat to a ravine tween groups 1 and 2.
NIck orders his group to ride to intercept, telling Wynfield to share with Luke.
Nick and Luke arrive first, we see them riding up to pass at a fast trot. 6 total. A horse slips and his rider falls. The others leave him as picks himself up and tries to remount.
Nick “Go for the riders.” Luke tells Wynfield to throw stones at the fallen man.
His first rock hits and he falls.
Nick fires 2 from Winchester 17 DEAD/12
Luke hits 14
Nick hits 13/10 DEAD.
Luke’s horse is startled, and his movement almost carries it off the edge which starts a small boulder landlide right into the group of them. All are unhorsed but for leader. 1 man wounded. leader hit in the head by a rock.
Original fallen man pulls his pistol at Nick for a miss.
The unwounded fallen stands and draws, as does the wounded with the broken ribs. He takes cover. The leader draws and fires but it clicks with a dud.
Wynnfield throws another rock at his man
Luke fires at leader “I say sir, drop you weapon. There’s 10 of us up here.”
He retorts “Hail Yogsothoth. The Twilight never surrenders!”
Nick fires at him but misses.
Wynnfields man misses Nick; other cultist fires his revolver at Nick but misses; Leader fires at Nick miss.
Dog fires both scattergun barrels at the unhurt cultist crit 50 DEAD.
Wynfield throws rock and hits again.
Nick hits leader 15.
The rock pelted one yells to surrender. The leader turns “The Silver Twilight never surrenders” and fires at his own man crit DEAD.
Luke hits the leader 7.
Dog leaps from his 25’ height, forearm shivers the leader off of his horse for 18 who hits the rock strewn trail hard DEAD.
Dog takes the last one alive and drags him back up hill. He wants to break his neck.
Luke says we need to interrogate him.
“You’re the money maker ’round here so…”

Some questions from Luke lead to a few backhands then a punch to his broken ribs from Nick.
He says they were looking for an artifact, but he knows not what exactly. Their leader is a sorcerer, in the hills somewhere; he’s from our Scottish lodge, named Fergus Campbell; they had arrived in time to see us here. Fergus took main party to make camp, and our group told to burn buildings, third group led by Cpt Dulles was to draw us away and maybe kill some of us. He’s an ex soldier merc not one of us. Men from the main camp were to meet with us up this canyon to take us to the main camp. Only the leader knew the signal.
He asks for forgiveness and to be let free. Luke denies that request. He begins crying, he damned his soul forever to gain power with Yogsothoth. Now that he has foresaken Yog the cult will hunt him down and kill him. If now he’ll go to hell after gaining no good power. Luke tells Dog to treat his broken rib. Dog insists he sees a few bad teeth “Good oral health is a start to a good healthy body.”
Luke insists he can repent, live in a monastary and serve the lord once we get you out of here. Until then, you’re our prisoner.

All groups meet the burnt out camp. They did not do a great job, all buildings are damaged but none are destroyed. Building burnt most was ours. We lost 2/3 of our food. Luckily we took all the lenses with us.
Westinghouse determines the central point is due north in the hills, about half mile. We decide to wait for the next day.
Now about 4pm.
Jake, Jesse, Ron and Anne ride fast up the canyon to find the meeting place and maybe track it to its source. End of the pass is empty.
Jake “They were on horses so…” We find one path enough for horses.
Partway up, a shot rings out from side, horses couldn’t make it up. Jesse dismounts and draws buffalo rifle. Jake and Ron look for the source. Ron hit twice 10/8/miss/miss. Jake is missed four times/9. All were rifle shots.
Jake misses with a shot and retreats, followed by Ron who also misses. A hail of bullets at Anne’s horse 16/18/12/28 DEAD. She gets on Jesse’s and they flee.
Jesse’s horse is shot up next.
Jake fires and hits 16, Ron hits 9.
Anne’s hat flies off and the leader yells her name!! He knows her personally. This is the Cpt, named Dave McCreary. Use to be bed buddies.
Jake “And you’re alive? Hehe.”
Anne “He’s not the law.”
Jake “What are you doing ambushing me and my men in hills full a cultists?”
“They hired us to take you all out. We didn’t know that they were cultists.”
Jake "What are you going to do now.?
“I’d like to go back and kill’em but my men will never stand for it. We already got paid, they’ll just want to leave. They won’t wanna go back and fight those men.”

Back at the set:

“There are 11 of us and 15 of them. Now there’s nine. They are hiding to the west.
Westinghouse encourages him to stay, maybe a couple trusted men, just for Anne’s sake. 4 will stick around for a while.
We don’t want to get them killed by the creatures, just show us where the cultist camp is. We don’t want to be heading back in the dark, so we camp here for the night.
Same guard duty as previous night but Luke takes NY Will’s place.
We stay in the tower now, 1 door in and out. Jesse gets atop the tower. Jesse hears a noise down the side, and sees a burst of lightning from the storm coming. One of the creatures is right there at the bottom, climbing to him and clearly visible. He fires and hits 22 DEAD chest blown open.
Nick puts goggles down, looks around rifle raised. In a lightning flash, one is one each side of him.
Nick yells for Luke, fires 16 DEAD and 12. It grapples Nick and takes Nick ethereal. 3 more are closing in on Nick. One of which strikes at Nick, and fumbles both claws, bite crits 11. Seeing them on the ethereal is another thing entirely, forcing another sanity check and he loses 1.
Luke starts waking people up loudly, shaking Jake and Billy.
NIck backs through the door of the tower, he fires 2 shots, hitting wounded one 7/17 DEAD. 3 others attack. New ones each bite miss/7, other claws miss/5 and bite miss.
All of us are awake. Anne runs right through Nick, who backs into room more and miss/17 DEAD.
Jake and WIll run outside “Where’s Nick?!” Jesse is scanning the area for him. Jake dons the goggles in the street.
NIck appears in the material world
Westinghouse “There he is, they pulled him ethereal.” They turn visible to follow Nick.
One of the misses 2 claws but bites 20, the other hits 1 claw 6, bite crits 17.
Jake and Will are fast enough to get shots off before they go away. Anne throws 4 knives and hits 47 total. Billy double taps crit 34 DEAD.

Next Day

First thing, we all make for indian village and find it with no problem. A switchback narrow path on the cliff leads to the cliff dwellings of the tribe. Quite small, actually. Probably only several families.
Large central chamber w/fire pit, pics painted on the wall. The pics show people dancing about a fire, large black spectral hunters w/them. Nothing looks different through the goggles.
Westinghouse looks at painting, 6 humans and about 20 humans “Dig in the fire pit”.
Billy “Mad dog, dig it out.”
Find small, leatherbound box.
Luke “Grab it, in case the smart guy from NY has a better idea.”
Westinghouse “Take it out.”
Dog gives it to Westinghouse who opens it, finding an old crumbling book. Cassandra say sits the spell to turn people into the creatures, the text describes Weatley and turning the shamans into the spectral haunters.
Westinghouse tells Cassandra to check out the pic, to see if there is anything arcane about it but there isn’t, he thought the figures might be the phylacteries.
Westinghouse pulls out the magnifying glass, has everyone else step out, and he goes over the room crack by crack.
He notices slight tracks on the floor in the sand, recently. Tiny trails of snakes, several. Then small holes in the wall like rodent holes that the tracks go to and from; then slight evidence of a struggle and at least 2 bodies having been drug across the floor from areas in the room to the ladder that leads out. Firepit surrounded by snakes, as if they had been coiled up around it.
Next, he more carefully searches the firepit area. As he messes with the bedrock clay inthe pit, he feels something harder like bedrock. We scrape it all away and reveal shale bedrock.
Ron “See, dynamite would have found that.”
Wynnfield “And buried it all forever.”
Dog and Nick break through the shale, but a flat stone of what seems granite at first, but maybe marble. 2.5’ by 3’; Seemless. Like no rock we’ve seen before. Has a mark, several dirty ones. Then rows of markings.
Dog tries to break through with a sledge, but nothing. The sledge shatters, and Dog is thrown back against the wall. Some force smashed him in the face bloodied.
Nothing through the goggles.
We clean the symbols off. It seems to extend further the sides as if there should be more there. We clear the rest of the shale and clay off the entire inside of the pit. It uncovers a 3′×4′ that looks like it may be a plug/hatch. Billy and Dog lift it up, and underneath we find 6 Kachina dolls!!
Jake “What do we do, Cassandra, destroy them?”
She nods yes. Jake tells Mad Dog to hit one with a hammer. He does for 14 and the doll shatters. A ghostly form wails out of it and dissipates. Billy draws 2 guns and shoots them to pieces. 5 other whisping figures float up and away. Westinghouse makes sure there is nothing left in the rubble of the pieces, and there isn’t.
Westinghouse insists on taking it to the men in Arkam. The Beverly’s prepare a sled to drag the slab along.
Suddenly a shot rings out but hits none of us. We see 5 cultists (4 w/ rifles) with a medium age, somewhat portly woman with them. Its the Bartlet, the columnist woman. They say they will skin her alive if we don’t give them the ark of Vlaktos. “That stone, we want it and we want it now.”
He tears the side of her dress down and he carves a piece off her back. They are about a hundred feet down and 50’ out down the trail.
Jake whispers for Jesse to kill that guy. He fires unexpected by them, but misses. Their 4 riflemen fire, hitting Jake once 15.
The cutter goes to cut Bartlet some more. Ron fires the knife out of his hand with a miracle shot (card). He starts to strangle Bartlet. Jake draws his Frontier and hits him 10, Jesse hits 22. Their riflemen miss Jake.
Billy draws both guns, hitting 2 of the riflemen hitting 8 to one and 10 to another. Nick misses w/ Winchester, Will hits 9. Atwater fires revolver and hits a rifleman 6.
Billy fires twice again but at the leader, now directly tween us and her and making to gnaw at her face, miss/9; Jesse hits him crit 32 DEAD; Ron hits with rifle to a rifleman 12.
They all fire at and miss Jake. Luke hits 15 w/rifle; Atwater hits 12 DEAD, Jake hits 20 DEAD; Nick hits 15l; Will hits 4 DEAD; Will McNamara fires his .32 miss. Westinghouse fires 11 DEAD.
Back to the set, pack up and leave today. We check their camp but find nothing of use or value.
It seems snakes killed 2 at the firepit. So there are 2 unaccounted for.
Bartlet is hysterical from her ordeal.

We discuss securing the Slab and whether or not to search for more cultists here.
We decide to stay here for a couple day or so but not go too in depth into the underworld. We will look for Look to the Future like clubs that could be a front. If we find nothing soon, we all head east taking the Slab to NY, the gang accompanying us as far as they can.
A few of us will always stahy at the house keep the Slab safe. This will be Jake, Jesse and Ron.
Westinghouse will read through newspapers from the last 6 months or so, looking suspicious clubs. Will will be doing legwork info gathering.
There is Hollywoodland, Los Angelas, and on the other side Devil’s Bay the City of Lost Angels. The city is run by a Prophet. Beyond that is The Maze, a network of islands and inlets and channels where the mines of ghost rock originates. All this was caused by the quake of ‘68. Chinese pirates and smugglers frequent it. California passed a law against Chinese entering. So they are smuggled in, ending up on railroads, the Chinatowns of LA and Lost Angels; also an underground railroad type of thing to move them to San Francisco.
Political reasoning was they were afraid they would take jobs from the citizens. Weird twist is it is against the law for them to enter CA, but once they are here they can’t be sent back. You must then prove absolutely they sneaked in, which is difficult. There are anti Chinese sentiments of course, even gang activity.
We are going to take the camera and lenses back with us to NY.
Los Angelas: Luke/Will Beverly/Nick/Anne to Los Angeles
Hollywoodland: NY Will/Cassandra/Westinghouse/Atwater/Dog/Billy.
5 toughs will also be at the house courtesy of Wynwood.
Bartlet will stay with us at the house the first night. We arrive late.

Next Day

Los Angleas:
LA is primarily a horse and buggy town, so they fit right in. They start with the saloons, bringing up and listening Look to the Future, Silver Twilight. Will claims he was in NY, Boston, New Orleans and all their trouble with clubs/lodges et al and going from there.
They all say Lost Angels is where you wanna go for that. Nothing like that here.
We ask about Lost Angels: run by Reverend Grim. LA has small docks on the river, but an entire bay by Lost Angels so they get a lot of the sea trade not here.It is true the dead walk there? Ain’t never seen anything like that, but don’t get on the wrong side of the Enforcers. Grim’s men aside from police/mayor. Enforcers are who to fear. Cross the church and you’re a dead man; it’s folktale that no one leaves there. Anyone can just walk in like anywhere else, though its true a certain % don’t come out. But, you fall under the sway of the religion you never leave. You join the congregation The Chosen Ones. Chosen for what, who knows; they act Christian, have crosses and such, but “are about as close to being so as those damn Mormons”. Grim set up shot right after quake, opened a kitchen, fed the people et al. Biggest city in the maze is Gomorrah, on a plateau, biggest boomtown ever. Best gun makes the law; sheriff is the best, plus his lawdogs. Texas Rangers are there, federal secret agents, straight confederates (all making sure the rock makes it to their homeland), miners guild, inventors club (everone knows they are insane from working with ghostrock, its cheapest right where it’s mined). It’s sort of part of CA but also part it’s own entity. One of first families out here lives in a huge mansion, The Waitleys, from some place back east called Dunwich. Bunch of them came west post earthquake. Lost Angels is basically a great seaport. Grim’s church still provide free meals.

In Hollywoodland:

NY Will, w/ Cassandra and Billy, does the leg and mouthwork here, like Will B. and Luke in LA, but goes to main city police HQ. Big hispanic desk Sgt greets him, sent to meet officer Mack Bird on public relations today, flaming red hair and handlebar moustache; derby hat on the desk.
‘everyone out here is a cultist, even Mack is of the Fraternal Loyal Organization of Moose; they have Elks, Water Buffalo; doesn’t trust the church and Grim, they do whatever they want its a hellhole over there, dead coming back to life; Mack is from the east, was on the other side of the law for a while as a member of the Dead Rabbits, he and best friend were arrested by a good cop, gave us another chance, looked out for us, got us out of the gang, saw that we went to the academy, name was Joe Friday!; Mack had the wanderlust or he’d still be there; Will convinces him we are great friends of him so Will gets much clearer about things; after throwing some names around, he knows of KOTST, there is a club called the KOTST on Sunset Strip; came to law’s attention cause of disappearances, name of Stanford came up concerning a large money draft from an account of that name in Boston; they are bad news, went quiet in last week or so, place like a tomb now, empty, reports some went off into the desert; give us names of higher ups: Mortimer Smythe (accent odd, English to German), his right hand Raif Jenkins; this was not the first KOTST lodge to open here, first was in city of Lost Angels, one night Avenging Angels (Grim’s squad) killed them all and burnt the place to the ground, this was last year, couple months later the ones with the $ from Stanford arrived and disappearances started, girls rates rose especially; its every man for himself the further you get from Hollywoodland; also mentions evidence of Tongs, cause of hatchets left at scenes, maybe linked to the vanishings but we found no evidence; hatchets left behind seemed too convenient, we did find one of the girls in Chinatown in a cellar, though every person there swore they know nothing about it and no interrogation broke them; says will look for Dark Mistress having docked here, he has a few possible connections in Lost Angels he could check with; warns us NOT to go there; gives us the lodge address; Will tells him where we are staying so he can send any other info. They part ways, but Lt. Mack leaves the building immediately heading up the street.
Billy follows him, goes to telegraph office. Writes message and gives it to operator, torn up after sent, then he leaves.
Billy informs Will/Cassandra what he saw, offers to hold up the office to get the paper.
Will goes back, gets the next sheet, takes it with him and pulls off the indentations by the classic graphite rubbing method. It was to Friday, asking if he can trust the man he just met.
Westinghouse gets to work on the newspapers by himself at the library. He finds what Will finds about the KOTST in Lost Angles to help hungry and drive out demons, and Mortimer Smythe, self proclaimed ‘citizen of the world’ starts another chapter house; sent small group of their people to help where the need is greatest: Gomorrah; finds out about the the kidnappings of females; investigative piece on Haelstrom allying the the Collegeum (scientific guild in Gomorrah).
Gomorrah/Lost Angels seem to be a landmine of trouble. Gomorrah is no place for a civilized man, the outlaws will have to go there at the right time w/o the easterners.
Atwater, accompanied by Dog, asks around at doctors/hospitals/morgues for anything out of the ordinary, as far as bodies/illneses, etc… Later in the day, a Borax wagon train found the bodies of cultists we killed, they are identified and all members of the KOTST; several days ago a ship arrived ‘The American Dream’ wrecked on the shoals just outisde Lost Angels harbor, all hands lost; bodies brought to morgue here cause they washed up on this side.
Atwater reputation precedes him with the man at the morgue to do the autopsies. He is to assist, TODAY!
In the observation room, an agitated man in tattered suit paces back and forth.
Atwater “Who is that?”
“Jonothan Meaker, an insurance man. His company covered the ship, just waiting to find out what happened.”
Most of bodies are completely lacking on blood, mostly no water in lungs, like they were killed pre shipwreck. Several of them look like they had their throats ripped out! Another 2 obvious puncture wounds into the jugular
As they leave, Meeker “So you’re the famous Dr. Atwater?” Give Atwater a business card and invites him to their office tomorrow to discuss an issue, having to the with the deaths and the american dream; he feels there is more than meets the eye, and Atwater can bring some associates. “Come by in the morning.”
Atwater agrees.

Back at house we share info, and all are dumbfounded. Luke says Billy should go to meeting tomorrow, since he spent a lot of time w/ a vampire.
Westinghouse and NY Will feel this may require Warrington’s boys to team up with the Gang, we wire Archie immediately!!
(Archie sends Wang Long himself to Scotland, to tell us to get back when you are done ASAP).

Next Day

Westinghouse, with NY Will, Dog, Luke, Jake and Jesse to go to the KOTST HQ, accompanied by
Atwater, Billy, Will B. to meet Meeker.
Guarding the Slab is Anne, Nick, Ron.

At Meeker: we are taken aback by a site, lovely young raven haired women sits there, wry smile. She can tell we are checking her out. Her eye glistens at the site of Billy.
Name is Mirabella, Atwater says we are here to talk to Meeker. Shows her the business card, its her brother. We watch intently from behind as she leads us to the office. Billy hangs with her in the lobby.
Meeker smells like he’s been wearing the same suit for days; 2 days growth of beard.
Will B “You look kind of haggard there Meeker, and scared.” His hands shake badly, breath is horrible.
He is not even sure what time of day it is.
Says things have been very trying lately, offers coffee which Atwater accepts. Sister arrives with the drink.
Will notices there are dark streaks on the carpet, the desk recently swung around so that his back is not to the window anymore. He wipes the sweat off of his face.
Clipper American Dream wrecked a few days ago. Tell us of their deaths, which we already know, thinks the ship may have been carrying live cargo.
If we can prove it was an animal loosed illegally, they won’t have to pay the insurance.
Say of course he has heard of vampires “everyone has, this is more savage than that. I’m pretty sure vampires don’t exist” figures the cpt acquired a lion or tiger as the ship came from Hong Kong.
Atwater “It would also have eaten them.”
They sent a message to Hong Kong to have the manifest sent, which will take a couple months. They don’t have that long “and the only survivor won’t talk. Mr. Bradly Tepes. He’s in the sanitarium section of the hospital.”
In a lucid moment, he claimed another surviver had jumped off the ship to make for sure. One crewman’s body has not been accounted for. He figures we could get to the bottom of this. “I know the rep of you’re friend Westinghouse.”
He offers their normal fee of $25/person, he can hire up to 4 people, and a bonus of $200. Shows us the wreck site on a map.
He’s afraid to tell us why he moved the desk
Will gently coaxes out of him what has him so utterly scared:
salvage team sent to ship, deck is sticking out of water, hull under, full of rats and the whole salvage team in hospital from disease from rat bites.
He admits he really does not believe it could have been animals, based on the horror on some of the dead men’s faces. Some entrails ripped out.
He drinks his coffee, and grimaces as it has been sitting there since last night. Will gives him Atwater’s fresh coffle.
He says he is afraid he has been followed, something may have even came through his closed bedroom window 2nd night after boat sank.
Outside, Billy flirts with Mirabella. She’s too scared to talk event to Billy. He offers to have them at Wynwood’s house, but she refuses. Billy offers to stay at the house with her, and she is enamored at the idea that he would stay in the guest room to protect them.
In another office off the lobby, we see another guy dressed better than his look would think he should. Likely the dad Benjamin Meeker, talking to a large gaunt man in black silk coat and gray turban, oriental coat.
Dad “This isn’t realy a good time, Mr. Tooms, Perhaps we could discuss this later.”
Will whispers to Mirabella who that his, but she has no idea. The figure turns, sees us, gives us a malevolent glare (long square features, coffee colored skin, taut flesh).
Then the dad relents and he shuts the door.
Will (card) gets her to tell us what she saw.
‘nothing but terrified me anyway. Every night for last 5 nights had terrible dreams. A shadow enters my room then I fall into darkness. First night I locked my window, but it was open the next morning. Since then, she has felt compelled to leave her door open."
Her brother calls her into his office, and Atwater immediately goes to listen at the door with his stethoscope!
Benjamin explains to him they are about to lose thousands, has no time for this sort of thing. Tooms says he would enjoy our club, bring your son as well. Benjamin says he thought Tooms wanted to speak of the Amer Dream. True, there is cargo they wanted delivered to the club, but took opportunity to offer membership “You see, only the best of the best are invited.” The Keepers Club is a haven where men of value can escape pressures of business and wives; all men invited are kept from harm and toils.
Benjamin, halfway through declining, says "of course I’ll join your club. And I’ll bring my son." He comes for the door, and we look casual. He enters and looks at Atwater for a moment like he knows something was up.
Billy “I know what you are, tall man.”
“You think you do.”
He opens the door, the sun shines on him “Not what you think.”

Westinghouse stops at the cops, and intros self to Mack. He say he will personally accompany us, brings 2 other officers. Westinghouse, Will and Cassandra ride in their growler. The others on horseback.
Door locked. Mack tries to open it. We’re about to pick it but Dog kicks it in.
West “Effective. Primitive, but effective.”
Cops scope the perimeter, say there is a side door bashed in.
Cops insist they enter first.
We find a guard sitting on a chair. Touching his shoulder, the head falls off.
Westinghouse “Don’t touch it.”
Everybody looks at him, “wondering what makes you think we’d want to.”
Deep growling voice from next room speaking in Latin, it comes from through the kitchen where we find another dead, and steps going down to the voice.
Keeps invoking Morning Star, says Westinghouse, then no, invoking the bride of the Morningstar…Lilith.
NY Will stays up here to watch our rear.
Mack wants us to stay here and let the ‘professionals handle this’. We invoke Friday and our experiences with him to let us to.
Jake says “Mad Dog, let’s go.”
Dog “Jake, I’ll send Jack first.”
Jake “Ok, Jack will lead the way, we’ll follow.”
Latin “come here sweet mortals, come here.”
Mack grips his shotgun tighter. One cop backs up a bit, scared. The other, Cassandra, Westinghouse suddenly leap forward and run down the steps.
At the bottom, a hellish green light, pentagram in a circle on the floor. In the middle of it stands a being like a strong man w/ huge curved horns and legs that begin as human at the hips but become goat legs below.
Westinghouse and Cassandra both stop at the bottom, but the cop steps into it scratching out the circle, unbinding the demon! Probably been stuck here for a while. It’s really angry.
In return for freeing him, the demon draws 2 daggers glowing w/ purplish flames, in latin “thank you” and hits the cop with both daggers as the rest of us reach the bottom wounding him. It move so fast, it seems otherwordly and jerky.
As we are reaching the bottom, blood is gushing out of the wounds worse then it even should and it hits the cop twice again 19 DEAD as more blood fountains out.
Sanity all around, Westinghouse and Will failing. Mack’s deputy fails the new horror check paralyzed with fear for 6 rounds.
Jake fires, and should have hit him square in the head but he dodges it!! Dog fires both barrels and misses. Will grabs Cassandra to stop her from advancing on the demon but she snaps out of it.
Luke misfires! And is mighty scared of this demon (failing horror check), paralyzing him w/ fear for 2 rounds.
Westinghouse snaps out of it, moves aside, calling Jake to stand right next to him and wait for my signal, and aims his revolver at the demon.
Jesse arrives last, and fires his rifle but it dodge.
It moves and stabs Mad Dog once 6 and Jake once 6. It feels like a freezing cut and bleeds a point per round.
Dog drops the scattergun, goes for a grapple, AoO misses, and succeeds 12. Jake takes aim and blows its brains out crit 34 DEAD.
It starts to dissolve, covering Dog in demon puss.
Now we see 6 bodies in red robes stacked to one side of the cellar, throats ripped out by vampires. They killed the sorcerers.
Back upstairs, we find some dead servants, same MO. Someone, thing, cleaned out the cultists.
There is a letter from Baron Hauptman, telling them to recover the Arc of Vlaktos at all costs, do not under any circumstances let it fall into the hands of the non believers from NYC.
Mack has no idea what to do about explaining a dead cop at the hands of the demon. Luke suggests burning the place down. Westinghouse says you can say he responded to suspicious sounds and got caught in the flaming aftermath.

We all meet for lunch at Bookbinders, famous for its seafood, in Hollywoodland.
We share information. Mack says he met with Friday in Chicago a couple months ago for a few days. “He told me stories, but I was positive he was just pulling my leg. Now I’m not so sure.” He will stand for none of this magic BS in his town!
Atwater needs to talk to the crazy man from the American Dream. Mack says Tepes was in the hold, looking up grinning maniacally. Billy, Atwater, Westinghouse will go.

Dr. is Chester Ambrose. He’s heard the name of Atwater before.
The sanitarium is part of the hospital, across street from it.
Tepes has long thin face, singed reddish hair from fire on the Dream; burns on face untreated; complexion vary pale; undernourished for more than just the time he’s been here. He sits on the floor in a straight jacket.
Looks up at us and rocks “Roaches are the best, they crack like candy…” and goes on about spiders and flies.
The Doc beats him with a sap, Tepes wines.
Atwater stops that, Tepes is horrified. The Dr. is old school, beatings for the crazy. He is about to scratch at the burns on Tepes’ face before we stop him. Westinghouse asks Billy to show him the door.
Ambrose agrees to let us talk to him privately, finally.
Atwater says to Tepes “I myself have developed a taste for locust.”
“Ah, then you’ve seen him too.”
Billy “Tall, thin, goes by the name Tooms?”
“I am Kasper, not Tepes. Tepes escaped. I stole his suitcase,he didn’t know, and I hid it on the ship.”
Westinghouse “Is he the one who swam to shore?”
“Yes, he kissed the captain, on the throat. And blood, blood was everywhere.”
Westinghouse “Was Tepes a passenger the entire time, or did he appear during the voyage?”
Billy “Where did you come from?”
He says was thrown off the ship by the cpt. They sailed away, left him in Hong Kong. Then he stowed away on the Dream. He was originally on Nasho Maroo cargo ship. Sails the orient. Came across Tepes in the cargo hold, shows us his bite mark “He just took a little bit, just a touch.”
Billy “He had to keep his strength.”
Recites letters, showing Tooms to be the one who brought him here, Tepes family eagerly awaiting his arrival; Tepes came all the way from Europe helped by minions “So much he told me”; his family here to ‘start the crimson tide of blood’ across the continent; Tepes luggage still on the boat; he does not know where the Tepes live. Says he can’t find him, and wouldn’t if he could. Calls the Dr. a bad man. The Dr. steps back in and clubs him. Calls back to orderlies “Bring in the electrodes”.
The man starts screaming “Tepes said, said damn you Van Helsing. This time I destroy you” and repeats it with “This time Mina will be mine!”
This is too much for us to handle. Our skin shivers at the truth of Dracula being here!!

Ambrose asks Atwater, wants to show him an interesting case. Just to him.
At end of corridor, a door is guarded by orderlies. He takes Atwater to the ‘game room’. He opens the door to a large cell, several young female patients housed there. He says female patients respond to &#^$^$&$&$. Offers to let Atwater have a go.
One girl yells ‘Help me, help me. I’m not crazy, they took me off the streets!"
Atwater agrees to operate a handcrank to an electrode attached to the man’s, ahem and ahem. He slaps around the women to get excited and yells for Atwater to turn the crank!
He’s the one kidnapping all the women!!
He starts, then takes his cane and clubs the Dr. in the back of the head 7 KO’d. Atwater, using the handcuffs he keeps given by Friday, cuffs his hands behind his back. He tells the girls to remain here while he gets help after setting a couple free. He gives his derringer to one of the girls for defense. They are in bad shape, beaten/shocked/violated. 3 have the energy to be very angry. Atwater gags him and goes for help. They electrode the doc. Atwater tries to talk his way out, but the orderlies are wondering who’s cranking for him as they can hear the electric go. Atwater talks it down and comes to get us.
Westinghouse tells Atwater to get to the phone and call the cops. Billy gives Westinghouse his derringer .45.
Westinghouse “Orderlies, stand down, the police are on their way.”
One reaches over and presses a button. Billy levels his gun on them. Billy goes for an intimidate check on them to get them to do as Westinghouse orders. One stops and stands there, the other drops to his knees wining about having a family and begging us to not get him involved “They make me do it”.
Inside Westinghouse finds the doctor is alive but charred in the privates they ran so much electricity through him. Billy watches the orderlies while he takes care of the girls until Atwater returns.
Mack shows up. Recognizes one of the girls and he’s sickened. They march the doc out of here with his pants still around his ankles.
We gain sanity for this!
We are busy with paperwork and such today with the cops.

Evening comes, and we go to the house of Meeker.

Over the next month

Cassandra feels the Bishop mist at the Tong was when they are converting to a child of Nyogtha it gives them the ability to change bodies via the mist form.
He still tries to telepathically contact her, trying to tell her of the glory of being the first Bishop woman to change form. Insists they will have a child together like the Pharaohs of old.
Also that his older brother has changed.
Huh? That’s news to us!! She says he is deep in the earth with his father. He had a son who was running the cults in Egypt. He is probably still there, named Nathaniel (NOTE: !!!Man the Explorers killed on the Nile!!!).

Westinghouse reads in newspaper of supposed supernatural problems on a film set of Prince of Babylon in Mojave Desert about a week into our rest. After seemed we had no detailed leads. Lead actress has gone back home to NY. The director believed he could catch a ghost on camera with a special lens. Soon after went mad and now wanders the studio babbling gibberish. They still take care of him out of pity.

John and Theo to Arkam, given access to Forbidden library and with Armitage’s help to research Ark more.
Find a reference to a Loch Murdock. Westinghouse knows of it, area now known as Cannoch. Long letter, unknown date, hand written, about an expedition to Loch Mullardoch (ancient Roman name); by a Father McBride sent to your eminence Cardinal Rondal. In English.
A Summary of the Expedition to Loch Mullardock, this is the story as I have uncovered it your eminence:
Marcus Artorus, an engineer for 4 years on the great wall of Emperor Hadrian ,was looking home to returning to his family’s villa in Rome when Plutorius Nepos, governor of Britain, arrived in camp. 2 weeks later, Marcus and a full complement of legionaires headed north for the territory. The troops were led by an centurion names Namatian, a veteran of many campaign who was nominally under Marcus’ orders for all save battle. Plutorius Nepos had asked, not ordered, Marcus to pursue a man named Belfagor and return him for trial. Marcus also was to try to find a golden disc with intricate carvings, strange runes, and destroy it. The governors presence alone suggested the urgency of the quest, but sending an entire century into pictish lands north of the wall at a time when soldiers were all too few astounded all who heard of the mission. They almost caught Belfagor on the banks of a small stream whose waters were dark with peat. Possibly the area no known as Blackburn which means black stream. The soldiers had separated to surround Belfagor’s camp when they in turn were attacked by a large band of painted picts. Half the soldiers were slain before Namatian could get them regrouped. Marcus saved the centurion when he went down under a swarm of dagger wielding savages. Once the soldiers regrouped the picts retreated but Belfagor was safely away. They pushed north on Belfagor’s trail. Marcus went alone into the camp of the picts, and after giving the chief gifts explained the nature of the expedition. The picts captured him and tied him in one of their huts. They would have killed him except for the fortuitous arrival of a holy man, John, whom the picts respected and feared. John asked the picts to release Marcus and return his belongings which they reluctantly did. John and Marcus spoke together for several hours, and when they parted John left a sword for Marcus. The picts gave the expedition no further trouble. Even sent guides and trackers with them, and sent runners ahead to warn other villages that these Romans were the friend of the deathless one and not to be harmed. Yet Belfagor eluded them, for he had the aid of the serpent people, who were at the time strong enough to defy the picts even though this was after their great defeat by Bran Mak Morn. Many months of searching and questioning picts led the expedition deep into the highlands where they finally confronted Belfagor on the shores of the lake. The serpent people had a temple to their Asathog the Great the great build of stone from the nearby mountain on the shore. Around the temple were other buildings of stone for the use of Belfagor and for the local tribe of picts who worshipped Asathog also. Namatian led his troops on an attack from the east, while Marcus slipped in from the west. They met inside the temple where the last guards were slain but Belfagor has fled through the door into another world. Marcus cut down the Serpent priests with his sword, and Namatian tried to break the golden discs. All efforts failed until Marcus lent him his sword. The sword cut through the disc, and with a few strokes it was cut into 3 sections. Namatian was building a fire to melt it down when a great beast came from the mountain and attacked the remaining soldiers. It’s wounds healed themselves as fast as they were inflicted. Marcus discovered a serpent priest who had escaped the slaughter of his companions, and when he killed him the beast went mad. The ground began to shake and the temple collapsed killing all but Marcus, who was pushed through the doorway into the other world. The rest of the expedition died in the rubble. When Marcus found himself in a deep forest rather than the temple his first thoughts were to return and aid his companions. But the collapse of the temple had destroyed the doorway and he was unable to return. In time Marcus discovered the inhabitants of the forest and befriended them. He became a member of the clan and wed the daughter of one of the clan members. They had 3 sons and a daughter. Marcus taught his family to speak his language and tried to use his engineering skills to aid the clan. But the clan lived for the freedom of the forest and had no use for roads or bridges. They only built small cottages to sleep in during the wet or cold weather. Several years passed before trouble marred the harmony of the clan. One night the serpent people came with silver and fire and killed most of the clan. With them they brought monsterous black serpent like beings with bat like wings that constantly writhed and seemed to change form. Marcus slew one creature with his sword but one of the serpent people drove a dagger into his back. As soon as Marcus fell the attackers fled. That night Marcus’s wife and sons died, but he lived for several weeks and taught his daughter to use his sword, that she might defend the clan against another attack.
Here ends the account of Marcus Artorus, and how it passed down is known by none.
It is an interesting tale, is it not your Eminence? I have verified several parts of the tale. Plutorus Nepos was the governor of Britain during the period. Hadrian’s wall was built between 122 and 126 AD. Beyond these facts little can be discovered. I hope you have enjoyed the account though I fear I am not much of a storyteller. My prayers are ever for the continued success of our efforts to bring salvation to our fellow men.

John says reference in Nameless Cults to Loch Mullkardoch:
Another excellant example of evil pictish groups is from near Loch Mullkardoch in Scotland. These picts worshipped a being known elsewhere as the demon sultan (Armitage "Azathoth). But as in some other locations, the picts did not perform this worship unbidden by beings of an older and more malign species. Indeed I know for a fact that these remnants are from the days of prehuman reptiles that even now walk the earth. Another place where such being lurk is in North America, where the Great Old Ones were worshipped long before the time of Columbus. I am thinking specifically of those locations near the Pacific now held by the Spanish. (Editor’s note: this was originally written before the Spanish lost California.

To religion department to see when Rondal was a Cardinal: 1700’s.
So, references to serpent people, recall Mcbane was studying with them. He is in Scotland.
So the temple dig in McBane’s letter to Stanford is not a dig in Egypt but a dig for the temple in Scotland that sunk. The item referred to in that letter IS the disc.
All of this will be mailed immediately to London.
One of council researches Waitley (from Old California) separate from us.
Continuing in Forbidden:
Find mention of Arc of Vlaktos (here spelled with a ‘c’ not ‘k’; we figure the ‘c’ is wrong); mentions a spell that will raise the corpse city , earth’s supreme horror. You need certain things: the spell itself “Raise the Corpse City”; the R’lyeh DIsc; understand the infernal geometry of the ark of vlaktos; Need information of the career of evil (?).
Westinghouse “So it IS ‘c’ not ‘k’. Its a non Euclidean Arc. Is it even a thing, or perhaps closer to a plan for a structure?”

On Waitley:
There was old wizard Wilbur Waitley from Dunwich. Half insane daughter of Levinia. Frightful tales of magic in youth. People there still talk of him screeching Yogsothoth in a circle of stones and the lands shook. He was the nephew of Oliver Waitley who went west with the Arc.
The 2 lived in a farmhouse 4 miles from Dunwich. Large collection of ancient books inherited from 2 centuries of family. Used to instruct Levinia and grandson Wilber (one of 2 Levinia’s sons). "
Westinghouse “Is this related to the Dunwich Horor you mentioned?”
Yes, Waitley called down Yogsothoth (perhaps an avatar of sorts) who impregnated his daughter. The sons were twins, one like the mother one like the father. The one like the father was the Dunwich horror. If they hadn’t stopped it Yogsothoth may own the world.
Westinghouse “How did you stop it, and who’s ‘we’.”
Tells story.

Research Corpse City:
If dread city rises and stars are right, you can not send it back. Even if the corpse city rises, Earth’s supreme horror will not rise from his crypt because the stars are not right. So the horror is not the city, its something in the city.
Otherwise there is hope: If a cult attempts to free it, and you stand upon the blue monolith, and chant the reverse of the spell to raise the city, the 2 combine to sink the city.
Theo “So this all is R’yleh and Cthulhu.”
Westinghosue “So all of this SIlver Twlight business and Baron H and McBane is about raising R’yleh. That’s what they’re all about.”
Armitage “Probably has been for hundreds of years.”

Wire archie that we plan on looking into Ark, get wire he will get in touch with Outlaws.
They will meet us in Hollywood.

Day before we leave, there is a knock at the door.
“I was told that you could possibly help me with a problem I was having, or at least know who to contact. My name is Jacob Hancock. I am an acquainance of a man named Sigurson (Holmes) who suggested I come here. That the situation is far more dire than I even suspect it is. I got this letter from my uncle Henry Hancock.” Gives me the letter.
I’m sure he is dead.
West “What were they doing in Africa?”
They went into Belgian Congo searching for something, something about cults, an artifact, dark pharaoh. They were trying to prevent the return of some Dark Pharaoh.
We wire Archie immediately that Hancock is beat and gone, tell Paul if he goes to be careful. Research green stones….
This Jacob Hancock guy believes in none of this occult stuff.
Send the letters rush mail in case they can make it to London in time to be read in full.

Back to Arkam, see Armitage. Its an elder sign he says. He insists they are well protected, magically and physically. He says they have 3 of them actually. We tell him to bolster the defenses.
We tell him we may need one. John and Theo will personally take the letters and star to London. Wire Archie to tell them to wait for us if possible.

Visit the actress, visit her penthouse apartment, famous actress. She jumps out of window to her death below, or was pushed. Atwater checks the body over, the blood drying. She was dead before she came out the window. Also, several puncture wounds like knife marks.
Westinghouse and Jack make for the room.
On the way up we see a swarthy looking Italian gentleman descending.
Wears a cheap suit but well cared for. Right forearm of suit on underside smoothed out and shiny, callouses on 2 of his fingers on right hand. Black mark on lower lip, probably ink; ink on right hand; obviously nervous, sweat above upper lip; suit pants are very rumpled. One of his socks is slid down around his ankle; shabby cheap watch in vest pocket but chain is way nicer than he should have.
He tries to push past but Jack tries to stop him, succeeding. A few minutes later the cops arrive. As we hear them coming up steps, Westinghouse rushes for the room.
The door is ajar. Obviously a struggle, blood splashed around and a pool on floor, so why throw her out window if they already killed her?
Westinghouse walks the rooms. She was wearing a house coat. Looks like she has been here for several days probably without leaving, much of her time in bed. A lamp in the bedroom is still very warm, so used even in the daytime. Maid is not here now. Small smears of red paint on a wall, a door frame, on balcony (fresh); the paint is made of earthy pigments; has a strange pungent odor (samples taken); I make note of their location to see if they form a pattern; bloody smears on the balcony railing (take prints);
Cops arrive, bringing Italian man. He tried to get away so they had to physically stop him.
He is not saying anything.
I take his print sample and compare = not a match.
We have him undress to check for blood and clues = no blood, no red ink on him, has had sex within hours and did not clean up well.
Atwater arrives, says dead only within a few minutes at the most.
Woman passes down hall. Cops and Jack bring her back. Start questioning them. Hotel varifies she is Jessica Deeds, dad owns accounting firm of Deeds and MIchaelson. Westinghouse knows Michaelson dead for a few years, Deeds now owner with deceased’s son and he and Jessica are engaged. Deeds belongs to a very traditional club, one of those trying hard to get Gotham League shut down because he felt it was not right that full blooded Americans should be hobnobbing with and European trash like degos.
Guy is Luigi Papadolous.
They arrest the Italian for being Italian and refusing to explain why he was in the building.
Westinghouse cases Jessica as she’s being questioned. She has had sex for sure and she locks eyes several times with Luigi.
Ink and callous = Luigi an accountant, probably for Deeds an Michaelson; if her father would find out she was having an affair with an immigrant her dad would freak and she’d be sent to family or finishing school and Luigi would be fired, then roughed up or worse.
They panicked when heard the screams coming from other room and he fled.
This is the traditional day servants have off.
We let them take Luigi away. Westinghouse feels he can get him off. He’ll tell Jessica to tell him what she heard and he’ll get him out of lock up.

What Jessica says:
Luigi says when came up back steps, snuck in through back door, heard someone behind and saw 2 men dressed in working man’s clothes but for dark black hair cut long for a man but bangs cut straight across. They had big noses and the tips of all their fingers were red. They heard the men pass then they made love.
They heard strange sound from hall or the other apartment, like gasps or muffled screams. Thought she was entertaining until the loud scream and crash (there is a broken vase). That’s when Luigi panicked and ran.
A cop checks back stairway on their own, finding a maid who was about to start duty. She must have entered and his accomplice slit her throat on her way through.
West “Gentlemen, I assure you this man did not commit this murder.”
“SIr, we have a great deal of respect for your deducing powers, but we have our own ways of handling this.”
I tell them the back starwell was the murderer’s real way out.
The coroner who came is deferring to Atwater and insists he see the maids body before anything is touched. We go to check it out. There are red ink marks, 2 fingerprints gained, from when they left. Just before an officer cleans it. He watches in wonderment.
Atwater on body: throat indeed cut, much clearer than on the actress, jagged almost serrated blade; small obsidian shards. He double checks the actress and finds the same. Obsidian dagger killed each.
Police go door to door at alley window rooms, no one saw anything.
Right at end of ally, city workmen are on duty. Westinghouse describe hair to foreman, 2 of them maybe. He says he did see them and points the direction of central park. As far as he saw them they walked and quickly, almost a run. The cops call for Toby, the new bloodhound. While we wait, we move on asking shop owners and such if they saw the men, which leads us to the zoological garden. The men at the gate say no one like that came in. The 3 bloodhouds arive. WE give them scent of the paint and they track past the gardens into the park, across to the other side and into the city. Across 110th st going to Uptown. Heading into Harlem, what a surprise! Into Harlem, down alley and stop at the end. Tiny space tween buildings one could squeeze through. Dogs show no interest. No windows at end. 1 door to one side but dogs show no interest. They just stop about 6’ from end and 3’ out from building.
Westinghouse searches = where they stopped there is a fire escape, weighted so it always goes back up.\
West “Atwater, reach that with your cane?”
Dogs lead us up to 3rd floor and stop. They sniff around one of the windows, its closed and draped. Leaving Jack and the hound handler Westinghouse and the 3 cops go inside to the door.
The Sgt in charge and the cops kick the door open “Police, don’t move”. Old man with cowboy boots and hat sits in the room “Hold on there partners, what do you want with me”.
Sgt “We’re looking for 2 potential Injuns.”
“Only 2 around here. Not here now. They’re out and about I’d wager. Just staying with me temporarily. Lookin for work.”
Sgt goes to open bedroom door, Atwater covers the old man with 1 of other cops.
The old man says some terrible words and a 2’ circle around him glows on the floor and everyone except suffers excruciating pain. The cop covering the oldster makes it, as does Westinghouse and Atwater. Sgt and other 2 fail, unable to react at all. Good cop goes for man with his club, but as crosses circle gives a horrible scream, clenches chest, and collapses writhing to floor. Atwater fires and hits 12. . Atwaters shot ruins the spell so now everyone is fine. Oldster tries to cast on Atwater, who almost feels heart being squeezed but resists.
Good cop now in ground stands and swings but misses, Sgt shoots revolver and ; Atwater fires again 6;
2 Indians charge in with obsidian knives, war whooping about. Westinghouse was waiting just for hit and fires 2 shots and surges 7/miss/11.
Injuns attack 1 of door cops miss/7.
Jack Burton crashes through the window landing next to the oldster. Shoots at oldser and misses.
Cop clubs oldster 6, Atwater shoots him . A mist comes out of his mouth.
1 cop hits shot indian 7, other crits other injun 12; sgt misses shot injun; West punches non shot crit 18 KO’d.
Remaining injun coup de grace’s other injun. AoO miss/miss/Sgt hits 7; Atwater fires into the melee and crits 23 DEAD.
Atwater checks old man, not dead. Atwater saves him.
We call for cops and ambulance. We will question him later.

Next morning, notice from police old man is awake at hospital. We get there, people running around like mad on his floor. Cop sitting in the room with back of his head blown out. Killed himself as he yelled “NO” repeatedly heard by a nurse. Old man was gone.

Time to leave on our trips. We go. Will meets us part way.

The Puzzle boxes of Lo Ping
needs expanded;ver convuluted and confused timing of things!

Feb. 7 we begin our investigation of Friday;s triple murder.

3 victims reviewed, over about 2 weeks:
1) Tim Daggot: chemist: died without a mark; second killed, 9 days ago; found in bed; no cause of death but terrible visage upon his face of abject terror.
2)Albert Runstead: prof. oriental languages, Marshal college; died without a mark
3)Frank Baird: Engineer; strangled, but large marks/bruiding on neck; died in bed.
All 3 died in their rooms. On each bodies was found a coin, like Sue Carpenter showed us.

Atwater puts in a request with Friday for the exhumations of the bodies.
We visit Daggot’s wife.
‘Genlte man; No visitors that day, twice in day leading up, one 2 days prior to death but left no card. Tim went to club meetings Gleener’s club, every thursday night. I saw same gentleman in the carriage pick him up twice for meetings. Tim called him Robert. Talked to Robert 2 days before death and Tim got very agitated, though they talked in hush voices. Next day he sat in his study, ‘thinking never shoudl have gotten involved’. Would not expound.
‘Day died, came home from work as usual. I was downstairs with maid, and we heard a blood curdling scream. We ran up, his door locked. We hailed a constable a few minutes after and he broke in.
’No markings in room, faint smell of cinnamon’ (summoning!!).
I searched his room and den. They had been cleaned. Did find tiny hole drilled through windowpane. It smelled of cinnamon still, and a faint smell of rotten meat. Atwater spotted me as I leaned far out then searched the ground below: footsteps and marks of a ladder in ground below, a 3 holes in a triangle and burnt woodchips (tripod with brazier burning for summoning no doubt. Definately 3 people at bottom. Atwater looks for marks going up the wall but finds none, but does see smoke stain on the upper overhang of roof. Looking around, no potential for a neighbor to see anything at this spot.
In den:
Crumpled note in trash: to JB (note 1)
Envelope with stationary in it: to JB, worried death of Albert (note 2)
Empty section on bookshelf
Wife says knows nothing of missing books, but it was his section on mathematics. Though a chemist by trade, math was an intense hobby.
In fireplace, the burnt remnants of his math books!!
Also found: A paper scrawled with ‘the chaos coefficient’; another with a strange mathematical formula and “no further I need the box”; and a set of 4 symbols written top to bottom with the name Fu Xi and “The Black Sutra mentions Chaos Coefficient’”
Wife does not know Antonio or JB.
Albert is Runstead, surely. Tim has no address book present. Wife says the coin is a representation of his group ‘The Society’. She knows no Runstead, but knows of Frank Baird who she says has been gone a couple months. Knows nothing of his death until now, she thought he was in China working on a dam there.

Theo identifies the symbols as those for Heaven, Water, Earth, and Fire related to work on the I Ching.
Jon and Theo begin researching Chaos Coefficient, Fu Xi, Black Sutra:
This is all in the category of supposedly: Higher form of math existed prehistory to discover ‘the last theorum’. This makes a person go insane or become very powerful of mind. This Chaos Coefficient is part of it. Monestaries in Tibet trying to work it out because that is the sole purpose of humanity. Supposedly understanding the Coeff. allows you to see a ‘true reality’. Fu Xi is a mythical person, perhaps, born in lower regions of Yellow River. There is a supposed biography, mentions 8 trigrams with which he could gain mastery over the world. Wrote the Black Sutra in order to block away evil from mankind. Supposedly lived 2852-2737 bce (long life, did he stop the Old Ones?)
The trigrams: in I Ching, also supposedly written by Fu Xi. Used by some to supposedly predict the future and tell past, using special ancient Chinese coins which you flip to give you 2 groups of 3 lines. The symbols we have are 4 of the 8 trigrams! The ones used in traditional alchemy. The code of the secret of the universal barrier between chaos and order are hidden within them. The calculations that show that are called The Chaos Coefficient.
Black Sutra may help keep evil at bay, or a manual to become an all powerful sorcerer. Also supremely evil, so any copies that may really exist are hidden away.
The coin symbol is a ripoff of the Eldar SIgn. Probably something the Group made as a cool symbol for themselves.

Atwater and I take train to Arkam.
Meet Armitage, show him burnt piece of paper with symbol. Says stop back tomorrow. We check in with Bridge. Had been checking in on illegal opium den, looking into a cop being killed there. Arkam is on a smuggling trail between NY, Northport and Boston.
I give him the name of Dark Mistress and tell him to watch for the name, since there is a link to China. He says Dark Mistress is named as possibly smuggling of opium, and sometimes pick up passengers leaving. His connection gave him the name Bishop! It may be in NY harbor now!!

Feb. 8

Morning: Armitage says this Chaos Coefficient supposedly mentioned in a book called The Black Sutra. He knows the nothing about the book.
We show him a coin and he knows it as the Evergreen Society, amateur occultists. Meet at Gleener’s Club. An acquaintance of mine is a member, Dr. Bob Strange. He gives us his card and letter of introductions. Says they play at the occult but they don’t really do anything.
Hire a cab to Marshal College and Runstead’s. He lived alone, housekeeper. The college had nothing to do, financially or otherwise, with this expedition to China. German landlady talks to us, explaining that she found him in bed when arriving for work. No smell or strange markings. All seemed fine the day before.
Talk to local detective, and he speaks freely to us based on reputation and he is stumped.
Mathematician in Armitage’s group calls the formula gibberish. The symbols themselves have to do with gravity, the speed light travels through aether, and the relation of reality and non reality. Might be an attempt to figure out a constant that gets plugged into something else. But it failed. It makes no sense.
Wilkerson has never heard of Chaos Coefficient. He does thing there was a mystical math in Stygia with certain important numbers. Some mystics, of course, think math is the secret to the world, to everything. Theoretically doing or undoing reality, maybe even the Great Old Ones. Birth and Rebirth, destruction and creation.

  • Lots of traffic on campus, even at night. Several people, going by prof’s house, heard strange noise. When snooping saw darkness but one room with flickering light. Then the strange fluit like noise scared them away. Another saw a greenish glow, heard a growl, but as if speaking a language in conversation. Light seen just after midnight, growl after 1am.
    (So a creature was conjured in and the prof, or someone else, was speaking with It).
    Evidence of a ladder against the outside wall.
    He allows us to see the house and question maid.
    The desk was oddly empty of all notes, including things the maid said he had been working on for months. Long sections in Chinese “Secrets of the Black Sutra”! Locked it up in his desk. He was frantic those last couple days. Said he would be receiving a Chinese heirloom of utmost importance he called simply ‘the box’. She says no visitors, but he was expecting some who never showed. This worried him. He went to NY most Thursdays, and he did mention “If they’re not here by Thursday I’ll see them then.” But he died first.
    She recognized the type, at least, of symbols that are the trigrams.
    She felt they were working on some project on ancient China. 2 young men who would visit would do the math, but said a couple months ago “We’re stalled until Andy gets back with the box.” The 2 were named Tim and Anthony…Antonio.
    Find a few personal cards including ones from Daggot, Baird, Andy McPherson, Col William Kelly, and Dr. Robert Strange.
    Back to Arkam and train to NY the next morning.

Jack and Theo have visited Chinatown to do some asking around, including Eg Chen:
Supposedly half in Secrets of Black Sutra real, half bologna.
Assaulted on street.

Insert Combat; pg 22 Exhumations around 20 minutes

No other info

Feb. 9

When we arrive, word has come from Teddy that the Secret Service agents are the real deal, and a woman has been waiting for a couple hours. Stunningly beautiful though too thin. Black hair, dark eyes. Asks for help to find her brother. Her name is Sue Carpenter, married, brother to Tony Melendez, full name Antonio (!!!). She had come to the police because her brother had been missing for some time. Tony is a NGS cartographer. Upon return from last expedition he was different. Distant, and new group of friends she never really met. 1 looked oriental. This was about 2 months ago. Had gone to China. One distinguished, bald and gray, telltale accent. Saw his pics in paper, named Albert Runstead. A professor of oriental languages. Her bro vanished about 2 weeks prior. She had just come to visit him yesterday when she was told he had not been seen or heard from since.
She and brother share no friends. He did mention a girlfriend.
She found, in his room, a silver coin she had never seen before.
Asks our help and offers a fee!

Melendez house: Obvious fight. Confirm of leave of absence from job on November last year for 2 months, and an extension while in China. Several books seem missing. Will goes door to door. 2 gentlemen in suits arrive, claiming U.S. secret service and they take Friday, myself and Atwater away downtown. Sit in an office for half an hour waiting.
Man finally comes, introduces as Agent Samuel Spade and asks us to refrain from investigating our current case as it has to do with National Security. Friday says he’ll be speaking to the commissioner about this. Threaten prison if we don’t comply. We agree but Friday reports to Teddy to look into this through proper channels as we are suspicious.

Neighbors told Will they did hear noise, night between Runstead and Daggot’s murders.

Searching Baird’s house, he seems to have seen the ambush coming to some extent. Same markings on ground outside his window, but he fired 3 shots which seem to have missed their mark. His shooting position seems to have been from a hiding spot, as if expecting the attack. Some creature sent through the same hole in the window pain. That’s why he was strangled. The others were caught sleeping.

Will has checked in on the financial side of their trip and into their bank accounts. That’s an expensive trip to pay for. He finds that the trip was financed by a J. Worthington Baxter, railroad tycoon paid from a special fund, his ‘Evergreen Account’.
Included a shipment from China brought in through the Su Yun Quin Imports, NY. Also paid to Bill Kelly, US Army retired; Tony Melendez; Andy McPherson; Frank Baird.
Purchase of supplies at an outfitters and passage to and from China.

The bodies tell us nothing but the strangulation was by a large, probably talonned hand.

I look up Kelly and McPherson:

Kelly lives at home with wife and child. claims to have no idea what we are talking about. Tells the tale of the Evergreen Society and China. Baxter’s arrival and Runstead’s began it all, with story of powerful relic hidden in China. Strange helped them understand things.
Spade’s steamcar explodes as we leave!

McPherson has no regular address, seems to be a soldier of fortune. So perhaps a hotel? Was seen led away from an apartment by some Chinese men.
Ship they travelled on was the Summer Breeze.
Cpt. of ship says someone broke into Baird’s room on last night in port and tossed it, stealing a valuable vase.
McPherson departed here in NY, luggage forwarded to the Eldorado Estate. Owner a collector of valuables owned by…Baxter!
Kelly’s luggage was sent to his home, but waylaid on the way there. Nothing reported stolen.

Feb 10

Mrs. Melendez comes to see us in the morning at office. Jon is there with Atwater. She partially bullshits us.
Secretary walks in with armed Russians behind her.
Insert battle, 50:00

Tell us about what is supposedly in the vases, the boxes with physical manifestation of the Chaos Coefficient. They know of the 2 stolen vases, and one delivered successfully to Baxter by Quin Imports.

I head to docks to look for Dark Mistress finally. Name of same cpt. as always is attached to it now. Owner is Aubrey Penhue Trust, so the next owner (dead-to-be) does not have it yet. Ship is organic, a monster itself! Crew are deep ones, cloaked by illusion!

Will et al visit the shop of Dr. Strange at his store. His dress looks like a bunch of random, mostly fake, arcane symbology put onto his clothes just to look cool. Says demons vulnerable to silver and Christian holy water. Gives us a spell that counters demons leaving our plane as long as it is being recited. A full round action each round.
Shows us book Magik From the Orient. Thinks it is only copy still in existence. Experiences of westerner John Nevill in orient. Much is folktale, but some is of great value, including mention of something called ‘Harbinger’ which wanted to destroy earth as we know it and remake it to suit the great old ones. Mentions Fu Xi and Black Sutra, which describes a mathematical formula that has power to alter reality. It IS the basis of reality. Can stop the Harbinger, was used to do so that time. Actual formula itself has no form on paper, has to be in the mind of understanding only. That persone becomes more than human, godlike, and cease to exist at least in this plane. The whole is called the Last Theorum. It is made up of 3 parts: The White Axiom, The Reality Doctrin, and The Chaos Coefficient. Fu Xi in his wisdom chose to hide the pieces in 3 different places. Only piece known to still exist is the Coefficient. It was thought lost until the prof. found an old manuscript that spoke of it hidden in tomb of emperor Su Lao. Before this, the Evergreen Society just talked about the occult, to be cool
Understanding the Coefficient requires the I Ching, which Fu also invented. How he doesn’t know. Perhaps, one would measure the intricacies of opening the box and somehow use the code in the I Ching translate that into the actual Chaos Coefficient formula. This would take a long time, it is presumed.
Melendez had studied the I Ching and had some ideas. The I Ching is made up of those groups of lines, 81 possibilities. How this all works really, who knows.
He says we can look at this book here all we want but can’t take it. It’s in Anglo Saxon.
Undercover cop staggers in with ‘9:00 tonight, Joe Cody Shipping’.

Meet with Friday for dinner at 7:00 and straight to the Cody Shipping bust.

Back to Westinghouse at docks:
Ship keeps changing in subtle ways, like an organism rather than a ship. Undercover task force has kept in communication so I can leave for the dinner meeting.
Bishop with a creation of his!
Deep ones become anthropoid serpentmen! Then Houston, or someone disguised as Houston!
Nyarlathotep! I see his blank black face, into his depths of cosmic blackness. Ship becomes even worse, a creature fully alive in the shape of a ship, covered in tendrils, a gaping maw of a canal where the cabin door is. They walk into its innards!
2 sets of an illusion. Normal people see, old one cultists see, and then the true forms. I feel Bishop is probably seeing the cultist illusion. He may be a dupe for them as well!
He and Bishop embrace, ‘Houston’ with writhing tendrils around Bishop unbeknownst to him.
Bishop leaves and Nyarlathotep walks into the maw.

Everyone else to Quin Imports:
Kelly joins us to introduce. Quin is about 35 but looks much younger. Cha maybe 15. Slender, conservative oriental style dress. Unsure how Chinese bad guys found out about this, for all she knows her man in China is a traitor or was shaken down. She says with everything you think about this thing, you know nothing.
Tong attack!

*Insert battle pg 23, 2nd Investigators; *

Theo saves Quin’s life she takes a liking to him because of it. He is fascinated by her in return.
She says the puzzle box is actually 3 pieces that fit together. Only her and her lover, McPherson, knew this. She kept secret cause he told her to. He’s the only one that went into the final section of the tomb. He told the others there was only 1 box.
He said they were doing it for the good of mankind, so no one would ever get it. He said to lay low and things will be ok, she hasn’t seen him since.

Dinner meeting and plan:
Quin joins us. Everyone shares their experiences. Plan our move on the warehouse (see drawing for crude map of the block).

Deal goes down, Chinese send a signal for pirates to be attacked. Pirates who leave are slaughtered by a giant gorilla creature.
Trapdoor under crate. Westinghouse solves puzzle lock. Tunnel leads to a maze of tunnels, probably those under Chinatown. Pulldown stairs to a locked trapdoor. Go up another exit to outside and into yard. See Tong inside through wellwindows opening chest given them by pirates. Full of opium.

Insert battle; pg23; 2nd Investigatores (dinner then to warehouse 1:27:00

Mexican standoff with reinforcements from upstairs. We get out with the leader of the deal and the drugs.

Feb. 11

Melendez still missing. Police questioning captive Tong leader from drug deal.
To Baxter’s house with Friday, Quin and the Col. Leave early morning.
Arrive in few hours. In waiting room, notice secret door behind bookcase.d
Melendez one of their 2 men who could have interpreted the box.
Home by early evening. Office is tossed. Note from Fu Sung Ling, head of Tong of the drug deal. Kidnapped Timmons and secretary. The child is found by Theo hiding in the closet.
Jack, Wang and Jon sneak into Tong. Teddy gives us until midnight before raid starts. Get intel from prisoner 1st.
Secretary is killed. Timmons survives. Melendez dies by own arcane power. Says math is harbinger. He had solved the box the Tong have. Wept tears of blood thinking of what he saw in the box, says even if he tore his eyes out he’s still see it always. McPherson kept a 4th box for himself. We will find another at New World!
In passages, Bishop tries to get Cassandra. Pale corpse creature chases our men down there.
At Fu Sung Ling’s office, he’s missing but we find the box! Fight with Bishop but his essence seems to escape, inhabiting the body of a dead officer.
Leadership all escape, several through a hidden passage through which 6 cops followed and haven’t returned. We investigate, leading to the passages but into a different tunnel going deeper and as we get deep it smells of ghoul!

Feb. 12

We have 2 boxes now. Most spent resting. Timmons leads interviews for a new secretary and we hire one.

Jack and Theo (with Will?) take train to Arkam with the box from Fu, visit Wilkerson. Phones connect all the offices. Sets up meeting with Prof. Steiner at Maxime’s (French cuisine). Not part of Armitage’s group, thinks they are getting in over their heads with something they do not understand, that he does understand. Does study Mythos, has read Latin Necronomicon. Very opinionated. He thinks Mythos can be thwarted with right understanding, just needs to find the key.
Wilkerson ID’s writing on box as from a lost age, perhaps 25,000 years old. Some derivative from Aklo (subject which has destroyed his reputation), or vice versa. Says can read more Aklo than he lets on. Had a student who was of great assistance. Mostly, dark groups know this language so he’d be in danger if they knew. Shows us metal cylinder in a rock that is at least 50,000 years old (see handout of fossils). Foung in Australia by an anthropologist, Given his son Richard Rathbone as a keepsake because it was an impossibility. The son cracked it open to see it more clearly. He came to study with me for a time because of one of my papers on Aklo. It’s a mystical language that forces your mind to think in ways that align with magic. Very complex and has its own mathematics as well. That may be the link with your coefficient. One of first pieces of evidence of society in lost ages. Feint writing on it.
In tomb in Egyptian he found a book, written in a form of Aklo I call low Aklo, a simplified version of Aklo. Perhaps for beginners. I believe each level of magic power adds complexity to the language. Shows us a map (handout) hundreds of years old. Outlines of the continents of earth including coast of Antarctica without the ice. Found on same trip as book. Writing indecipherable. This trip helped turn Rathbone into the man he has become. He is convinced that the tomb was not Stygian but a long lost kingdom of a transition period (lasting a thousand years or more) between Stygia and Egypt. We disagree on this point. The book seems to be from this period.
Parts were written in low Aklo with other languages of that period side by side. ALso, engraving of pic he found in another book, a translation of a translation of a translation into ancient greek, Chronicles of King Conan. Part of this book was in the Aklo book! That greatly aided the translation as it followed virtually word for word. I believe I may have cracked Aklo at about 60%.
Meet Steiner for dinner. Wow, interesting man to say the least. 3 things to beware as far as he is concerned: religion, science, and the Jews. Most religions, esp. Islam, Confusionism, all are perversions of the truth that tempt people to worship the Great Old ones. Truth is there is no God, only the evil. Because over time the cults subvert all religions. Ancient hero myth is an incomplete record of man’s against the Old Ones, who are eternal. It’s not easy for them per se, but man is week. Science because the more you learn about the universe, the more you learn their truths and are driven insane. ‘Do you realize how strong my mind must be to withstand all this forbidden lore?’ Says knows of Wilhelm Van DerNort. A kompf!
Says all we have been told is an unintentional lie. The thing in the boxes is not math, not alive, not dead, its eternal and unknowable. Part of Mythos in the…. we live in 3 dimensions but Mythos is 4. That’s why we can’t understand it. Imagine we are 2 dimensions. YOu a square, you a triangle. When he sees you, sometimes its as a point, others a line. You see him as just a line. Now, what if there were suddenly a 3 dimensional thing intruding into a 2D world, a sphere. WIth the ability to move in this dimension that didn’t exist with you. Sometimes you would not see it at all, but when it passed your plane, you would see it but often different as it moved up and down in your plane depending upon what part was touching your simple 2D plane. YOu never see the truth, only a slice. As if you as a person stood across that 2D world. THey see one part until you put your arms down, then all of a sudden your fingers intrude and there are 10 more things! 2D couldn’t even conceive of what was going on! Magic is but 4th dimensions manifestations in our 3D world. We see slices of the real thing. You could even be fooled that you are seeing something alive but that is not, or vice versa. What if someone painted a picture that crossed into this other dimension? What properties would it have that we can’t understand, can only sometimes perceive. When the old ones see us it’s like us intruding onto 2D and seeing these little drawings moving around. Could be our destruction is a byproduct of their living, moving.
Wow, great metaphors.
What about Nyarlathotep? He proposes theories: what if a 2D thing somehow became 3D? A cult of the lost tribe called Tisanyani tribe in Africa believes that Nyarlathotep was originally a human that became so much more. Call him Lord Bosed, and The Crawling Chaos. Rumors of them can be found amongst normal tribes. Started in Congo supposedly but may have moved west. Destroyed, or pushed out, by surrounding tribes. Their lost city supposedly is full of mysteries on the subject.
“You must understand, everything I told you is only part of the truth, the rest we can not understand. All of their 4D that we can not see. They seem to be beyond time. Their other dimension is special”. Perhaps interspacial?
Math you speak of is a way of describing this 4th dimension. Hence the magic understanding perhaps. If someone puts those 4 pieces together, whoa. This math, forbidden lore tomes, the Things in the boxes, all ways for lesser beings like us to understand a miniscule part of it. “I think its all about our mind. Our very existence is what holds our reality together. That’s why a mind can manipulate the 4D but not a machine.”
Theo “Why? If a time machine would ever be possible, and that is a dimension, why not a machine to 4D?”
“Time machines are impossible. Our time moves in one directions. From the 4D looking down you can see all of our time at once. You could go ANYWHERE if you could make a machine to go there! How do you think the Mad Arab went mad? Not just seeing monsters, its the understanding of that 4D even a tiny bit. More and more see shadows of this greater world you slip. The theoretical traveler to the 4D to jump time better have a way of filtering it out from his perceptions or he’s instantly done for.

(Covington will at some point say what if it isn’t other dimensions but alternate universes with different rules of physics. If they were just from our universe, it should be easier to wrap our minds around them. They would make sense, yet they do not. So must be from some ‘otherness’ whether dimension or universe with alternate rules of physics)

And basically I just don’t like the Jews.
We tell him of the theory told us by Archie that God’s entry to our reality was the last time the great old ones were defeated. He says if that’s the case, he may burn in hell!
Back to boxes:
Tell him found in tomb of Fu Xi. We show him the box. Points out a symbol, that of 1st emperor of China. He says 3 other places each with 4 boxes. Only one of each set are real. One set in Vatican found elsewhere.
All buried same time period. Mongolia, China, Korea, Vietnam. Vatican has the Korea set, its finding connected with Borgias
If this is true, we know box opened by Melendez must be real. Cultists do not control Vatican but they do have tendrils there. Jesuits do great job of protecting it. Other 2 so far as he knows are where they were buried.

Off to library and Armitage is there. Having bad dreams. Says magic has nothing to do with a 4D but power of mind. Steiner and Armitage almost come to blows over disagreements. Jack and Theo have to break them up.
Sets book down in front of us, its in Italian. None of us read it. Armitage translates.
Wang “What is it?”
The secret journal of Cheserae Borgias. Tells of his brother Giovani’s worship of a thing called Yogsothoth. He was killed under suspicious circumstances and many thought Cheserae did it. This journal admits so, but not because of some romantic or professional jealousy, instead because he had to stop Giovani who was working to subvert their own dads papacy. All you have heard evil of the Borgias should be looked in the light of they were fighting the cultists. Lucretia poisoned many, but those she knew to be cultists.
1st person in history to resign as a cardinal was Cheserae, because as a cardinal he would have had to stay put in Italy, and he had to leave secretly for Korea. Got evidence something of great power was there.
Wang “We must find the other 2 caches before someone else does.”
Armitage “Who wants them?”
Theo “The cults.”
Armitage “Which, why?”
Jack “All of them.”
Wang “Great power which we do not yet understand the nature of.”
Armitage “The Chinese certainly are desperately seeking them. Where did they originate.”
Wang “YOu mean what’s inside them? Other dimensional thing.”
Steiner “They must be 4 dimensional things.”
Jack “We still don’t know what’s actually in there.”
Wang “Does it understand this mystical, 4th dimensional math? This chaos coefficient?”
Armitage “Yes I believe so. It can help you understand…”
Wang “IT opens up the powers to you.”:
Armitage “Just staring at it can’t be enough. You have to interact with it. Perhaps psychically. A studier of the arcane would be open to it. Any one person’s path to destruction because of it could be different. A mathematician may do so mathematically, but another…. There is one more piece to this story, which you may not believe. This artifact was in the possession of a 4D creature.”
Wang “You mean the 4 pieces as a whole.”
“Yes. He was defeated by the Chinese emperor and killed. This artifact was broken up, pieces hidden so that he could never return and regain them. As a 4d creature, his death in 3 dimensions was meaningless.”
Wang “As a 4D creature, is he then a Great Old One? Is there a difference?”
“Is there a difference? We don’t know. Are their other 4D beings beside the Great Old Ones? I’m not sure.”
Armitage “This being in the 3D appears as a dragon, like so many things of the Old Ones appear as tentacled abominations. Supposedly, the emperor did something that caused him to be trapped in 3D and he has been here ever since. He has been here for thousands of years.”
Wang “He is on our world, a 3D being but ageless.”
“It seems he still has enough of his 4D nature to not age. Has been trapped here a long time but he wants it back.”
Wang “What is this being?”
“He has many names, but in China he is called Lo PIng. To regain his power he needs 3 things. His artifact, the ritual that will give him back his 4D connection, and the essence of his being which is his heart.”
Wang “What does this artifact do for him?”
“No one knows. All that is told is that taking it from him allowed them to force him into a 3D solid form. Then they cut out his heart, separating it into 3 pieces.”
Wang “If they could separate his 4D ness by taking away an artifact, this sounds like he may not be a natural 4D being.”
Armitage “What difference would that make?”
Wang “If that’s artificial there may be a way to make him unageless as well. He sounds like a poor man’s Nyarlathotep.”
“He could, with full power, rule half the world.”
Wang “The 4 puzzle boxes hold the 4 pieces of the artifact then. Where are the heart pieces?”
“The heart is in jade, called the heart of the dragon. They were hidden in holy places around the world guarded by keepers who have spent the centuries housing them in secrecy. The ritual is told to be hidden in the tomb of the first emperor of China. We have no clue where any of the jade heart is located.”
Unfortunately no news on Armitage letters front. Westinghouse and Atwater have been to some of the astronomical societies meetings but still nothing at all suspicious.
Stay at Wilkerson’s house, daughter away.
Cops as Steiner’s house. Robbed, all notes and books pertaining to Lo Ping/4th D Mythos. He brought home the book and its gone as well! Saw Chinamen do it.
Search and fights ensue ending incl. bridge over Miskatonic River.. Its the red sash Tong. Sent by Fu Sung Ling. Recover book, but its burned by occultist magic user, about 10%.
Next morning back to NY.

In NY, we hire a new secretary, Ms. Timmons doing the interviews.

Feb. 13

In NY, early morning, Westinghouse is on his 6th newspaper, gets a phone call from Dr. Atwater answers:
Barneswell. (3:40:00 pg 24 top.) A piece of jade was stolen from museum. Found a strange mark burned into guards skin, Chinese pictogram that means ‘he who lives forever’.
Jon says we are quite busy, but he says it was recovered in Tibet, not China, by a Rick Rathbone years ago. Police working on it too.
To the museum, Atwater and Westinghouse:
Wino witness babbles about a floating Chinese man, give him some coin. Says the man was accompanied by half dozen other chinamen. Walked right in front door after meeting a man at the front who let them in. Nice dressed gentlemen, shiny shoes. Was smoking a cigar before they came. He did not follow them in or out. Describes the man. Chinese men had the red sashes of Tong. After they left, gentlemen picked up by distinguished, open front steamcar towards ‘swellsville’. Woman inside with him.
He said he’s an ex soldier, hard times. Sniper out west. Atwater tells him to go back to office, with his card, see Timmons for shower, brandy and meal, and wait for us. He’s going on the flying squad. It will turn out he has a drinking problem, out of army at 38, now 42. In a month he will be ready to join us. Needs a name. He’ll be totally loyal.
Westinghouse looks for cigar and finds it. He has of course made a study of cigars and ashes. Hand wrapped, Cuban. Very distinguishable. He bags it. Prints in road before Chinese arrived shows the waiting man was pacing, nervous. Nothing else to find outside so enter. Atwater checks on guard as Westinghouse searches most direct route to the crime scene and the scene itself.
Guards throat was cut deeply that killed him. Piece of what appears to be a fingernail in deep in the wound next to the spine! Symbol on head burned in by red hot thing, maybe a ring.
Westinghouse checks it out. It’s lacquered, polished like an Asian might wear.
No clues on route to display. Glass broken inward, some fingerprints which Westinghouse collects. He fingerprinted all captured Chinamen from raid on Fu Sung’s and one is a match. This robbery happened same night of raid. Chinaman’s name was Bang Bang.
Go to jail and get to interrogation room. He seemed to be a right hand man, had his own office.
Take his prints but it does not match either other print. A switch was made? The description on his booking matches though. Get photo, and it looks just like him. Westinghouse notices its not the same person. His moustache is fake, as is the distinguishing scar. Somehow a switch was made for sure.
Cpt. just blocks Friday;s attempts at getting to the bottom of things. Says Kowalski was in charge at time of booking. Hear a crash from room and fake Bang Bang jumped out window. 2 cops, Kowalski and Jenkins, in their say he jumped. Westinghouse sees scrapes on outside of window, scratches. Fake Bang’s fingers are blood and nails broken. His nail stuck in outside of door frame.
Cpt. bans us from precinct. Says to Friday “I’m going to break you” and the flying squad!
The Cpt, Kowalski, and Jenkins are in with the cultists! Nothing we can do about it.
By the car and cigar, find that the man at museum was Harold Gould, on board of museum. Friend of Teddy! Perhaps they are framing him, but who was the woman? Is the Tong controlled by Lo Ping, or just being used as pawns?

Feb 14

See Egg Chen, says go see Eddie Chang at his restaurant. Jack knows of it. Whole group goes at lunchtime. Says Lo Ping a Chinese boogeyman. Don’t believe everything you hear. Has a glyph, ID’s the burn mark on guard as the glyph. Chinese cults worship him all over world. 3 of the marks of glyph represent the Talons of Lo Ping. Supernatural followers of Lo Ping. Semi immortal followers, masters of Kung Fu, supernatural powers. Lo Ping centuries old. Glyph drawing bursts into green flame, faintly see a face within for a second.
Attack of Spirit Warriors.

Battle; pg 24; 2nd invest. entry 0:14:00

Eddie directs us to Dragon pagoda, a martial arts school here in Chinatown. They sport his glyph, red sashes. Gives pair of chopsticks to each of us to keep. Have noodles for lunch while tend our wounded and plan. Eddie performs expert acupuncture with glowing, electrical charging needles. Jon floats half an inch or so off table, light in between.
Theo and Jack will bluff their way in to scope things out.
Jack “I think 2 of us should lie our way in.”
Wang, knowing what’s Jack’s thinking “Me and you, Jack.”
To dojo:
Jack and Wang use an electric company bluff. Amazingly, they get past. 2 floors, front room leads into training room where we hear training. 10 men in 2 rows spar, 2 others in black with red sashes. observe. The bluff begins. Somehow, they bluff past, sent by Ti Lung.
Rear steps go upstairs, freight elevator trap door goes down. About a dozen offices in back, each with one or more people working in them including the suspicious man. Stairs at other end go down so they descend to a brick wall section of cells. 1 has Chinese gentleman, others young girls of varying ages. Forced prostitution. Another stairway down. Down the stairs, several doors. Furthest is an exit into the alley, another into the basement which the upper freight elevator must go to. Tiers of bunks line the place, its an opium den. Another door leads to draped alcoves for those seeking prostitutes. Also a door with a huge bolt leading away from the building’s foundation.
Theo orders a girl and goes into alcove to question her and steal red sash clothes while he is doing his business, while Jack very lightly smokes opium just enough to maintain cover.
Theo questions girl and steals clothes.
Outside, others see a guy in a three piece suit walks to dojo alley and enters through alley door into opium den.
Girl says they were stolen in village and smuggled in by Lo Ping’s men. They are his property, branded with his mark. She only just saw him this week. Supposedly came for his heart and his soul (the boxes!) The 3 and the 4. He was angry before he left, had 2 of the girls flayed alive. We don’t think he got all he wished. It was night jade was stolen he was first here, had 2 girls boiled alive to celebrate. One of his talons was here also, Ti Lung, who also left with Lo Ping. He’s the master here.
Old man from upstairs comes to find us with 4 of the warriors. Tries to throw us out but Theo bluffs them out with a failed security check routine (card). By the end he’s offering a thousand pardons if we won’t tell Lo Ping. Tell him to change the name to Swordfish.
We continue our ‘security sweep’ into storage hall with the crank driven freight lift. Warehouse is full size of upstairs and full of stuff, including opium, olive oil, old fruit, soy sauce and more. Searching yield a trapdoor hidden behind some fireworks but its locked. So, 2 ways to basement. We exit dojo via alley door. Well dressed guy walks past us, and gives us the secret undercover sign of the flying squad!
Big mean guy enters as we get to door, guard jumps to attention, calling him Hong Dong. Dong asks about the squad agent. They bust him as Sgt. Howe “we meet at last” and drub the man. We have to leave to maintain cover, taking Theo’s girl with us.

As we all gather to leave, another Chinaman squad agent meets us in a beggar disguise. It’s Friday! Tell him of Howe getting nabbed. Tell girl to get to Eddie’s for safety.

Plan and raid dojo ‘for opium and human smuggling; prostitution’. It’s us including Cassandra, Friday and 2 Flying Squad (McCloskey and McBride).
Friday hurt bad in fight with Hong Dong, taken to hospital; fireworks explosion by Jack (suspicious old man from before killed, Hong Dong killed, old woman surrenders). Drug users are allowed to flee. Forced prostituted rounded up.
Chinaman with the box flee in a steamcar. We give chase in Porkshop express. Only some traffic and lets us get to the car in time to keep them in sight.

Chase and running fight ensues. Ti Lung escapes. No sign of Lo Pan. Find another of the puzzle boxes, that’s 2 now.
Back to office and homes.

Feb 15

Wire Archie about letters on new threat in the mail for him to share with other groups.
Now, must find McPherson, our only lead on final box (as Baxter has the other).
Westinghouse and Will gather info all day. Find 3 favorite haunts of the Irish McPherson:
Fat Molly’s
Strazinsky’s Fine Wines and Beers
We check Finnegan’s first. Westinghouse, Will, Jon and Atwater enter. Jack and Theo stay with Pork Chop Express across street. Rough and tumble, bar 3 deep with patrons. 6 bartenders working. Lots of Irish and “God Bless!”. Head tender named Patty.
FD Central Park vet recognizes Westinghouse even in disguise but doesn’t blow our cover out of respect. Also recognizes Father Jon, but thinks its deceased FJ. They raise glasses to word of deceased FJ.
McPherson and girlfriend end up being upstairs. Great explosion and conflagration after McPherson tries to burn the box open. Box burns but thing inside doesn’t. We save lots of people, Atwater at his best when it counts, but 7 do die. 3 patrons and 1 bartender, as well as 1 PD and 2 FD. 29 injured to varying degrees. McPherson’s girlfriend lives but critical for a while to come, as does McPherson. Jack drives through corner of building to create a larger opening.
FD chief “Looks like you gentlemen make a career out of saving lives.” He’s highly appreciative of us. Says “If you ever are in trouble and need a safe haven, any fire department across city is you home away from home.”
Great heroics by us. Upstairs, Jon saves a woman and baby. Theo saves a couple and their young daughter, but the dad dies on the street.
We are up much of the night.

Feb 16

Early morning Westinghouse and Jon investigating aftermath. FD friend, Sean, temporarily taken over during aftermath, Jon and Westinghouse have to brawl him down to pry the Thing from his hand.
We have the Thing from within the box, taken in Westinghouse’s hat at first then placed in a sturdy box later. That makes all 4. Jon sees it for a brief moment, Westinghouse smells it. Both lose sanity. It can’t be described or fathomed. It is a 4th dimensional object if we ever laid eyes on one. Object but like breathing, small and heavy….. 2 firemen see it. One survives, another driven catatonic. Jon rushes the firemen to Atwater.
Examining the rubble, Westinghouse realized McPherson tried to burn the box in the stove and it went off.
The 4 boxes are not 1 real and 3 fakes! All 4 here are real!!!!!

Atwater is working at hospital all day, Will visits to talk to McPherson with Atwater. Says he was approached, before they went to China, by a club calling hemselves The 6 Fingered Hand, claimed they oppose Red Death and only way to do so is to destroy humanity. The contents of the boxes, Chaos Coefficient, would help them. I had to say yes then, but knew I couldn’t. In China, I hid 3 and showed them 1. Made the fakes then secretly destroyed them and replaced them with all the real ones. It was like the boxes were in my head but I couldn’t realize it. Then it was like everyone knew we had the boxes, the Russians, American Secret Service. I thought it was the 6 Fingerd Hand that stole it but it wasn’t! It was the Tong! Everyone wants them and knew about them somehow. “It’s a god, it spoke to me.” Describe how when fire exploded, it was like days or weeks it spoke to him, gloating over its manipulation of him. The Broken God. Worshipped in China before 1st emperor. Told me too much to recall all. Lo Ping called its avatar, servant, itself. Don’t know. Its from somewhere…different. No, Lo Ping is it’s part here in our reality. When it gains the pieces it becomes more, the god, the 4 in one. Baxter’s just happened to get through the thieves. It said ‘First my heart and then my soul’. Still talking and laughing at me, says to serve or die. I choose death.
Blood gushes out of his mouth and in a quick scream of anguish he dies.

Jon will be spiritually assisting catatonic FD, hoping the effect is not permanent.
Wrap thing, in hat, up in thick bundle of sheets. Put in the office safe, a gift from Teddy at Christmas.
Jon and Westinghouse up all night with uneasy feelings and nightmares.

Feb 17

Time to split up to research making a container. It’s not safe having 1 of these Things out. He and Jon have after effects linked to sense the experienced it: Things feel slimey and unnatural to Jon at random times. Westinghouse has compulsion to reference scents at random times.
He gets nightmares during the night sleeping above the office, hears sound of fist hitting metal. It’s coming from the safe.
In morning, Westinghouse and Atwater open safe and it seems gone, ends up being an illusion its really there and they both see it. Now 3 of us have our subconscious plagued by the sight for a long time coming.
To Arkam: Theo and Jack take ride porkchop to Arkam. (9 hour trip?) Wire Armitage before we leave that we are coming.
Research in NY: Jon
Cab to Baxter’s: Westinghouse, Atwater, Will and Cassandra

Church research yields nothing, but invited to lunch by colleague. Man with Italian accent sits with them. Attempted kidnapping of Jon and friend. Villain reached into his coat and set something on table. Jon’s friends sits there staring, tortured within his mind. Jon makes the save and grapples villain. The guy falls chest first onto the thing and it disintegrates the body. Now an inert gray medallion of unknown power and origin.
Jon’s colleague takes half a minute longer to come out of it, minus 6 sanity. Jon escorts him back to church.

They take the loose Thing.
Guy on side of the road leads to

combat. 0:25:00 bottom pg 24

They were Mythos cultists. They wanted the box. Used evil 1 use medallion, felt of tendrils reaching into Theo’s mind, losing 2 sanity. It burns out as 1 of them uses it to instantly slay himself. A grayish metal, now inert. Theo says it was infused with some kind of otherworldly power, which he drew purposefully to kill himself.
Jack “What is it Wang, don’t tell me.”
We tell police in next town.
Get to Arkam. Morning met by Armitage. Explain entire Lo Ping case and how we need boxes, also that we would also like to hide this piece in your secure stack room perhaps. He says he will hide it, but he will not tell us where.
We research, find a book with a section on the Dragon Lo Ping. The 7 cryptical books of earth. Not a complete translation, just that of fragments smuggled out of China. Essence that is part of him ripped from his body, sundered into 4 pieces. Want to be back together. If not locked into container that cuts them off from world they can do horrible things. Pieces themselves impervious to any damage. Says can destroy Lo Ping by giving him what he wants. For less than a minute, you have time that he is mortal before he becomes a god to slay him.
Who knows if this is true. Other stuff seems to not have been.
Box needs to be make of sandle wood, special oil rubbed into it with several listed ingredients. Easily found in China, so Quin can import them for us! Box hold back evil essence but it can still dominate minds unless you coat inside of box with lead.
Lead will generally stop transmission of psychic powers, it says.
Armitage thinks one of the council members may be able to create such a box with these instructions. He will get right on it.
Leave for NYC the next morning.

We take the other 2 along with us.
Grounds are besieged, our poor cab driver shot dead. We get inside walls under fire.
They attack along with bayaki, demanding box. They apparently only know about Baxter’s, not our 2 we have here! But they are white, not Chinese.
Will wants to give box up so we can live, knows we can’t win this battle. Westinghouse decides to try to solve puzzle box. Baxter retrieves a metal lockbox as a temporary container for the contents.
It is a 3 part check. Search check gives synergy bonus to a math (Westinghouse using a knowledge:physics). He sees that if you push the wrong way first, it locks the whole box into an incorrect configuration making it even harder to figure out, even to figure out that you aren’t even in the starting position anymore. Another search check, then a disable device check to succeed at maneuvering the configuration past several more false but tempting moves and CLICK it opens. Will waves the white flag, and, agrees to the sorcerer’s deal to let us leave if we give him the box, Westinghouse dumps the contents into Baxter’s lockbox, puts the box back to Start, then performs the false starting configuration. leaving an entirely new set of figuring to be done just to successfully get the box back to Start!
Sorcerer leaves with his men, but sicks his bayaki on us anyway. 3 guards killed in the fight, others wounded, most psychologically wounded from sight of bayaki for the rest of their lives.
Baxter wants the box contents taken away forever.
So, now we need 2 boxes.
Cassandra now admits on the way back the sorcerer, though in a new body, was her brother!! He wants to gather the pieces feeling that with them he can control Lo Ping. Says she can prepare a vessel to trap him so if we can kill him again, she can cast a spell called Bind the Soul. Once there, he will slowly dissolve into oblivion.

The Joe Corry Hypnosis
post computer crash, will need later expanding

February 6, 1890

I will dispense with all formality. After having lunch and tea prepared by Erica’s servants, Paul’s hypnotizing of Joe began in earnest.
Hypnosis is successful.
Paul asks if we should have a séance to try to contact Carlyle. If no reply could be either way, but if no reply we’ll know he’s dead.
First, Joe:
Dangerous tribe lived on or around a mountain.
The tribe attacked and took them prisoner. Day and night they travelled to Mt. of the Black WInd. To sacrifice them, but they saw her there, the Bloated Woman: Hypatia. Like a huge slug but with a vacant, grinning, staring face. Movement in her belly. Father is darkness itself. When it is born the world will tremble, born when stars are right and the beast comes.
When put back in cell, they escaped through tunnels. They stole barrel of blackpowder from tribes armory (flintlocks…). Col used it to blow cave behind their escape but didn’t make it back.
Joe saw a map during escape. Had 3 locales in a triagle: Mt., Shangai, and a place in western Australia desert. All places Paul was interested in when controlled by a Yith.
Then a dark fog came across and when they woke up they recalled nothing.
Did not see Roger and Houston, but did see M’Wuru. She’s their leader, they worship her. She sent the forgetting cloud.
Erica not part of evils of Roger. They’ll come for them if they remember.
Mt. a short trip north of the Corrupt Ground (Carlyle massacre site) about 1/3 the distance from Mombasa to Nairobe.
Local tribes been at war with Mt. tribe for years.
Erica and her fell in love on trip, he was a hero to her. Blackness made them forget but keep loyalty to each other.
Erica fainted early on. We wake her and bring him out.,
He gives us name of tribe.
Erica refuses to undergo the hypnosis.

Again, what are the significances of the abortions and pregnancies? Erica overhears this and says that bitch M’Wuru said something once about her hold over Roger and others that “if they don’t choose the dark path themselves, the first step is the destruction of innoncence.”
His dreams started soon after his girlfriend’s abortion! It opened the gate to take him! Same with Houston.
Penhue still questionable. Could be a willing cultist.

At séance:
Tries to channel Carlyle: nothing. Likely alive!
Tries to channel Houston: nothing.
Tries to channel Hypatia: contace, but ‘mostly death’. She wishes she were dead. Says killed her baby out of shame, then promised new baby by M’Wuru as a second chance.
Mself “By who?”
Violent scream “NYARLATHOTEP!”
She says Houston still alive but she knows not where. Never sees Carlyle, hopes he’s dead because they don’t need him anymore and she’ll devour his soul. The dreams whispered to them. Says Penhue alive, “the worst of all. He chose this path. He is to be Pharaoh. Sent back to ancient times to rule as the Dark Pharaoh.”
Says it’s a lie to Penhue. (sounds like he’s to be Nyarlathotep’s vessel maybe)
This will be after the Beast comes. It is the opener of the way. After it comes Harbinger, the god, the red eye of Azathoth in the sky!
Brady the most evil of all, she says. ’Brady’s mother a witch, fought vs Old Ones. Blessed him to be a valiant warrior. He let us to our fate. They watched the massacre of the darkies, and ate. Brady kidnapped Carlyle and killed followers of Dark Pharaoh, stole a boat and sailed away with Roger. If he lives, M’Wuru will find them and flay them alive. Brady tries to prevent the coming of the Beast, the Old Ones, my son!’
Then Nyarlathotep comes through ‘calls us his only pleasure. You and your compadres are a joy to watch. You can’t stop what is to come, but you can provide me with sport.’
Erica and Joe enter the room unannounced and suddenly remember everything as Erika’s bones begin to snap. Theo tackles Paul and snaps out of it. She has a few minor breaks.
Good news, they remember they love each other. Bad news, now that they remember the cult will be after them.

The Adventure of the Lemond Kidnapping

It seems nothing we do can ever be simple. The morning after our visit to Erika, Feb. 2, Will went in the search of Lamonde. His mother answered the door, and had obviously been weeping. After introducing ourselves:
Will “What’s wrong?”
Mom “Paul has disappaered.”
Will’s heart sank, within myself I screamed in frustration.
Will “When?”
Mom “2 weeks ago. Perhaps a month and a half ago, he started having nightmares, and they got worse and worse, more and more vivid. He would tell me that sometimes hee would awaken, and the nightmares would keep going.”
Will “What were they of?”
“He wouldn’t tell me. He told me that he needed to contact a man, a friend, who would be able to help him with this.”
Will “What man?”
“Some man named….Westinghouse.”
“A good friend of mine.”
Mom "You know about thee problems he has?
Will “No. Would you be willing to come with me, and meet Westinghouse? That way we can all talk together.”
Mom “Certainly.” They took a cab to the office. I was, of course, present, with Atwater keeping me company, as were Father Jon and Theolonius who were in the back room deep in the study of the Forbidden. Jack was engagd in his own businesses. When Will informed me of the news, I screamed in frustration within myself.
Atwater with his doctorial ways calmed Irene as Timmons served her a cup of Darjeeling. She then told her story.
“Paul grew up in rural Buffalo. His father, my husband at the tim, died when Paul was 3 and I raised him while working as a seamstress. His father, who was a salesman, left us a little money as well.”
Myself “What happened to him?”
“He had a heart attack. At 17, Paul had a series of nightmares just like recently. They left him hospitalized with partial amnesia. During his hospital stay, Paul’s personality changed. He suddenly didn’t seem to know the names of people, or what things were called, and had a sudden interest in science and history which he had never had before. He became close friends with another patient named Clarence Rogers. Paul insisted he was fine and was released, yet he just didn’t seem the same to me.”
Myself “For how lone?”
“Well, he left with Roger and they began a series of trips. He did this for 8 years.”
Myself “To where? Different places or the same?”
“Strange places all over the world. I don’t know where theey got the money to do it.”
Myself “Odd.”
“They went to Australia, South America, Central America; they travelled for a time within America.”
These words were chilling, for it was not lost on any of us the similarities to locations in our investigations into Elias’ murder. There can be assumed no coincidences in our world anymore.
“After 8 years, he returned had another attack of amnesia. This was immediately after his return home. He was sent to the hospital in a sort of coma. When he woke up he could not recall anything of the 8 previous years; but it was my Paul again as he once had been. That cold distance was gone, as was all interest in science, history and travelling. Other than the amnesia he was perfectly healthy and soon just like his old self. Then he started the nightmares again recently. Not the horrible ones but just…”
Myself “Excuse me, Ms. Lamonde. When he first came back from his trips and snapped out of it, did he actually think it was 8 years earlier?”
“Yes absolutely.”
Jon leaned in and whispered “He was possessed” to which I nodded in agreement. By whom or what is the question.
“The nightmares that he had, the dreams, he still occasionally has are about a city. A huge city of rock. He says he’s living in it.”
Will “Living in it?”
“Yes., but he was a hideous creature.”
Theo “In his dreams he lived there.”
“Yes, as this hideous creature, and that’s all he could remember. That was over the next year or so he was able to tell me these things, but that’s when his psychic talent awakened also. This ability to talk with the dead. That’s when Herb came along.”
Cassandra “Herb Whitfield, the promoter.”
“Yes. When he saw a demostratioj of Pau’s powers he signed a longterm contract. That’s why Paul moved us here to NY. Now Paul is very well known. Evidently just a few months ago you aided him in one of his investigations. He spoke very highly of you gentlemen.”
Myself “That was Will here, and Father Jon and Theolonius.”
“Yes, but he met you as well.”
Cassandra “Now how do we hypnosize Erika’s man?”
Will “We can’t do it ourselves.”
Myself “We must find Lamonde first.” I excused myself as Timmons served Ms. Lamonde another cup of Darjeeling and called Friday, inviting him to dinner that night to discuss the case.
Will “Who was his roomate, the man he met at the hospital?”
“Clarence Rogers?”
Will “Do you know what has happened to him since they ended their travels? Did Paul remain friends with him?”
‘No, he just disappeared without any farewells even. He simply left."
Myself "I will investigate Paul’s rooms first thing. Will, meet with the promoter Whitfield. Take Theo and Jack with you for backup. I’ll have Father Jon and Atwater accompany me.At the latest, everyone meet back here for dinner with Friday."
“There is also his girlfriend. Perhaps you recall her from the Tannerhill house as his assistant. She’s an aspiring actress who Lamonde fell in love with.”
Will “Has she come around looking for him?”
“She came by once, and I told that hussy to stay away from my Paul.”
Myself “Before or after his disappearance?”
“This was before.”
Myself “Tell me about their relationship. How did it begin?”
“She enticed my Paul into a relationship and now (with frustration and jealousy) she has her claws in him. She’s trying to keep him away from me.”
Will “What’s wrong with Paul having his own relationship?”
He moved out! He has his own apartment. He only came back home when he started having the nightmares so I could look after him."
Myself “We’ll need the address then.”
“Of course.” Atwater passed her my stationary, upon which she gave us the addresses of Paul’s apartment, his girlfriend’s, and that of Whitfield’s office.
Myself “We’ll have to see her as well.”
The interview ended here and we broke up. Irene led us to her house while Will made for Whitfield.
Missing for 2 weeks, I expected to find little.
Atwater “Have you cleaned much?”
“Oh yes.”
I instructed to others to wait outside while I entered with Irene. I could see immediately that she hadn’t just straightened up, but she is an obsessive cleaner. She then told us she had found some papers that he had scrawled strange notes on “but they were obviously worthless” so she burned then. I could hardly contain my frustration.
Myself “I don’t wish to alarm you Ms. Lamonde but you may have destroyed the best information you had.”
She did give us 2 things:
One was a photograph, almost exactly the same as that used in Paul’s handbill’s to advertise his work. It was of no value. There were only minor and insignificant differences. The second, however, was his personal diary, kept from the age of 13 to 18 at his hospitalization. I handed this directly to Atwater for his professional take on the matter. he began reading as we carried on.
Myself “Anything else, Ms. Lamonde, that you didn’t burn?”
Jon whispered to me at this point “There is something she is not telling us about this situation.”
Myself “Are you certain you are telling us everything, Ms. Lamonde?”
“What? Why of course. What else would there be to tell?”
Myself “Are you sure you burnt all the papers?”
This turned out being the correct subject to question her on, for Jon saw a flash of untruth in her manner. He took a bit of an offensive stance now, a slightly intimidating tone.
Myself “You found nothing esle?”
Jon approaching her “Why would you burn the papers?”
“Because they were meaningless, they didn’t mean anything.”
Jon, closer now and looking at her sternly “WHY did you burn those papers?”
Nervous “I told you.”
Jon with authority “WHY did you BURN those papers?”
He broke down “Because they proved he was insane! My Paul lost his mind again!” weeping.
Myself "What was on the papers?
“A great, huge 4 footed monster, it towered over the city of New York, smashing it. He had written above it ‘the beast that comes’.”
The beast…that of the Elias investigation? The same beast to be summoned by the Bloody Tongue? The Mythos inescapable. It seems the normal supernatural (oxymoron as that may seem) is virtually gone now. A tide is rolling and rolling upon us all. How do the Iluminati not see! They must be convinced. We must get Archimedes to present all the newest evidence since we began our investigations, regardless of his tenuous relationship with the order.
Myself “Did he draw that over and over again?”
“No, he wrote other things down.”
Msyelf “You must give us this in detail. All that you remember aboujt these drawings. Start with one, and then the next and the next. Take your time.”
“He made a picture of a man, no, a man like thing, with tentacles and wings. He wrote above it ‘It rises from the deep when the day arrives’.
Myself “Next one?”
“A huge bat, breathing fire. There were others still, obscene things. He said he was just writing his dreams, but no one has dreams like that. The papers seemed to move when I looked at them. So I burned them. I can’t remember anymore.”
What little she could describe sounded like great beings, perhaps Old Ones. Jon and Theo pinpointed beings known as Athaqua and Yig.
“He wrote ‘they will come on the day of the beast’. But always he kept drawing that huge 4 footed thing; and ‘the beast is a mask’.”
“Finally, he drew the ocean and the sun in the sky, and another sun that was a huge red ball. On that one he wrote ‘the harbinger’. I had to burn them.”
Myself, for consolation “It’s ok, Ms. Lamonde.”
I now decided on a search of the grounds outside first, then his room but found nothing of assistance whatsoever.
The diary also turned out to be mostly useless, only the story of a typcial young boy growing up, until the last few entries: about the dreams of a gigantic city in a tropical jungle. He moved around the city not as himself, but as a thing of alien proportions. There were huge lizards there as well.
We know beings not of this earth were here in the past. Could the lizards be dinosaurs? The lizard beings mentioned in the letter to Stanford? Something else entirely?

We next searched Paul’s apartment. We found one thing: a letter to his mom that he apparently wrote before deciding to stay with her. It read I’ve been very busy with all the bookings Herb has gotten for me lately. The sessions take a lot out of me and I haven’t been sleeping all that well. I’m afraid I’m beginning to experience thos same dreams again, the ones I suffered just before my attack of amnesia. It seems to be afffecting my personality. I just can’t seem to be able to get along with people like I might and Velma and I have been fighting a lot. I know you dont care much for Velma, mom, but she really is a wonderful girl and I know she loves me.
Later: Just returned from Velma’s apartment. I’m afraid we had another fight. She said she doesn’t want to see me again. I told Herb about it and he wants me to check into a hospital. He thinks I need rest but I don’t want to. I must see Velma but I don’t know if I can make it. The huge ferns wave in the wind outside my window. Beyond these are spired buildings. I don’t remember the way, I’m afraid I’ll get lost. I must see Velma but the beast waits out there.

Myself “Dear God, Atwater. The ferns and spires remind me of our visit to the tropical Antarctica of the extremely distant past.”
So, he had a major attack but recovered enough to make it to his mother’s and seek our help before disappearing.

At Whitfield’s office, 7th floor, Herbert Whitfield Professional Manager Services. They walked into the office, which is but one small room for both he and his secretery.
Herb without looking up “Can I help you gentlemen?”
Will “Hello Herb.”
“Oh, I recognize you” standing to shake Will’s hand.
Will “We hear your man Lamonde has disappeared.”
“Yes, there’s nothing I can tell you. I’ve already told the police everything I know, they can verify the story.”
Will “Which is what? What happened? We’re obviously worried about him too.”
“He went out walking and he disappeared.”
Will “What time of day was he out walking?”
“I’m sorry I have nothing else I can tell you.”
Will “Herb, please sir. We are only trying to aid a mutual friend here. No need to stonewall.”
“I have nothing else to tell you. Please leave my office.”
Will “I don’t understand what is going on here.”
Agitated a bit “Nothing is going on here. I’m sure Paul will return soon and when he does he’ll be cured.”
Jack "Now what makes you say something like that?
“I’m hoping for the best.”
Jack “What you think he went off somewhere by himself to be cured?”
“I hope so.”
Jack “Without telling his mom?”
Clearly agitated and defensive “I don’t have to answer to you!”
Will “Why are you being so confronational? This is our mutual friend! All we are trying to do is figure out what is going on!”
“Give it some time and he’ll be back.”
This whole sequence of responses was highly suspicious of course; he sounded far too much like he knew something we didn’t and was doing a bad job of hiding it.
Jack “No need for dramatics Herb, I mean we’re all friends here am I right?”
With a sigh “I have business to take care of. Now let’s get down to brass tax here Herb old boss.”
Theo stepping closer and putting a squeeze on Herb’s shoulder “Yes mister Herb, why don’t you tell us what is going on.”
Jack “We know that you know something here so let’s get on with it, time’s valuable in our line of work.”
No matter the intimidation, Herb’s mouth was unfortunately shut.
Standing up “I’m asking you to leave now.”
Will calmly “Are you worried about something, Herb? Somebody watching over you?”
Herb “No. It’s just that I need to go.”
Finally our team had nothing to do but give up and depart. Theo volunteered himself and Jack to stay and tail Whitfield. Theo noticed 2 burly toughs, one with a bent stovepipe hat, loitering on the other side of the street, not so inconspicuouslly watching the office. They decided to continue to the next corner to keep watch when a man approached them.
“Excuse me. Can I speak to you gentlemen for a minute?”
Theo “If you must” glancing back to be sure the toughs had stayed put.
“My name is John Deravin, I’m an investigator for the Cline Mutual Life Insurance Company. We have a policy on Paul Lemonde.”
Jack “I don’t suppose you happen to have a card we couls see. Some identification of some kind?”
“Absolutely, sir” handing over his business card. “As I was saying, we have a policy on Paul Lemonde. We routinely investigate cases like this for evidence of fraud or foul play because the policy is quite large, going to a Mr. Herbert Whitfield. I believe I saw you gentlemen leave his building.”
Jack “We did.”
“Mr. Whitfield is named as the beneficiary and fankly, I believe he may have had something to do with Paul’s disappearance.”
Will “Really? Why is that? What have you found out thus far?”
“Paul was his only money making client. He had spent heavily recently. Paul was using more and more of his time to help people find missing family members and that sort of thing, which doesn’t pay well, rather than doing his shows through Whitfield which do pay well. And I do know that a gangster, Bob Wexler, is owed money by Hert. Wexler has sent several of his men to keep tabs. I personally think there was foul play involved. I think he murdered Lamonde for the money and my company is not going to pay out thousands of dollars…”
Jack “…without really checking, we get it.”
Theo “You think those 2 goons across the street there are Wexler thugs?”
“What goons?”
Theo “Across from the office builging. Scruffy faces, standing together.”
“They could be. That’s the kind of men he uses.”
Theo “So you’re only suspicious right now? You haven’t uncovered any hard evidence yet?”
“No. That’s why I thought I would talk to you gentlemen.”
Theo “We only found out about this today, actually.”
Jack “We’re business associated of some friends who are looking for Paul. Maybe you’d like to stop by the office to talk to Westinghouse. Put your heads together.”
“I would be happy to do that, but in addition, if it’s possible, if you should find the location of Mr. Lamonde I would appreciate it if you would inform me.”
Theo “Of course.”
“There is actually a phone where I can be reached, and our offices. if you would call me in that event I would appreciate it.”
They exchanged business cards and the man went on his way.
Will "Jack what do you know about that gangster?
Jack “He operates out of the waterfront district somewhere, but I can’t remember where.”
They continued watching as Herbert leaves and the thugs follow. As they were about to follow them, the secretary came out of the office in a hurry and met them.
“Can I speak to you gentlemen for a moment?”
Will “Of course.”
Theo “I’ll stay on them. You talk” and he continued to tail the thugs and Herbert. The secretary led Jack back upstairs “My name is Betty Avery. I think Paul may have killed himself.”
Jack “What? Why?”
“He was a very sensitive young man. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Whitfield he never would have had the success he did. He had been acting very strange. I also believe Whitfield is now in danger. First, he has some large business debts and is being pressured to pay them. 2 men representing a Mr. Wexler visited the office twice. The second time they slapped him around.”
Will “Did you hear them say anything specific about paying up? Any timeframe?”
“Yes. They gave him a week, and that was 3 days ago, or Wexler would ‘make him pay’. Another gentleman named Mr. Rogers came this morning asking for Mr. Whitfield but he was out at the time so the man left his card and requested the Mr. Whitfield meet him at the address. When I showed the card to him he didn’t recongize the name so he threw it away.”
Will “Did he say who he was?”
“Just his name.”
Jack “Is that the only time you’ve ever seen him?”
Jack “Where is Whitfield going now?”
“He’s going home.”
Jack “When was the last time you saw Paul?”
“The day of his disappearance.”
Jack “He was coming to find us that day.”
“He must have come here first then.”
Jack “You think it’s possible that Whitfield did something to him?”
“No. He was very very fond of Paul, and quite frankly Paul is essentially his meal ticket.”
Will “What was Paul doing here that day?”
“I don’t know.”
Will “Did he get to talk to Herb?”
“Yes, they had an argument actually.”
WIll “What did you hear?”
“They sent me out but I heard them when I stepped out. Paul said he was going to talk to a friend of his, but Mr. Whitfield was desparetely trying to talk him out of it. That if word got out of Paul’s condition it would destroy his reputation and his career.”
Jack “What condition?”
“I don’t know. Whitfield did say what Paul needed was a restful stretch at a good sanitarium.”
Jack “Sure, because that always fixes you right up.”
2 potentials at this point: Whitfield put Paul in a sanitarium (either convinced Paul or against his will) or Wexler kidnapped Paul as leverage against Whitfield’s debts.

Theo did indeed follow Herb only to his house, and the thugs just stood in the vicinity watching. Figuring they were only making sure he didn’t skip town Theo returned to the office some time after Will and Jack.
Our brief knowledge of Paul’s movements seems to be thus: a visit and fight with Velma; his breakdown while writing the letter; a recovery enough to make it safely to his mother’s house to stay before visiting Whitfield and disappearing likely on his way to seek our aid.

WIll interviewed Velma at her home.
Upon Will knocking upon her door, she asked who it was.
Will “It’s Will McNamara, I’m a friend of your boyfriend Lamonde.”
“The reporter? Just a minute just a minute.” She sounded perfectly normal thus far. Yet when she opened the door she had conjured tears and sadness “Come in and sit down Mr. McNamara”. Will knew straight out her desire to be a stage actress would come to no fruition for she had no talent at all. “Oh, I’m worried sick about Paul. I think that terrible Mr. Whitfield had something to do with this.”
Will “When was the last time you saw Paul?”
“He visited me the day of his disappearance. We are so much in love. He comes to see me all the time.”
Will “It would seem. He left his mother’s house to gain the freedom to see you. Did he come by that day just to see you?”
Will “Did he mention where he was going that day?”
WIll “Did he mention his nightmares?”
“No. Oh, I just love him so much” or just seeking a meal ticket?
WIll “Everything nwasa ok between the two of you recently, no problems?”
“Absolutely, everything was wonderful between us. No problems, though he did mention to me that if anything happened to him he really wanted his things to go to me.”
Will “What things?”
“His possessions, his bank account, you know.”
Will “He never drew up a will though, did he?”
“No. I don’t believe so. Though I’m sure that horrible mother of his will try to take everything.”
Will “You know Paul had been living there lately, right?”
“Oh, no. The bitch is a liar. He had been staying at his apartment. She is just trying to set it up so she can get the money. And Herb, he wants it too. They probably conspired to get rid of him.”
Will, of course, could see through her charade. The woman was desperate for attention, probably for an article to be written about her and dealing with the trauma SHE is going through losingn her beloved Paul, and to plant the seeds of herself rightfully receiving Paul’s estate. A charlatan at best, it seemed. She surely insisted Paul was staying at home to weaken his mother’s rights in such matters. Judging by her poor acting ability, Will was sure she truly knew nothing and had no part in Paul’s disappearance.

By the time Friday arrived for dinner we had all met and reviewed our respective experiences.
Cassandra “I wonder if Paul and Velma made up at their last meeting or if she left him?” Unfortunately, Friday could add nothing of use. They had found no other evidence, nor could they trace his steps for certain. There was one report of a man accosted by 2 men and driven off in a steamcar but the man could not be identified.
There is much I know of Wexler, most of no consequence here, suffice to say he is a gangster of sorts, and practically resides in his office, sitting like a spider in its web. His address is known to me.
Friday “I need your help on a case.”
Myself “I request your help on a case.”
I went first, detailing the days events with him.
Friday then detailed his case “I’d like you to look into this as soon as you can”:
“I have had 3 murders.”
Myself “I’m interested.”
“All 3 of them died in their homes. 2 of them in their beds, not a mark on them, but a look of horrible terror upon their faces.”
Theo “Oh, now we’re very interested.”
“The 3rd also died in bed but was surely strangled.”
Myself “By what method?”
“Very large hands. The only thing the 3 of them had in common was that they each had ontheir person a piece of jewelry with a strange…um…symbol. Like a stylized tree, maybe evergreen, or a fir.” Showing to it, we could see it was a modified eldar sign with 4 points to a side, instead of 5 total points.
Jon “That’s wierd.”
“One had a watch fob with the design, the other a coin. The third, the strangled man, also had it upon a ring he wore. That’s why I feel they are connected. I can’t understand what is going on. There seems to be no other connection between the three of them.”
Myself to Jon and Theo “Have either of you seen this symbol before?”
Both replied in the negative.
“One man was 35, chemist, named Tim Dagget. Left behind a wife who knows nothing about what happened. The 2nd was Albert Runstead, 62, college professor in oriental studies. No wife, housekeeper found the body. The third, the strangled, Frank Baird, 31, an engineer. Pretty sure he was a sissy boy, as they say. No wife and hung out a lot at Turkish baths.”
Jack “That Sodomized Dragon for one I’d wager.”
“That’s all I know.”
Theo “So you think there is something supernatural or arcane about this?”
“Possibly, but even if not if you can find the connections to why these three men were murdered…”
We promised to help as soon as we resolved Paul’s disappearance. We discussed what to do, if anything, during the night: break into and search Herb’s office, look into Wexler’s place…
Friday “You don’t want to break into Wexler’s at night. He has an army of thugs. Some will surely be there.”
Myself “Very true.”
Will “The office then.”
Jack “Who’s going?”
Myself “All of us.”
After dinner, then brandy and cigars, Friday bid us good luck and with a few moments preparation we were on our way to Whitfield’s office. Theo, Jack and Jon stood watch while I dealt with the lock swiftly and we all entered. The office door lock was just as easy and our search began. I took my own look around first and discovered several things of interest. Starting with the secretaries desk I found nothing, but in the waste basket I found the business card of Clarence Rogers; in Whitfield’s desk, after picking the drawer lock, I found a key with a tag attached labelling it as being to Paul’s apartment, a second unmarked key, an explicitly threatening letter to Whitfield by Wexler over services rendered 2 weeks earlier, the date given for it being the same upon which Paul disappeared, plus other debts, with the understanding that because of this ‘service’ Whitfield would be able to repay Wexler (which he obviously had not been able to do).
Atwater “Wexler had his men take Paul, then.”
Will “That was one of our initial suspicions.”
Will “So, he was thinking that once he received Paul’s life insurance money he could repay the debts.”
Only the filing cabinet, which also required picking, remained. Inside were many bills and receipts proving his heavy debt and late on all of his payments. Until a couple of months ago they were all paid off.
Myself “With the money he borrowed form Wexler.”
We also saw his contract with Paul, giving Whitfield 50% of Paul’s earnings, as well as several insurance policies on Paul’s life. To the untrained eye they were all seemed signed by Paul. I thought to compare them more closely to one another but they seemed authentically signed by Lamonde individually. The policies were from Acme, Osborne, and Peterson.
Will “Wait a second, there’s no policy from Cline.”
Jack “The company that Deravin fellow said he was from.”
Theo “Ah, the one who stopped us outside the office.”
Will “I’ll do some digging on Cline first thing in the morning.”
Our search finished, we dispersed to our homes.

Next Day

Will reported back after breakfast that there was indeed no such complany as Cline.
Jack “If we see him again, we’ll bushwack him.”
Cassandra “Looks like you men have 3 necessities: Call on Deravin, meet with Wexler, and try to find this Clarence Rogers.”
Myself “For certain. Rogers’ card has an address. Someone should check Whitfield’s office to see if he came in.”
We all went there as a group first and it was still locked up. At his house, through the window, we could see him lying on the floor. Once Friday arrived we entered.
Myself “Carefully, disturb nothing.” Friday’s men broke the door open. He had been beaten to a pulp but was still alive, and Atwater saw to him immediately. I found nothing indiscreet. Only the footprints on the floor (the patterns of which I lifted) making their way away from the body to the door, stamped with what was surely Whitfield’s blood. They were a working man’s boots, like what Wexler’s men might wear; at least 2 of them. Atwater found Whitfield to have a broken leg had him ready for a safe move to the hospital once the ambulance arrived when I joined him.
Myself to Atwater “Can he talk?”
Atwater “He’s a bit out of it, but I believe so.”
Myself “What occured here, Herb?”
With some difficulty “Wex…Wexler boy…Wexler’s boys did it.”
Myself “I thought you had 4 more days?”
“I don’t know why they came.”
Myself “Are you sure they were his boys or only meant to look like it? Is there another player involved?”
“No, I’m sure they were his boys.”
Myself “Have you ever seen them before?”
Myself “2 of them?”
“You mean those…2 guys following me? There were actually 6 taking turns following me around.”
Myself “It wasn’t 2 of them?”
“No, I never saw them before.”
Atwater “Why is there someone from a Cline insurance company asking about Paul?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Jack described the Cline man to Herb “Sound like anyone you know?”
“No. When I left for lunch yesterday, some guy with a beard came up to me, said he needed to talk to me. His name was….oh, I can’t remember. He said he left a card in my office.”
Will “Rogers?”
“Clarence Rogers, that’s it.”
WIll “You never got to talk to him, though.”
“No I couldn’t talk then, and had nothing to say to him. I told him to make an appointment at my office. Never saw him before.”
Myself “We think that might be Paul’s old travelling companion.”
“No, I’ve seen pictures of the 2 of them together. He was a clean shaven guy, a younger guy.”
Myself “That could have been taken years ago, it could have been taken early in their travels even.”
The descriptions of Rogers and the Cline man matched perfectly.
“But they have to be Wexler’s guys. Who else would want to beat me up.”
Will “They said nothing to you, or to each other that you heard?”
“No,” His face changed as if coming to an epiphany "and the truth is Wexler would beat me up a littlle to teach me a lesson. He wouldn’t beat me up to leave me to die.
Theolonius, having joined us a few moments ago “I have seen no sign of Wexler’s men outside.”
Myself “Well, why don’t you tell us about this” as I presented the letter to him from Wexler which we had found the night before about ‘services’. He ceased speaking. I pressed him further.
Jack “We’ll just inform the police.”
“Fine prove it. That’s a letter froma gangster.”
Myself “And you shall seem in league with him, on the day of Paul’s disappearance. You are set to receive substantial funds if Paul ‘goes away’.”
He looked worried but “I’ll take my chances.”
Atwater “We could see that your locked up for, say, 4 days.”
He said nothing.
Myself to Friday outside “All right, take him to the hospital!”
Apparently he decided the hospital would not be safe for him in 4 days, nor would being let out of jail in 4 days.
“I arranged for Wexler to kidnap Paul.”
Myself “I know this.” The ambulance staff came in and we had it arranged that only I and Atwater would ride in the back with him.
Myself “Where is Paul. Does he have him?”
“No, he gave Paul back the next day.”
Myself “Where in the hell is he.”
“If this gets out we’re ruined. Woods Estate Rest Home, upstate NY.”
Myself “The same home he was admitted to when he was younger, near Buffalo, correct?”
“Yes. The name he’s under Paul Meldon.” An anagram for Lemond. “I’ll tell you the rest. When those guys beat me up, they wanted to know where Paul was being held.”
Myself “Did you tell them?”
“No. I couldn’t let them know where he is, they’d kill him!”
Myself “Why did Wexler give Paul back the next day.”
“That was the arrangement. He kidnapped Paul for me so I could get him to the rest home to recover. I couldn’t let anybody know because people ever find out that he’s in an asylum his career is ruined.”
Myself “We will keep the secret. We are Paul’s friends as well.”
“I did it for both of us. He’s my only client.”
Myself “I know. We will take care of this quietly.”
“If they are Wexler’s men they’re after Paul.”
Myself “Why would he be after them?”
“I don’t know. He has to be involved somehow. He’s the only one that knows that I hid him.”
Myself “Someone else did. Wexler wouldn’t give him back only to beat you up to find out where he is.”
“Then maybe…”
Myself “Wait, why would he do this for you if you owe him money when your game wasn’t to get Paul declared dead to receive that money? Why would he do this for you?”
“I lied to him. I told him that I was going to make Paul disappear, get the insurance and pay him.”
Myself “What were you going to do afterward, when that didn’t happen?”
“Well, I was going to reason with him, explain to him…”
Myself “With Wexler?”
“I was going to explain to him that with Paul back making money again that I would be able to pay him off in installments.”
Myself “But you weren’t paying your debts or Wexler when Paul was working with you.”
“I was going to stop doing it and give him his money.”
Myself “Doing what? Drugs.”
A self deprecating sigh “Drugs. I was planning on stopping after I got Paul back. Maybe Wexler figured out that I wasn’t really going to make Paul disappear.”
Myself “How would he come to know that?”
“I don’t know. But if he did, he would want to find Paul to kill him.”
Myself “No, something else is going on.”
“But if he kills Paul, I’ll get all that money and he’ll get his money. I don’t know what to do. Someone’s has got to stop Wexler. I’m sure those were his men.”
Here we reached the hospital, Friday and the rest of our companions waiting.
Friday “Well, we found 2 of Wexler’s boys.”
Myself “Where?”
Friday “Around the corner from Whitfield’s, in a garbage heap, throats cut.”
Myself to Herb “As I said, it was not them.” Friday had the wagon with the bodies with him. A comparison of their boots to the bloody prints at Herb’s did not show a match, as expected. We left quickly for this Rogers man’s apartment.

No one was there, so we broke in. 2 rooms only: the front the living space. On the wardrobe sat theatrical makeup, false beard and hair lightner…his disguise kit. In the backroom a study with a small bookcase, and writing instruments on the table. I took the first look around:
The books pertained to history, archaeology and anthropology. On the table sat a small locked metal box, several manuscripts in pencil, and an odd book with very thin metallic front and back cover. Between, the pages were of a tough material. I handed this to Theo and Jon. The 100 or so pages were covered with strange figures in brushstroke. An alphabet unknown to any of us, including Theo and Jon. The manuscripts seemed to be a translation of the writings in the book, about half finished. This we took with us.
Jon and Theo found nothing of particular interest on the bookcase.
I easily picked open the lockbox, housing an odd device separated into 2 pieces. Underneat it lay a journal.
Myself “Atwater look at this. It looks electrical, but I’m no expert in the field.”
Atwater could not make heads nor tails.
Inspecting it further I felt it way beyond normal technology, but was able to slip the pieces together. It was then I realized it had an apparent on/off switch. Flipping it caused a bright shaft of light emanate from one end of it which housed something red inside, perhaps glass or a jewel. Suddenly, the widening shaft of light revealed a terrible creature within it, a cone shaped thing with endless grotesque appendages and nodules seemingly standing in the room where nothing had been. It was startled by the sight of us, no doubt expecting Paul’s old companion, when the thing in my hand began to sizzle and shorted out in sparks and heat, mostly melting it after I dropped it to the floor. As soon as the light turned off the vision was gone.
Theo called it “of The Great Race of Yith. Ancient, I think known for possessing other creatures.”
Myself “Like Paul! We have it!”
Theo “Of course! Subjects even lose their memories during the possessed period. It is unnatural how this knowledge comes to the mind of one who has studied tomes of this Mythos. As if from nowhere at times.”
Myself “Were we seeing the past?”
Theo “I do not know.”
Jon opened the journal that was with the device and began to read as we continued our search but found nothing furthur.
Jon “This explains the device. Roger is in a Yith worshipping cult. The cult members are often used by the Yithians as companions for those the Yith possess. The device is a communication tool. The most recent deal with Paul: since his memories were coming back and he was going to try to prevent an event the Yith want to happen, because in their future it did happen, Roger’s orders were to kill Paul and anyone else warned by his dreams.”
Will “So Paul knows something we need to stop.”
Jon “Dear God, it has something to do with the release of a ‘beast’.”
Everything, EVERYTHING is connected.

We returned to the office to discuss matters. We had Rogers to possibly watch for at his apartment, and now that we knew where Paul was we had to decide if he was safe or in danger, and so whether or not we needed to go to him.
Later, Cassandra “This thing with the Yith has to do with Time, by what is written in this journal. If in their future this event with the beast happens, and they are in our past, and we assume the beast devours humanity, if you stop this event it may destroy the Yith if this event is something which needs to happen for their survival. Perhaps they need humanity to be destroyed. They are treating it as very important for them in the past.”
Theo “I say we lie in wait for Roger at his roomsand waylay him.”
Cassandra “Make him talk to you, tell you about the cult.”
Myself “Do we go to Paul? We could go there to protect him but so far as we know the cult does not know his whereabouts. Yet if they do find out and we don’t know it, he’s done for.”
Will “We need to get Paul out then. Protect him ourselves.”
Jack “How about Wexler.”
Will “We could do that.”
Myself “2 of their men were just killed. They will still be after Herb, still not knowing he put one over on them. We might not want them to know that is what really happened. If they find out they may want to do worse than break Herb’s legs.”
Jack “They may want to go after the cult for killing 2 of their boys.”
Theo “Why would they believe us though? We tell them a diabolical cult killed their men and they laugh in our faces.”
Myself “May still be worth the effort, but we definately should go to Paul ourselves. Atwater, you will obviously have to go as his doctor. Stop by the hospital and see Herb first, to find out the reasons he gave for Paul’s stay. Get an official signed letter from Whitfield to let Paul out in his care. Jack, drive him there. Take Theolonius of course. The rest of us will lie in wait for Roger.” They readied quickly and departed.
Whitfield would tell Atwater it was a simple as the “almighty American dollar”. $500 to be exact to believe Paul was a star of the stage and screen whose secret could not get out.

First, we went to Rogers’. I broke in to allow Jon entry and he waited. The occult flying squad were stationed around the perimeter streets and alley.

Will, Cassandra and myself then visited Wexler’s warehouse and simply walked inside via the front door. Inside we found a couple hard looking men playing cards.
Myself “Excuse me.”
One of them “What can I do for you swells?”
Myself “I should like to speak to the good sir Wexler.”
“Ah, you mean da boss.”
Myself “Yes. I wish to speak with your boss.”
“Joey, you go get the boss.” At which point we heard the unmistakable hammers of a couple single action revolvers cocking.
Myself “No need for any violence men.”
“He looked us over for anther moment before relaxing, to a poing “You’s don’t look like you could cause much trouble.”
Myself “No sir, not us.”
Through the front door came 5 men from outside, a few with meat cleavers. They wore butchers attire and they were quite bloody.
The man sitting “Oh, don’t worry about them guys. They just work at the meat packing plant next door.”
Will “I bet one of my friends has delivered for you before. Jack Burton. The Porkshop Express?”
“You send that guy around! We gots to have words with him. See da boss, he owns the packing plant too.”
Young Joey then returned with “The boss will see ya.”
Myself “Very good” and he showed us the way to Wexler’s office.
Wexler sat at his desk, a huge steaming hot pile of what looked like slop in front of him. I believe it was made of parts that most of us would regard as inedible.
“Innards. I like ’em. You want some innards?”
Myself “No thank you sir, we just ate” our stomachs turning 0though Cassandra I would consider questionable in that regard).
Wexler tried to smooth talk Cassandra, feebly, more than once during our conversation. I shall simply omit.
Will “So, are the rumors about you true?”
“Absolutely not. I’m an upstanding businessmen, I own legitimate businesess. Any of that crap about me being some kind of gangster….you write anything about that, newsman, and you might end up the worst for it.”
Myself “We never said he was a newsman.”
“Ahh, I knows you swells. I knows everybody who’s important in this town, and even some not important like yous guys.”
Myself “We’re friends of a man who is friends with a man you have been dealing with recently. Herb Whitfield, poor sap who doesn’t know how to spend his money wisely.”
“Why ae yous guys bothering a busy business man?”
“Well, we were at Whitfield’s office yesterday and one of my associates saw a couple of your men…”
“Rocky, Joey, thow these bumbs out. But first, break something.”
Myself “Sir, I insist you not do such a thing, and hear me out. 2 of your men were accosted and killed this moring.”
“Yous got 1 minute. I know what Whitfield did and you is gonna go nback with a message for him that the next time my boys see him they are not going to be so nice.
Will “You think he did it?”
“He killed 2 of my boys!”
Myself “Whitfield did not kill your men.”
“I gave him 4 more days and he jumps my men! Time’s up! Break somethin’!”
Will “That wasn’t a minute!”
“I don’t care. I don’t want to hear any more nonsense about Whitfield not being the man. Whitfield’s the guy.”
Will “Whitfield was beaten to within an inch of his life in his own house just after your men were killed.”
I would have feared for our wellbeing muchmore had Cassandra not been there. I could tell she was about to unleash something terrible when he said “All right, Rocky. Hold on” then to us “Tell us what you want.”
Myself “Since you thought it was Whitfield, you obviously have no idea who actually killed your boys.”
“You callin’ me an idiot?”
Myself “Not at all?”
“You think I don’t know whats going on? Listen you, I’m no stinkin’ idiot. I know what’s goin’ on.”
Will “Myself?”
“You tell me!”
Myself “I thought you might want us to do so.”
“You tell me what’s going on, then I’ll tell you if you’re right.”
Myself “My associated also met a man this morning named Rogers, who was not who he said he was.”
“What about this Mr. Rogers?”
Myself “Rogers runs with one of those cults I’m sure you’ve heard about nowadays. I think they murdered your men.”
Myself “I think they may be trying to move in on you.”
“I don’t think so.”
Myself “They did it, and we’re looking for them as well.”
“So where’s Lamond then? How does he fit into all of this?”
Will “Lamond is safe and sound. As a matter of fact, it is a former friend of Lamond who is the man we are speaking of.”
“So you think they’re after Lamond?”
Will “Oh, they are after Lamond.”
“Well then… men ever heard of Juda’s goat? You take a goat, and put it out to attract the tiger. When the tiger comes, you kill it. These guys killed 2 of my boys, and I’m not gonna keep the respect of the rest of the gang if I don’t do something about it. Sounds to me like we got ourselves a goat. All we have to do is get our hands on a couple of them and we’ll make them talk.”
Will “We have a man about to get his hands on Rogers himself.”
“Well then, why don;t yous guys take a ride with me and we’ll go have a little talk with this Rogers.”
Will “Would you mind if we brought him back here?”
“Let’s say, not that I don’t trust ya, but I think I’d rather go with you and get the merchandise myself.”
Myself “Fine. Our man is waiting for Roger’s at his apartment to accost him upon his return.”
“Ok then. Let’s go.”
Wexler brought 3 of his men with him. “We’re taking my brand new steam vehicle.”

2 of his men scouted the perimeter and returned “There’s a bunch of cops around the corner.”
Myself “They’re with us.”
Will “They’re part of our task force.”
Wexler “I don’t like cops.”
Myself “Allow me go to them and send them off” which I did. “Would you allow myself, Will and Cassandra to watch the rear?” He didn’t want to let us stay together, smartly suspicious though of course we were completely on the up and up, as they say.
Myself “2 of your men can come to the back with me then. Will and Cassandra will stay at the front with you.”
We all waited and watched all day with no sign of Roger. Wexler was becoming irritated, but I knew Roger could not leave his communication device behind. On one visit to the front to check on things Wexler voiced some concern but i assured him “He’ll be here.”
Wexler “You have a man in the apartment you said?”
Will “Yes. Do you want any of your men to join him?”
“No, no. That’s fine.”
It was late after dark before, at last, Father Jon heard a noise through the rear window of the apartment, leading into the room with all his effects. The area was too dark for us to see from below, but no one had passed me for certain. He must have come from above.
At first, Jon assumed it could not be our man for why would he come in through the window? Jon positioned himself in the darkest corner crouching. A moment later a leg came in before a man who did not look like Roger entered. As this man crossed the room Father Jon let his presence be known and leveled his shotgun “If you have a weapon, you had better put it down.” The man turned to flee back through the window and was almost out before Jon decided to simply fire.
We below now could hear the rush of the man onto the fire escape and could make out his form since we knew it was there, and he began to make for the roof. If he made it, he would likely escape. The apartments are very close here if not up against one another for at least 10 building in each direction. We then heard and saw the sound and flash of Jon’s shotgun from the window (he would say he fired hoping to injure and not kill him).
I ordered Wexler’s men to the right. One to rush a few buildings down and hurry up to the roof, the other to go a couple buildings further and do the same. I made for the left to follow suit. Unfortunately, before we could get far, Jon’s shot fell him and he tumbled from above to the concrete below dead. I thought to myself “this is the sort of thing Jack would have done, not Jon”.
I began inspected the body, pulling wallet and billfold, as Will and Wexler arrived.
Myself "We should use your vehicle to take the body to your warehouse.
Wexler “I told yous guys I wanted him alive! What’s wrong with you? Which one of you shot him?” One of his men immediately fingered Jon.
“The priest!!!??? What kind of priest are you? I don’t like yous guys you’re way too violent for me.”
Will “Quickly now, let’s move.” We loaded the body into Wexler’s steam vehicle and all met at his warehouse.
By our prisoner’s ID and possessions, he seemed to be a business clerk. I made certain it was not a disguise, but nothing whatsoever was suspicious about the man.
Weler “We need to get rid of his body.”
Jon “In the river?”
Wexler “I have a better idea” then to his men “Take him next door”, then to us “I’m sending it to this Roger. It’s a tradition I have. Somebody sends somebody after my boys, I send ‘em back a sausage, signed ’Bone’ appetit.”
Myself “Roger still has to return to that apartment, all of his important things are there.”
Wexler “We’ll have to wait for your people to come back from upstate.”
Myself “We have to continue watching the apartment. There is one thing there he will return for. That communication device.”
Wexler “Where does this guy work, anyway.”
John “He claimed to be from the Cline insurance company.”
Will “We inquired into Cline, but that was fake.”
Rather unnecessarily sarcastic (investigators of quality always covers their bases) “You think so?”

Starting here, computer died so more brief notes. Will need filled in later

Jack, Atwater and Theolonius:
Takes about 10 hours there and 10 hours back, but they drive straight through. It’s about On ride upstate, theo sits in front. Jack sees they are being followed in a faster steamcar.
Jack “Let’s just go to where we’re going.”
We get there and car continues on. Atwater talks to the doctor, claiming to be Paul’s PCP. He lets Atwater see the semi crazy/delirious Paul. Says Herb did this to him. Claims to see the beast outside widow. They leave with him, Paul in back of car with Atwater. On a long stretch of highway a truck suddenly appears ahead bearing down.
Atwater “Floor it!”
Jack does so and the other driver flinches first (card) peeling off the road and crashing. Behind it are 2 more trucks. We fly by them as they hurl random objects. Jack outruns them and we make it to NY, pulling up in front of Teddy’s house. The trucks disappeared in the traffic, Jack looping and backtracking to aid in loosing them. The first car then shows up behind us. Jack while driving fires at the engine but the shot is wild. He Heroic Surges but misses again. The car turns away. Paul asks to go to mom’s house but we say its not safe. We take him to the office.

Evening Feb.4
Our quarry arrives. As we try to enter behind him, a gang of 20 ruffians rounds the corner, no doubt paid off by Roger. Wexler’s men Joey and Rocky stay to hold them off as I enter and proceed upstairs.
He sees Jon immediately upon entering the room, closes the door and runs back downstairs. I lay in wait and go for his legs as he rounds the landing, grappling him at the knees and he falls face first. He almost slips free but I hold fast and begin dragging him upward when Jon arrives and helps me subdue him.
5 of the ruffian enter the hall downstairs, apparently basting Wexler’s 2 men. Jon draws his long sword and intimidates them. They take off. We get Joe and Rock, then to Wexle’s warehouse. I identify his boots as the boots of the killer of Wexler’s men outside Herb’s house.
I head to office to await word from Atwater but they are already there. Jon stays to interrogate Roger with Wexler. It doesn’t take much to break him. The cult is him and 3 others, 1 of whom we killed. They worship the great race of Yith. They just do what the Yithians tell them to do. Being the men who killed Wexler’s men, Wexler deals with him, and later that night deals with the other 2.
Paul knows very little about his coming terror but for vague references and visions. The Yith are certainly going to want him dealt with again, we must assume. We will try to protect him as best we can.
He agrees to hypnotise Erica’s man.

Today, February 5

We detail to Paul all dealing with Carlyle, and outline questions to be asked, so there is a little verbal interference from us as possible during the hypnotism. Via letter, we schedule a visit to Erica tomorrow afternoon. Afterward, we will begin to investigate the triple murder case which Friday brought to our attention.

Elias/Carlysle VII
Our visit with Erica Carlysle at her estate

We arrived via 2 carriages at Erica’s Carlyle Estate just after lunch today. She invited us inside with a friendly enough manner, though I could tell she was nervous about what was to come. Atwater and Cassandra’s report on the benefit showed 2 sides to Erica. Part of her never again wants to think about Kenya. Yet, she had at least one opportunity to let the converstation end but began again herself at the end of the night, opening the way for our visit earlier. I felt that if we played the situation with the right tact and care, and showed her the respect she deserves, we could get everything we sought.

Erica “I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to see the books. He kept them in a safe, and wrote the combination down somewhere here in the library. I can not find it. Without it we can’t open the safe.”
Myself “Would you mind if we took a look ourselves?”
Erica “Help yourself.”
Myself “You are most accomodating.”
Roger’s library is quite impressive. Thousands of volumes, plus multiple tables, a billiard table, the entire north wall was a massive case of reference tomes, and an impressive fireplace. There was a separate section for occult volumes only, but they were mosty popular surveys of little interest to us at the time being. Before anyone else stepped foot in the room, I instructed them to wait outside as I walked the room alone.
Among all the reference works on the north wall, I noticed a collection of Poe’s works, out of place there. I pulled it off the shelf and it seemed perfectly normal. On the flyleaf, however, was written 28R 13L … The combination! Behind where the book had rested I could barely make out a panel, which I was able to slide to one side revealing the safe. Opening it, I removed 4 books then beckoned the others to my side. I handed the first 2 to Father Jon and the other 2 to Theolonius.

  1. The Necotic Manuscripts (in English): unknown
  2. Selections de Livre D’ Ivon….: A French commentary on a latin original by Gaspar du Nord
  3. A book of poetry called People of the Monolith: while travelling eastern europe the author spent the night at a monolith that was supposedly haunted. He returned mad and wrote the book.
  4. Life as a God by Montgomery Crompton: handwritten diary by the English artist when he went to Egypt in 1805.

Unfortunately, with regard to the 2nd, none of us read French. Theo was able to decipher the title as __, and it seemed to be about the being Nodens.
The last seemed the most immediately interesting. Jon and Theo are certain it is bound in human skin. It is full of secretive and unspeakable acts of a sexual and violent nature and ritutal sacrifice of all sorts. It describes these acts as being committed for the Pharaoh of Darkness (Nyarlathopep we presume), and mentions the Dark Pharaoh’s throne room. One quote about it in particular:

“It’s angles were magnificent and most strange. By their hideous beauty I was enraptured and enthralled, and I thought myself of the daylight fools who had judged the housing of this room as mistaken. I laughed for the glory they missed. When the 6 lights lit, and the great word said, then He came, in all the grace and splendor of the higher planes, and I longed to sever my veins so my life would flow into his being and make me part of a god!”

They shall take weeks of study, and Cassandra insisted to me aside that we could not leave them there. She suggested hypnotism. I decided on more discreet diplomacy.
Myself “We must have these books for our cause. They are of utmost importance. They are nothing but a danger to your life by being here.”
Erica “Your cause means nothing to me.”
Myself “It should.”
Erica “Why.”
Myself “Your life is in danger the longer these books are here.”
Erica “Joe will protect me.”
Myself “If you had only seen what we have these last few months.”
Erica “I can’t give you these books.”
Myself “I was hoping not to have to expose you to this just yet.” I handed her the claim from Elias that the entire expedition was not dead, “We came into possession of this communication. You know Jackson Elias? This was from him. He was investigating your brother and this Bloody Cult business, one which we continued, who again I will stress were fully active here in New York City until mere days ago. Murdering, sacrificing, kidnapping police offers and good citizens. We are out only to stop this from happening further. This letter was among Elias’ things.”
Taking it from my hand, she read it intently “How do I know that’s not a forgery? How do I know that you are not conmen?”
Myself “Only by our reputation.”
Erica “Well, I actually think I have someone here that is going to want to meet you.”
Myself “Who is that?”
Erica “I too have connections in this town, and I have a member of the NY police standing by, waiting here now to arrest you if you are not who and what you seem to be.” Turning, she called through the open door, “Lt. Friday.” Yes, into the room strode Friday!
Friday “Erica, these gentlemen are the most trustworthy, and frankly amazing group of men I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”
Erica had called headquarters within a few days after the benefit and requested they send someone out tonight, worried about several possible scam artists named….all of us. Considering our connection to him, word made its way quickly to Friday, therefore he took the call personally.
Erica “All right, you may have the books. On loan, for now.”
Myself “Excellent. Thank you. Now, is there more you and Joe may tell us about what happened over there, about your brothers ‘friends’.”
Myself “Ah, Penhue, yes.”
“I know very little about him. He owns some kind of foundation in England.”
Myself “At the least he funds archaeological research and digs.”
Erica “Maybe he needed money. Everyone around Roger usually did. Robert Houston? Very sensitive and perceptive. There were some rather nasty rumors after he left that he used his alienist treatments to gather information in order to blackmail people.”
Atwater “Really?”
Myself “That’s the first we have heard of that.”
Erica “Well, these were only rumors. I always found him to be the soul of tact.”
Myself “He may not be what he seemed to Carlyle.”
Erica “As far as Hypatia Masters? I met her here and there.”
Myself “We are uncertain of how she fits into all of his.”
Eria “Roger dated her a few times. Then they broke up but stayed friends. She was a good photographer. That’s why she said she was going along, but the rumors! It’s not the sort of thing that a lady can talk about.”
I did not bring up my fears of a connection to the Bloated Woman and Hypatia (being the sole female member) and the assumed ramifications (her being the forced mother to a beast).
Theo “How about you, Joe.”
Joe “Yeah, the dame had an abortion.”
Myself “Was she trying to run away from it?”
Joe “Yeah.”
Theo “Similar to Houston, but on the other end. There were rumors he got someone pregnant, who then committed suicide. Maybe he was running too.”
Joe “They all had some reason for running. Except Brady. He went along to be Roger’s little man.”
Myself “Roger wasn’t running, though. He was following the black woman.”
Joe “That bitch was leading him around by his nose, or maybe his…”
Myself “Not necessary in front of the lady.”
Joe “That Brady though, he hated her.”
Theo “Brady seems on the up and up.”
Joe “That Brady was a murderer, for God’s sake!”
Erica “Well after all Joe, you’re a murderer.”
Joe “Only in the line of duty, lady, only in the line of duty.”
Myself “We do not know the specific circumstances of Brady’s trial.”
Joe “Yeah, well, there’s no way he could have gotten out of that without Roger. He said to me once ‘I owe my life to Roger, and I’ll spend the rest of my life paying him back’. On top of that, he liked Roger. Nobody liked Roger! But he liked him, I don’t know. He said once, Erica, remember what Jack said to you?”
Erica “Yes, I’ll never forget it. He said to me ’There’s more good in your brother than you know. He’s a good guy, all he needs is somebody to help bring it out.”
Myself “Hmm. Maybe Roger brought out the good in Jack.”
Erica “Maybe.”
Joe “That good luck charm…”
Theo “Over his heart?”
Joe “His mother game that to him.”
Theo “So we read. His mother gave that to him? Had some strange writings on it.”
Joe “He used to say ‘They might fill Roger’s head with strange dreams and strange thought, but as long as I got my good luck charm I can think straight’. That’s crazy talk.” Yet, evidence suggests it may have worked. Perhaps he should have given it to Roger.
Myself “Tell me about the comment you made to Atwater and Cassandra, at the party, about ‘the father is like the son’. Explain that further.”
Joe “I can’t. Thoughts, they just come into my head sometimes, from that time that I lost.”
Myself “Why would his father come to your mind in Africa? Was he there?”
Joe “Not Roger’s father.”
Myself leaning to him, carefully and quietly “Who’s father?”
Joe “I didn’t say the father, I said the son is like the father. There’s something there. Something is going to happen. Pregnancy, there is a woman with child.”
Myself “Did Roger have a child with M’Wuru?”
Joe “No.”
Myself “Hypatia? Her child wasn’t aborted?”
Joe “Yes, but another.”
Myself “With Roger?”
Joe, slowly becoming a bit frightened “Feeds on her, from within..The father” breaking down now and covering his face with his hands, “Without a face!!!” He groaned in sad agony here.
Myself “Get the man whiskey, Atwater!”
Joe “I don’t remember. I don’t remember. NO! Nothing! NOTHING!”
Myself “Ok, allright Joe. Have a drink or 2. You’ve been an enormous help. Just relax.” After his first drink he gathered himself.
Joe “No one should have to suffer…that.” He paused for several seconds, “The bl…”
Myself “The bloated womam?” I have been waiting for this name to become important since we first heard of it so briefly, and now that time is here.
Joe “The bloated woman. I can’t remember! I don’t know!” He seemed struggling with himself, and I thought it best to stop here.
He had a second drink and we did not speak for minute.
Myself “Let’s give you time to settle down, Joe. Would you be willing to go through a session of hypnosis soon?”
Joe “Will it help me forget?”
Myself “I don’t know if it will help you forget more, you seem to have blocked out much already, but it my help you remember for us without you realizing you did so upon waking. You see? You can tell us what your mind knows, without remembering you remember, hopefully. Ideally that is how it would work.”
He thought, surprisingly, for only a few seconds, “Ok.”
Myself “You’re willing to do that?”
Joe “Yes.”

My first thought for the hypnosis was that perhaps someone in the Arkam group may be skilled, until we were walking out to the carriages, where it struck me: Paul Lemonde. Hopefully he is in NYC. Will is to find out tomorrow.

Research Update

Much research has been accomplished between the fall of Juju and now, and I have waited to compile it all into a single entry.
We wlll forward all information we have (names, items, places…) of importance in the concerning Carlyle and Elias as well as the Baron H Conspiracy to Archimedes for him to follow up on in Europe using his own connections. Theolonius will send everything via secure channels he knows in the Iluminati New York offices.

We received a package from Archimedes with return information about several things:
On Duncan McBane: last survivor of the McBane family in the small town of Cannich in Scotland, about 40 miles from Inverness (Jon “I once encountered a haunting in an old ruined tower outside of Inverness”). The railroad from Aberdine and Edinboro goes through Inverness. Loch Carron is the closest of its kind to Cannich. Interestingly, Cannich is also the recent home of a hero of the Iluminati, a monster hunter named Henry Hancock.
Myself “There is either a spy in the Iluminati or he is there on a mission already, likely linked to our investigation. I would assume the latter.”
Theo “There is no chance he is a mole. He has done far too many great deeds for that to be possible.”
On Baron Hauptman: Lives in a castle, ruling nearby village of Drovosna in Romania; He has a very interesting history, there have been a succession since they first appeared in the area in 1242; mysterious murders have occurred several times in the past; one of the Baron’s was accused of sorcery and was met in battle by a priest who defeated him (nothing more specific than that) in an unknown year; castle then sat empty for decades before a descendant appeared and took the title and lands. The current Baron is a scholar and expert in medieval history…
Theo “I’m sure he is!” Alluding to the possibility of him being unnaturally long lived.
…has an interest in the arcane, and travels the world as such. There are paintings of many of them, and as we found before they all look so completely different it is difficult to believe they are from the same family.
He also said he wired Rathbone ahead of his scheduled arrival in Alexandria on the 23rd to send us knowledge on about Egyptian Nefruka. We recieved Rathbone’s long, and certainly expensive, response by wire on the 24th:
A powerful leader and priest, early member separatist movement in Delta region, later known as 14th dynasty. He and followers worshipped Dark Pharaoh in secret underground temples and schemed against pharaoh aided by DP. Called for secret temples to chant, calling down star spawned monsters to create havoc in Egypt. When Pharaoh sent armies to deal with the menace, the cult would attack the infrastructure in the cities. Aided in all by DP, who had promised a messenger would be sent. Pharaoh Khasekhemre Neferhotep I learned of the plot and sent spies and assassins afar in search of Nefruka. Found hiding in underground temple in western desert known as The Well, a particularly sacred site to the cult. They found the priest in prayer and mortally wounded him, yet his followers countered and tore the assassins apart. With his dying breath Nefruka prophesized (what is unknown). By the time pharaoh learned of Nefruka’s death his body has been wisked away and secretly buried by his followers. All c.1733 BC. They then supposedly travelled to central Africa and G’harne (of the fragments), a ruined city of the Old Ones.
Cassandra “As in the G’harne fragments.”

Theo found a reference to Nefruka in the Necronomicon as well, that the prophecy spoken by him just before death was one later dreamed by the mad arab and documented in the Necronomicon:
And it was dreamed again of the priest Nefruka and of the words he spake at his death. How the son would rise to claim the title, and the son would rule the world in the name of the father, and the son would then revegnge the father’s murder, and the son would call the beast that is worshipped, and the sands would drink the blood of the seed of the Pharaoh and after this manner did Nefruka prophecise.
Myself “Good God! It’s all about what we have discovered thus far!”
Jack “What are ya talking about.”
Cassandra “This pulls it all together.”
Myself "We’ve already heard of the beast; and the father and the son, the son is like the father, it’s matches all we have learned of the Carlyle Expedition.
It is Nefruka’s prophecy that is happening NOW!

Will, through research and his glib tongue, and Atwater via his medical contacts, began by looking into the abortions:
They confirmed abortions in all 3 cases. Roger’s case was a reason for his ejection from Miskatonic, and they were able to dig up her name. Atwater wired our office in Arkam to look into it. Bridge resonded that he met with the girl, who was a nice enough lady. She is a typical citizen, still living in Arkam and working in a restaurant. She had been going to school with Roger, attempting to become a professional woman, when they had their affair. He ruined her life. They fell in love, he got her pregnant, left her, husher her up with money before word got out. They both were thrown out of school and she never saw him again.
They could find no evidence of Huston’s deceased girl having an abortion or being pregnant upon her death. They did find the name of the girl’s mother and best friend and so Will paid a visit to each. The mother would only insist her daughter was a good and virtuous girl. The best friend, with some gentle prodding, revealed the truth of the secret abortion and that that was the reason she killed herself.

Meanwhile, Theolonius (within our own arcane tomes) and Jon (at the library assisted by Professor Cowles) searched for connections between mountain gods, bat gods, winds, and Nyarlathotep and/or Cthulhu:
A Black Wind is known locally in several parts of the world, 3 of most noteworthy being Australia, a town in Italy, and South America. The Bat god from Australia has suspicious similarities to one in South America dating back to the Incas.
Myself “A Ha! Now we know why Elias travelled there!”
Cassandra “So a link between Australia and the Pacific coast of South America.”
The Black Wind could be connected with several different Mythos beings.

For my part, I looked into my own newspaper archives on the deaths of the NW Inc. parents off coast of San Francisco, and Carlyle’s parents:
Mother found on the boat, drowned, but with fresh water in her lungs. The boat registered to them was the Dark Mistress.
Myself “We have it! The yacht in the Elias photograph!”
Carlyle’s parents’ yacht was never found. They left on a cruise around the world, stopping in San Francisco. They left, and their bodies were found floating off the coast. This was when Roger was 24, some 10 years or so after the NW parents death. The name of Carlyle’s yacht? THE DARK MISTRESS!!!
I immediately sent Will to wire Archimedes to get the Wangs looking into this yacht being currently at a Chinese port. He also wired to a newspaper contact in San Francisco, a himself dug into ship registry while he investigated London, NYC and Boston registries. He found a yacht of that name in a British registry owned by an Alfred Penhurst
Jon “Sounds too close to Penhue.”
and has been around for 30 or 40 years. However, it has been owned by a succession of people including the NW parents and Carlyle’s, so all 3 are the same boat. It has never been owned by a single owner for more than a couple years and many owners have died at sea. Originally commissioned in Dover shipyards; first owner and overseer of commission and building was a Mr. Richard HAUPTMAN!!!
Theo “What is the current Baron’s first name?”
Myself “Richard!”
This proves a horrifying truth, it seems. The Carlyle and Baron H investigations may indeed be 1. We are all in far worse danger than it seemed even before.
A Dr. Lang Phu, from China, or agents of his, always seem to possess the boat after the deaths of the owners for he did so after the deaths of the NW parents and Carlyle’s. All in between died off coast of San Francisco.
A Lewis Clark was Cpt. during the deceased Carlyle’s owner. The current captain is also named Lewis Clark, indeed ALL of them were and have always disappeared at the death’s of the owners.

Jon then worked at the library, doing our own research on the Baron:
It took some deep digging, but the priest who defeated him was a Catholic monk so Jon searched the church records; first Baron built the castle c.1242 after driving off the Mongols; later found to be decendant of a Hauptman secretly member of Teutonic Knight but also Templars; was spying on the latter for the former; tried and was going to be executed for heresy but was rescued and never heard of again; 1348 Louis the Great sent a patrol to investigate murders in the Barony; patrol disappeared, assumed to be bandits; 1389 castle sieged by Turks, on 4th morning Turkish leader and scribe found mutilated and drained of blood, the army left to attack Wallacia instead; 1628 villagers led by a local Jesuit monk stormed the castle; Baron’s supposedy killed but body never found; lay empty until 1792 when Austria drove Turks from area, this is when the Hauptman appeared from abroad to reclaim family lands and title, he is the ancestor of current Baron; the children of the Baron’s were always raised away from the castle, the first time they would appear was when the old Baron ‘died’, and the new would appear to claim lordship; there was a very suspicious nickname for the Barons over the years: ‘Soul Eater’; a visitor to castle about 1870, a boy only referred to as young master Edward, a distant cousin whose parents were killed in a tragic boating accident.
Myself “The son of the NW parents is named Edward!”
Theo “What in God’s name is going on here.”
Myself “It’s the age old problem, the more we discover, the more confusing it gets.”

Theo took up research on Helmut Grossman and found absolutely nothing. Perhaps Archimedes will find something.
About the Astrum and the Golden Dawn, Jon found only that they are orders in London, both appearing to be legitimate secret societies.

Armitage and his group sent us information we requested on 3 items:
G’Harne Fragments: confirming information found by Will and Miriam, deals almost exclusively with the occult in Egyptian and the northern half of Africa. Miskatonic DOES have a copy of the work by Wendismith. Wilkerson noted in the package that Rathbone, who studied under him for a semester, read the sixteenmo during his studies at Miskatonic.
Ark of Vlaktos, supposedly in CA:
The unknown disc in Scotland: unknown

Jack worked full time at his business during this time. Beside my research, brief in comparison to the others’, I solved 3 minor but profitable cases, with some help from Atwater and Jack, to keep the business financially sound. Atwater has taken on a junior partner at his office so as to keep it open full time. This will give him more funds to divert to the agency.

Tomorrow, we meet Erica at her estate.

The Elias/Carlysle Expedition VI
Benefit gala with Erica Carlysle

The Benefit Party

I instructed Cassandra and Atwater to NOT mention Elias’ idea that some of her brother’s party are still alive. The shock of the revelation may ruin our chances to speak with her at length.

Erica Carlysle arrived at the benefit fashionably late, 2 male companions in tow: a tough looking man named Joe Corry at her side, a bodyguard at the least. He remained to one side of the room, his eyes roaming constantly for any possible danger with a steely gaze. Her 2nd companion was Brady Gray, a confidant and trusted friend of Erica.
Atwater approached Gray with a bit of snuff (not that Atwater partakes of the stuff, ‘horrible stuff’ he always says), but Gray declined. Rumor has it that Gray was an enforcer for a mobster. Supposedly he was sent to ‘enforce’ upon Erica, and soon he was working for her and the mobster has not been seen again. He sported an obvious bulge behind his coat from a large handgun.
Atwater introduced himself further with Gray, making him feel at ease like a good doctor can. He managed to get Gray to be a bit more indiscrete than he may be otherwise. First, he hates Roger Carlysle, calling him a spendthrift, wasteful cad. Second, he bragged about how important he was in the control shift from the board to Erica running the company (he was the one that engineered the power shift). Atwater didn’t want to press too far at once, so took his leave before ‘running into’ Brady again. Here, he brought up Erica and the expedition in a roundabout way. Brady mentioned a breakin soon after her return from Africa. This was news to Atwater, so he did not have to feign surprise.
“What breakin?”
“There was an attempted breakin at her estate.”
Atwater “What happened?”
“There were several people involved, only one was caught…actually killed. We do have armed guards. They were trying to get to the library. Those rare books that Roger had collected were still there. I’m sure they’re responsible.”
Atwater “They didn’t get any, though?”
“I’ve said too much already.”
Cassandra used the opening to go directly to Erica, “Cassandra, I haven’t seen you in quite a while.”
Cassandra “Too long.”
“Maybe not long enough.”
Cassandra “I have an associate who would like to meet you.”
“And why is that. Alone perhaps?”
“No. Well, maybe alone but not for what you thing. A professional matter…and not for what you think.”
Erica “See my secretary and he’ll see if you can be fit in.”
“He’s here at the party now.”
“Oh, he’d just like to talk here?”
“Yes, for now at least.” Cassandra beckoned him over, “This is Dr. John Atwater.”
“Ah, the doctor Atwater, yes. I know some of the less fortunate among the wealth sometimes see you for quality treatment.”
Cassandra “A very trustworthy man.” Cassandra, as Atwater described, slithered away almost unbeknownst to Erica as Atwater made her acquaintance, as if she had not even been there. She made her way to Brady to take his attention for a while.
Erica “So, what is it that you wish to speak of?”
“Predominately I’d like to talk about Roger.”
Erica “My brother’s life and unfortunate death are not things that I really like talking about.”
Atwater “Neither would I, usually. I am not inclined to talk of the unfortunate who have passed before their time to their families so abruptly. However, there are some things I wish to know pertaining to my secondary profession, of which you may have heard, concerning my relationship with John Westinghouse and his detective agency.”
Erica “I have heard, Dr., and in no uncertain terms do I have interest in having someone who is capable of causing scandal poking into my affairs.”
Atwater “Believe me, we can be completely discreet.” Cassandra joined their conversation now.
Erica “I believe one of your associates is a reporter?” in other words, a scandal hunter.
Cassandra “Yes, but if you would read his articles you would see he keeps all scandal from the public eye. Much that isn’t normal is seen by the public as quite so.”
Erica, still apprehensive but more questionably so according to Cassandra “But he is a reporter and not from the Times; and as they say ‘Some reporters are here, oh and also a gentleman from the Times’.”
Atwater “We have a reporter working with us, but he specifically gives up only what people need to know.”
Erica “Thiis is just like that Elias character, poking around. Believe me if you come poking around I’ll sick the dogs on you; or worse, my lawyers. My brother unfortunately was a degenerate. He got involved with an negro woman and then went off to Africa. He was thrown out of one school after another, lived the life of a wastrel. But this African expedition wasn’t just another of his foolish whims. There was some secret fascination, that negro woman was behind it. Then, of course, was the business with Dr. Houston. I must say you’re profession, if he is nay indication, is not much.”
Cassandra “He did concentrate more on the psychological, not medical.”
Erica “Yes, but he was well known and trusted in our social circles. I think that he talked Roger into the expedition and he felt guilty about it, and that’s why he went along. But it was that negro woman that really caused Roger to lose his grip on reality. Those terrible dreams.”
Cassandra “We heard something about those.”
Erica “He would disappear for days, then show up with no money, wild eyed and crazed; not even admitting where he had been other than somewhere in Harlem…among his own kind.”
Cassandra “His own kind? What did he mean by that.”
Erica “He would say ‘Those that can see beyond reality.”
Roger must have been heavily involved in the cult at this point, likely the Bloody Tongue itself given Harlem, to say such things.
Erica “He called her…he said she was a queen and a priestess, that she held secrets that he must have. I believe that negro drove him over the edge into complete insanity.”
Atwater “For what purpose? Taking him over there with an expedition just to get wiped out? Do you think that’s what she intended?”
Erica “I couldn’t say.”
Cassandra “Did anything happen in Africa, different than reported, when you went to Kenya looking for him?”
“Kenya? Kenya’s a dangerous place. If not for Joe I wouldn’t have made it back alive.”
Cassandra “Your bodyguard over there.”
Erica nodded in the affirmative.
Cassandra “What happened.”
“When we went up into the hills, someone started killing our people.”
Cassandra “Were you near where Roger’s expedition was supposedly wiped out? At the spot the news identified?”
“Yes, and they lied…they lied.”
Cassandra “And no bodies were ever recovered?”
Erica “They found the graves of everyone, accept the white people. They disappeared without a trace.”
“Not one of them, not Houston, not Roger, Hypatia?”
Erica “No one. Ant those that they say committed the crimes? If they did they didn;’t do it alone.”
Cassandra “Why?”
Erica “There was something else going on there. They were way too quick to close this case.”
Cassandra “Who’s they?”
Erica “The Kenyan/British authorities. I’m not saying there is anything ominous about them. I think they simply accepted the word of the natives who just wanted to get it over with.”
Cassandra “Did you meet the tribe who was blamed?”
Erica “We did.”
Cassandra “How were they, were they terrible? Were they like M’Wuru, evil?”
Erica “No. They were scared out of their minds!” Suddenly emotionally exhausted , she shut down “I’m not saying another word to you.”
Atwater “Did you here anything about a bloody tongue?”
Erica recovered “No, but they were scared and someone was killing my people. It wasn’t them.”
Cassandra “What were they scared of? Another tribe?”
Erica “No. A god of some sort. I know nothing about it, you couldn’t get anything out of the tribe. But they were frightened. There’;s a wildness there that you can;’t comprehend unless you’re actually there. Mystery and danger permeate everything.”
Cassandra “Did you ever uncover who was picking off your people. Another tribe who worshipped this god?”
Erica “We killed…well, Joe killed several tribesmen.”
Atwater “Were you able to identify the tribe by dress or anything else? Apart from the other locals?”
Erica “Nothing that comes to mind. But they seemed to come from an area around a mountain. I don’t know the name of it. When you get there, you find out where the trouble makers are, talk to the tribes and they will be able to tell you, but I don’t remember. I knew it, but I don’t remember now.”
Atwater “Would Joe remember?”
Erica “I doubt it.”
Cassandra “May we ask him?’
Erica “Certainly.” She led them over to Joe, and she asked him to answer their questions. When asked about Africa he claimed to not know what they were talking about.
Atwater “But you were there.”
Joe, a gruff voiced man “They say I was.”
Atwater “Bu tyou don’t remember it? At all”
“I remember gettin’ there.”
Atwater “When did you lose your memory?”
Erica “He was struck on the head and suffers from amnesia. He had a shock to his system.”
Cassandra “From the hit on the head? How, and attack?”
Joe “I don’t remember.”
Cassandra “Nobody else saw?”
Joe “No. I didn’t have no bump neither.” Atwater’s initial thought was witchcraft or sorcery, my own at this point of Atwater’s report was that he suffered a mental shock at seeing something terrible, rather than a physical shock or a purposeful erasing of his memory.
Joe “That’s a bad place.”
Cassandra “Anyone else from your expedition around?”
Erica “No. It was just the 2 of us and our hired help and guides in Kenya. Brady went as far as Nairobi to assist with the finances of course, but only that. He’s too…tender…for such a trip. ”
Atwater “Would you remember any of the specific men you hired? Do you have the records? “
Joe “I can get you the guide’s name.”
Atwater “Perfect. Did anyone else help handle your affairs once you were there?”
Joe “Only the guide.”
Atwater “Suppliers?”
Erica “What specifically?”
Joe “Endicot, that was his name. Col Endicot.”
Cassandra “A Brit?”
Joe “Everyone’s a ‘colonel’ over there, but yes. Before he became a hunter I think he was a colonel in some regiment of another. Other than ”

Just before they left for the night, Joe pulled Cassandra discreetly aside:
“Tell your friends, do not go to Kenya. Nothing is in Kenya but death. I wasn’t hit in the head. I don’t know what happened there, but there is a whole half a day I can’t account for.”
Cassandra “Were you near that mountain?”
Joe “God, yes.”
Cassandra “Is that where this tribe lived who worshipped the god? Who were killing your people?”
Joe “Yes.”
Cassandra “Were you getting close to something? The truth about what was going on? Did you get to the area of the mountain as part of your searching or did you have reason to go there?”
Joe “I don’t know. I do know that we stopped having problems as soon as we said we were leaving.”
There is a lot of vagueness here, little specific but for the Col.’s name.
Cassandra “Did the guide make it?”
Joe “Yes, he owns a hunting lodge.”
Cassandra “How was he, did he seem trustworthy? Was he helpful or suspicious? What did you think of him personally?”
Joe “Hated him. He’s a huge blowhard. I don’t know what else I can tell you. Don’t go near…" Here he suddenly got a light in his eye as if experiencing an apiphany" The Mountain of the Black Wind." Erica didn’t like it.
Erica “Joe, shut up!”
Atwater “You have to tell us about this.”
Erica “No, there’s nothing to tell.”
Cassandra “You have to.”
Erica “NO.”
Atwater, getting more forward to press his conviction, and he did so at the perfect strategic moment it seems, “You just don’t understand. What’s happening over there, and happened with your brother, was still going on in NY as soon as a few days ago. Other people are going to get hurt, drawin into this, unless it’s stopped at its heart!”
Erica after a moment’s pause “There’s no such thing.”
Cassandra “As what?”
Erica, with a drawn out whisper almost inaudible “Nyarlathotep.”
Cassandra “Where did you hear that name?”
Erica “I never heard it.”
Atwater feels there is a block in both of their minds. They not only don’t want to talk about it, they almost can’t.
At that point Joe suddenly giggled quite innappropriately before saying with a brief mad smile “The son takes after the father.”
Cassandra “Roger and his dad?” Recall his father died in the ‘boating accident’ off San Francisco.
Erica’s tone then changed to one of finality as she grabbed Joe by the arm as if to shake him to his senses “Joe doesn’t know anything. Unless you want to hear about Roger’s expedition I have nothing else to tell you. I have told you everying I can about Kenya.”
Atwater very politely “If you can think of anything else, or wouldn’t mind speaking to my associates you know where to find us” as he handed her the agency card. He could tell pushing any further now may break the entire possiblity of speaking to them further.
Atwater “If you need any help, psychologically, from someone not like Houson I would encourage you to see Westinghosue.”
Erica “Roger didn’t deserve friends, and the people around him weren’t his friends. Except Jack.”
Cassandra “You think he was looking out for Roger’s best interests?”
Erica “Jack’s a funny man.”
Cassandra “The man he got off on the strangling charge.”
Erica “Yes. His nickname was Brass. He was as loyal to Roger as Joe is to me.”
Atwater “Why didn;t he try to stop Roger from going on the expedition.”
Erica “He did. When he knew it wouldn’t stop Roger, he went with him. They met when Roger was at USC. Do you know they threw him out of Harvard, Yale, Miskatonic among others?”
Cassandra “Yes.”
Erica “And those old books that he read. I think they unbalanced his mind.”
Cassandra “Do you have his books?”
Erica “They’re in the library.”
Casandra “Do you think we could have access to them?”
Erica “Oh, I don’t think so. Those books have caused more than enough trouble.”
Cassandra “We have experts on teh subjects, at handling such things.”
Atwater “Not only that, it will get them and they’re trouble away from you.”
Cassandra “The worst possible place for them, for you, is at your house. It’s only more danger to you in the future if they should want them. You already had one break in, they may try again.”
Erica after consideration for a moment “You can come out to look out them, but I won’t be back there until next weekend. You may come out Saturday.”
Atwater with a courteous bow “Thank you, and consider allowing us to take them off your hands and perhaps out of New York altogether. My friends and I will see you Saturday.”
Erica “Some of those volumes are very old. If you want to appraise them, we might be able to make a deal.”
Atwater “Considering the money you ware already worth, I’m not sure we can offer you a good price but we can talk of that next Saturday.”

That ended the evening. Erica lives about a one half hour carriage ride north, on the Hudson near Sing Sing. We will all visit her next weekend.

The Elias/Carlysle Investigation V
Assault on Juju

Last night was the attack, and I am relieved to report a resounding success! The Bloody Tongue in NY is finished. Friday and an innnocent woman are rescued.
We had been ready for some 2 days now, all equipment at the ready. It started late at night, when one of the black men casing Juju rushed in to report from the watch: He had gone to relieve his partner and found him missing.
I have had the priviledge of talking to them extensively during my own time off with each, and gotten to know them well enough to respect them and enjoy their company. This was more depressing news.
As he continued his watch, he saw 3 people enter the shop, and then 2 more directly after. He ran to the office to inform us immediately. We stood, gathered our equipment in seconds, and rushed to Harlem.

[Insert Assault] 1:30:30

The battle left us in possession of several items.

  • Hidden within the altar was a wooden mask.
    Myself "Remember the word from Archimedes about the King in Yellow play in London? He mentioned a wooden mask.
    Jon “This is not only from arcane origin, but just touching it I can tell it is extremely dangerous. It, its material, is not of this earth. Wearing this would be a terrible idea.”
  • A copperbowl, which at least looked ancient. The runes and signs were unrecognizable. Jon said it must be from well before history. Could this be from Wilkerson’s Hyborean Age? The metal had an almost greasy feel which Jon called “Copper from Above” which has something to do with sending dreams to people.IT must have been M’Wuru/Anastatia’s.
    Myself “Elias dreams of Nyarlathotep, maybe? Just like Carlysle’s.”
    This will be given to Wilkerson at our first opportunity.
  • A carved scepter inset with markings that looked like Egyptians. Jon and Theo do not believe this to have anything to do with the Mythos.
  • A gray headband which Jon knew immediately. The rune he identified as a Mythos rune of some sort, though he knows he has never seen it before. He felt an urge to rub his hand back and forth across it, and as he did so a single word appeared in his mind: “Nodens”.
    The explains that Nodens can mean 2 different things. A ‘Nodens’ was a Celtic god that was worshipped in ancient Britain, associated with healing, the sea, hunting, and dogs. Also, there is Nodens, lord of the great abyss.
    Myself “The one Archimedes mentioned at the meeting in London. The cosmic hunter and ally of humanity that was once a human.”
    Theo “Yes.”
    Jon “One of the Eldar Gods.”
    Theo “That supposedly fight against the great old ones. He appears as an elderly human male with white hair.”
    Jon “He is said to ride in a chariot formed from a huge sea shell and pulled by legendary beasts.”
    Theo “He chases evil creatures in the dreamlands and hunts the servants of the Old Ones and Nyarlathotep, but for the great sport they offer. Though, it is said he is known to help humans on occassion.”
    Suddenly, as if by a compulstion, Jon donned the headband. Thankfully, nothing happened whatsoever. We shall see how this plays out, for good or ill. Hopefully he was in his right mind. He says that when he did so, he felt that wearing it will give him an edge against creatures of the Mythos.
  • A pair of lion’s claws made into great, sturdy, clawed gloves.
  • Lastly, a libray book. The one Elias was looking for stamped by Harvard University “Africa’s Dark Cults”.

The fact that these items may not have been used, but locked away, bodes well for us.
Friday thanked us for rescuing him, of course, and asked if we had seen his agent. I broke the bad news of his grisly death.
Fridy “You guys wouldn’t have been on time if they hadn’t gotten so into beating their sacrifices. Not only that, one of the cultists jumped into the pit to prove his loyalty. Unfortunately we could see what happened to him. I was wise enough to turn my head for most of it, the girl was not so smart. She will need much recovery from this.”
Talking to her afterwards, she seemed far better than we had feared, though she will need some help in getting over the worst of it.
[Ask Johnny who is she? Any name?]
Finally, we found the calendar they used to chart their sacrifices. It is a 12 month calendar, covering 10 years total. Otherwise writing and what may be numerals are indecipherable and it does not compare to our modern day calendar.
This we will also give to Wilkerson.

At this point, until the benefit, we have only further research to look into, here and in Arkam to view the fragments.

The Elias/Carlysle Investigation IV
Havard Report.

All night and morning still no activity at Juju. An important wire from Will and Jon, however, proves our actions correct. The ritual center is UNDER Juju House, and Friday is to be a sacrifice! We are indeed to watch for a group or groups entering the shop in short order. Then, we attack. 4 men from the task force stand on the ready at all times, armed to the teeth, as do we all. Hopefully, Jon and Will will return before the time to attack. We almost use Friday as bait here, waiting for the entire cult to show themselves, but it is our first and best chance at total erradication. Will and Jon return today, I will add the details below. Sent word to Roosevelt about new details.

Harvard: details of Will and Jon’s visit to Cambridge, Mass.

They Miriam Artwright at the library early the first evening, and Will approached her directly. After introductions, Will got down to business, showing her the cable between her and Elias.
Will “I assume you have seen the newspaper’s on his death. I was a good friend of his (shows her his news credentials). Some friends and I are following up on his work, with the help of the NY police department. So I would like to know what exactly he was looking for; we’d like it for ourselves in order to investigate his murder.” She led them both back to her office.
Miriam “He came looking for a book.”
“What book?”
Miriam “It’s called Africa’s Dark Sects.”
Will “Did he say anything about why, specifically?”
Miriam “He came in before his trip overseas. He thought that some incidents…it’s a nonfiction book written by someone who had spent time with devil worshipping sects in Africa. He thought there was something in there that could pertain to research he was doing on the Carlysle Expedition. However, about a month before he came in it mysteriously vanished from the library. By vanished I mean one day it was there, the next it was gonen. It was in the restricted stacks, and the day it was found to be missing there was an unspeakable odor that I can’t describe. It made everyone who stepped into the areas sick.”
Will “How long did it linger?”
“A couple hours. "
Will “As far as you know that’s all that was missing, then?”
“Yes. Can I help in any other way? Is there anything you want to try to find out while you’re here?”
WIll “Yes. You did mention in your communicatioon that the information he sought being in other volumes. So specifically what were you referring to.”
“Ah, that I can tell you but I need to consult my notes.”
She did so for a few minutes “Yes, there are references to it and quotes in about half a dozen other books on the occult, even though it was only written a few years ago.”
Will “References to the devil worshipping tribe?”
“To Africa’s Dark Sects.”
Will “Oh, to the book.”
“Yes. And also other books on the same thing, but he found most of those to be worthless. However, as a matter of fact there was a quote from the book that…um…(shuffling through papers)we found in a secondary source which I have here (pulling it out) called Adventure’s in Darkest Africa by Nigel Blackwell. What it is, is this guy lifted sections of other books by people who have actually gone to Africa and strung them together with his own narrative between. There is a quote in this man’s book from ‘…Sects’. In 1881, one of the primary events in Blackwell’s book occurs. He, or his lifted source, was in Kenya. They were holding a ritual up in the mountains, mountains identified in Africa’s Dark Sects but not Blackwell. The ritual was dedicated to a god called ‘Kyu Mogandi’. According to Blackwell that translates as ’Lord of the Bloody Mouth.”
Jon “A Bloody Tongue reference.”
Miriam "According to this he was there when a priestess came out. A beautiful tribal girl. She had been a priestess since she was 14, now 18:
“As the priestess whirled around a fire lit circlle, chanting dim words from an ancient spell, the cult executioners busied themselves with their screaming sacrifices. As the blood flowed a chill wind sprang up and I felt a flash of fear. The wind had become visible, a dark vapor againsnt the gibbous learing moon and slowly my terror grew as I comprehended the monstrous thing taking form. The corrosive stench of it hinted at a vileness beyond evil. When I saw the great red appendage with alone constituted the face of the thing my courage died and I fled unseeing into the night”. That’s 2 mentions of ‘wind’ now, both linked what seems to be Great Old Ones: here and Cowles’ lecture on the Australian bat cult.
She continued after a deep breath from all present “Now, what Nigel Blackwell saw according to this book was the god of the Bloody Mouth. The only other reference here is the name of the priestess..M’Wuru.”
Will and Jon practically sprang from there seats.
Will “Are you serious?”
Miriam “Yes.”
They sat still for a minute, Miriam no doub a bit confused, allowing this revelation to sink in fully.
Miriam “When he saw that quote he froze, then got very excited like he thought he had discovered something big. He whispered that name, as interesting to him as it is to you, and exclaimed ‘I knew it!’. Is there anything else? Any other research?”
Will “Honestly we could spend weeks in this place, but we don’t have that. How about this?” and he handed her a drawing Jon made of the rune carved into the head of Elias and the other murder victims of the past year or 2."
Miriam “I’ll look into that. Let me do some research, see what I can find.”
Will “Thank you. Mind if I peruse about in your restricted stacks?”
Miriam “Be my guest.” They talked and researched over the next few hours, Will mentioning some pieces of our investigation such as Jackson having wired him about his arrival, but then discovering Jackson was already in NY."
Miriam “It sounds like poor Jackson was trying to do the dangerous work himself, to save you from potential harm if he could, before involving you.”
Will “If he only knew the rescourses I have now.”
They worked into the night, until finally well after dark she came quickly to the table they were using as Will and Jon were reading.
Miriam “I think I found it.” She carried 3 or 4 large and old books open at once. “Look at this” pointing to a book of hieroglphy, one of which looked much like the symbol.
Will “What does it mean?”
Miriam “It is the symbol of a cult, no one knows the name of it, that was driven out of ancient Egypt.”
Will “Does it say when?”
Miriam “Sometime in the new kingdom for sure, perhaps 18th dynasty. The cult evidently fled from Egypt into what would become Kenya.” They have been in the same area for an astoundingly long time.
Miriam “It says the sect worshipped some pharaoh that isn’t mentioned by name. It just calls him the Dark Pharaoh. Driven out by…the priests…and the army of the Pharaoh.”
Jon “Basically the entire power structure was at them.”
Miriam “Yes.”
Will “It just keeps leading to Egypt.”
Miriam “It’s getting late, gentelmen. Maybe I can find out more for you tomorrow if you can come back.”
Will “We can stay the night.”
Miriam “I’m famished. I need something to eat.”
WIll “Would you like to go together, with us. We could talk more.”
Miram “Oh, that would be pleasant.”
Will “You can show us somewhere good to eat.”
She took them to a small but very nice Italian restaurant where they talked over dinner. Afterwards, they insisted on walking her home. Will requested Jon tail the two of them and look out for trouble. They were almost to her home, making their way down the street she lives on, when the ambush they had been afraid of occured.
3 blacks surprised Father Jon, surrounding him. They grabbed his arms and he could feel a gun in his spine “Hey boss, don’t make no moves, don’t make no sound, or I’m gonna blow you in half.” He then moved the gun to Jon’s neck.
Jon, of course, was not up for giving in and leaving Will to their lack of mercy. In one move he grabbed the gun from its former owner and jumped back into the middle of the street “Will, get out of here. This is no place for the likes of you!”
The other 2 attackers threw knives at Jon-3/5.
Will “They’re everywhere!”
Jon fired the revolver-dud round.
Will “The gunfire shoudl alert nearby police.” Will resolved to get Miriam out of there. The nearest open places of business were a bar and a tobacco shot. He ran for the latter, pulling Miriam along.
Will to owner “Keep her here safely. We’re being accosted in the streets by some ruffians. I have to help my friend.” As Will ran back out, the man raised a club for protection.
Jon fired again-8 “Take that you blasphemers!”
The man who had the gun pulled a knife and they all attacked, chanting an obviously African cult death curse-16 total.
Will ran up and fired 2 shots-miss/jam.
Jon dropped the pistol and drew a cruciform shortsword, attacking the leader-miss. The leader called to 2 of them to “get the girl” while he and the 3rd man stayed on Jon. As the 2 ran for Will, yelling “Police! We’re being accosted in the streets!” and fired on one-14 DEAD. They both miss as did the 2 on Jon. Will retreated and hit-8 while Jon hit the leader-14 DEAD.
At this point, a shot rang out from outside the fight hitting one of the 2 attacking Will-6. Will turned to see Harvard police officer rushing to the scene “Get away from those white men you black men!” They all fled, but Jon sent a last shot-crit19 DEAD. The cop fired twice-3/3, leaving only that wounded cultist to escape.
Cop “What happened here, gentlemen?”
Will “We have too get to the tobacco shop first. We have a women in there we were escorting home wehen we were accosted.”
Cop “Darkies after a woman!”
Will "Apparently. One of them even said “Get the girl!”"
Cop "Scum
Will “It’s a good thing you showed up.”
Jon “Theyeven attacked a priest.”
Cop “They’re not from around here. Probably from NY.”
Will “Probably. We can stop by in the morning if you want, give our statements.”
A steamcar then pulled up, a paddywagon, with a riot squad inside.
Will “He fled that way.”
The Lt. with the squad “Gentlemen! That way!” and they took off after the fleeing cultist.
Will “Would you help us escort the lady the rest of the way home?”
Cop “I will but first I’ll take your statements now.”
Will quickly noticed a gleam in the cop’s eyes at his first sighting if Miriam. He flirted with her, though gallantly and innocently as he took their statements. Miriam noticed, and reacted quite flattered. After they got to Miriam’s home, he told us to wait at the street while he took her to the door. Once there, they taked for a minite or 2, the big burly irish cop shuffling his feet and stumbling over his words like a school boy. After she was inside he returned.
Will “Well well, Lt.”
“She’s a fine figure of a woman.”
Will “Took a liking to her did you?”
Lt “Aye.”
Jon “Now don’t be doing anything you shouldn;t be doing unless you’re married.”
Lt “Bless me father, for I intend to sin!” he said jovially “We’re to go out for coffee soon and a show. Going to see a western with that Biff Baxter. He’s an exciting actor, my favorite.”
Will “I’ve heard about him.”
“That last film of his, Riders of the Purple Sage…that scene where he was talking to the guys from the wagontrain and he said “Now lisen here, pilgrim”.
Will “I like how he walks, very unique.”
Lt “Oh, yeah. Great.”
Returning to the hotel, the Lt. accompanying, they heard gunshotsf none too distant. Rushing to the sound, they found the riot squad standing over a dead man…the last cultist attacker.
Will “Find job gentlemen.”
Lt ’I see several bullet holes in him. When you shot him did you kill him?"
A squad member “Eventually. Took a couple more once he was down.”

The next morning, Jon and Will went back to the library after breakfast to meet Miriam. The woman there said informed them Miriam had not arrived yet. Will instructed her to send for the police, and that the girl who was accosted last night has not come to work.
Passing the tobacco shot, the owner from the night before stepped out. “I’ve been watching for you gentlemen. Come here a moment, I need a word from you.”
“We’re checking in on the woman friend of ous from last night. She never showed up for work!”
“I need to talk to you.”
“Ok, fine.”
“Come in ,come in,” he ushered them quickly, leading them to the back and opening the door. “Go on in there.”
Will “Is she in there?
“Just go on in.”
Will to Jon “You stay out here. I’ll go in.” Within Will found Miriam, curled up on a chair looking shaken up but relieved both at where she was and that Will walked through the door.
“Last night there was an attempted break in where I live, my apartment building. The superintendent heard the noise and chased whoever it was out with his old saber he keeps hanging on his wall. I was afraid that it was the same people from last night. I couldn’t sleep all night, then this morning when I left I saw 2 more of those black men outside of my building, so I went out the back door and headed for work to meet you and the Father. I saw another one there, outside the building. I raced to the first place I thought I might be safe…here. Mr. O’Reilly was kind enough to hide me in his back room.”
O’Reilly “They’d have had to come through me to get at the lady.”
Will “Mr. O’Reilly you’re a fine man.”
“Nothing any true blooded American wouldn’t do.”
Will “If there is anything we can ever do for you let me know” and he handed the man his business card. “I’ll write a fine little review of your tobacco shop in the paper.”
“Thank you, gentlemen. Now, you be careful with this lady and those, pardon the word, blackguards!!”
Will “Be careful yourself. We don’t want anyone after you because you helped us.”
“Small price to pay for what’ s right.”
Will “An upstanding gentlemen.”
They bought a box of fine cigars from him and walked to the library. The police were there, along with the Lt who came from home, off shift, when they called him about Miriam being in danger. He was pacing back and forth when the 3 arrived, some 30 officers searching the surrounding area.
Lt. swooning with relief, and inappropriately considering they just met erupted as he rushed toher “Miriam my darling, I was THAT worried something happened to you. After I just met you!”
Will and Jon put in a strong and fine word for O’Reilly.
Will “He should be commended.”
Lt “I know where my people are going to be buying their cigars from now on. How much longer you gentlemen plan on being in town.”
Will “Hopefully no longer than today, if even the whole day.”
Miriam “I think we can be finished by early afternoon.”
Will “Good. Miriam will then be under your care” to the Lt.
Lt “I’ll let nothing happen to the darling girl” as he bowed and kissed her hand.
Will, handing him the agencies card “If you come across any trouble like this again, let us know immediately.”
After a few more hours of research, they gathered little more of use than the day before but for evidence of a document called the G’harne Fragments which deals in part with the Bloody Tongue and it’s so called “dark master” who it makes as something beyond the aforementioned god of the bloody tongue. The first mention they found had no detailsl about the fragments themselves, not where they were found nor what they actually are. Miriam was as determined as our men to find out. After some more digging they found mention of a work by the late Sir Emery WendiSmith, a scholarly work on translations of carvings on pottery shards brought out of North Africa by an explorer named Winthrop. It was a humble, privately financed sixteenmo. Unfortunately, the library did not have the work. There were only a thousand copies made.
Will “Miskatonic, I’m willing to bet they have it.” Will left to wire Armitage about the book, telling him to wire here and NY in case they could answer in time for Will and Jon to go directly to Arkam.
The Lt. came by asked if you have time to stop by the station “We caught them. 2 more of them.”
Will “Where did you find them? Were they skulking around her apartment?”
Lt “Actually one was, the other was just down the street from here. He kept walking by, pausing, and going back again; obviously waiting to see her leave. The fool made a perfect spectacle of himself and was arrested without incident. The other put up quite a struggle. He does need hospital attention, but we need to question him first so we have him at headquarters.”
Will followed the Lt. there, leaving Jon to guard Miriam. The spy at the apartment was unconscious from a bullet injury, the other was awake but his eyes were swollen shut, his left ear looked like cauliflower and one of his arms was hanging slightly loose as if it was or had been dislocated.
Will “That’s far less than he deserves. I thought he surrendered without incident.”
Lt. “Aye by boyo he did. After he got here though, he fell down the steps…repeatedly.”
Will “What a klutz. That’s his own fault.”
Will “Well, let’s get to it.” To Jon “They followed us from NY.”
The interrogation began, with Will leading the questioning, asking all the pertinent questions of course. The cops added some intimidation factor.
Will “Are there any more of you.”
Will “Did you follow us from NY.”
No response.
Will “Look, just tell me. That priest I’m with? He’s a Jesuit. I’ll bring him in here.”
Defending himself, as if trying to separate himself from the rest of the cult (a good sign of his potential to talk)“I didn’t come from Africa. I’m not one of them. My family’s been here since befoe the civil war.”
Will “What are you doing following us, trying to kill us? Trying to kill the woman?”
“Because, this is an African god. This is a god for black men, not like your white gods.”
Will “Where were you recruited, Harlem?”
“Makunga recruited me.”
Will “Who’s Makunga.”
“Makunga Midari, the high priest!”
Will “Oh yeah? In Harlem?”
“High priest of the god of the bloody tongue, New York City branch.”
Will “Do you know of Silas? Who runs the Juju house in Harlem?”
“I have said too much.”
Will “Speak, man. It’s your only chance. You’ve gotten in way over your head.” Now that Will knew he wasn’t from darkest Africa, he went easier on the man and played on his lack of true root fanaticism. Though he could tell the man was still just barely this side of sane.
“Silas is the right hand man to Makunga. He’s the one that sent us. 5 of us. 5 of his boys.”
Will “To kill us?”
“To keep you from finding out what’s what. Make sure. And Tom…Tom Harper.”
Will “Who’s Tom Harper?”
“He’s our leader.”
Will “Back in NY?”
“No, of the 5 of us. He had the gun. They told him to kill you or bring you back for the sacrifices. So, we see you at the library, the book place, all day. All Day. We know that white…” he paused for only a second, and Will said the Lt. was about to have at him once the awaited slur was uttered, so Will thought it best to not let that happen.
Will “Watch it” pointing at the cultist “He’s going to lay into you.”
“That white lady, she gonna tell you somethin. So Tom, he take the other 2 and he go up and say ‘that priest he following the other 2. He thing he’s smart, let’s get rid a’ that priest. They woulda too if that copper hadn’t showed up. Damn coppers everywhere in this town. Can’t do nuttin. After Dale was dead, me and Charlie we hightail it. But we afraid to go back to NY.”
Will “Yeah, without results.”
“So Charlie says ‘I’ll wait at white lady’s house and you wait at the book place. When she comes, we get her’.”
Lt “Good thing they didn’t send some tougher men.”
Will “Rather than these lackeys. That’s true.”
“What else do you want to know boss?
Will “Where does the cult practice their rituals?”
“Boss I can’t tell you. They not just kill me. They kill my soul.”
Will “You have to tell us. It may be the difference between you being put to death and living out your life in an asylum. We have a doctor among us, he can put in a word for you to be put into a good place. Not a prison or executed.”
Shaking his head “You don’t know (..of what the cult is capable of). Other 2 of you boys already dead.”
Will “What other 2?”
“2 of you boys went up Arkam way. They sent guys to finish them off too.”
Will laughs “Well, I’ll tell you, if you couldn’t take out me and Jon you’re definitely not taking out those 2.”
“I don’t know, they’re bad boys.”
Will “Badder than you?”
“Oh yes. What’s going to happen to me, boss?”
Will “Like I said, hopefully we can get you some place where you can recover from whatever they did to your mind and your sanity. Remember, you’re a minority, you’ll get the worst.”
“That Christ boy gonna protect me from the bloody tongue god?”
Will “I think Jon would say yes. All the good asylums have chapels right? We’ll get you in.”
Acting far meeker now than before, and put his face in his hands “I’m just a poor black boy.”
Will “You got in over your head. We understand.”
“Juju House. They do it at Juju House. Once a month sacrifice.”
Will “Just random people, off the streets?”
Will “Is it under Juju House? I know it’s small.”
Nods head “Under Juju House.”
Will “How do you get in?”
“I can’t tell you that.”
Will quietly and caring “You may as well tell us everything at this point, my good man. “
“There’s a trapdoor.”
Will with an accurate guess “In the store? Behind the counter?”
“Yes. You go down, then a hallway right into the chapel.”
Will “A simple setup.”
A wild look of fright in his eyes “You put me in jail, you kill me, you do whatever you want. I not tell you what I saw down there. I not tell you what I saw down there.”
Will “Fine, calm down. As far as you know, that’s the only passage down?”
Will “When is the next ritual, if you know? Is it regular?”
“Yeah, but not regular. Regular but not regular. I think they got their own calendar. They do it sort of every week, but week by their calendar.”
Will “Have you ever seen it?”
“I can’t tell you much. Lots of funny lines, funny symbols. Makunga say that calendar from before the days of ancient Egypt, when black men ruled the world.”
Will “Ruled the world?”
“That’s what he say. Days of dark Stygia. Before Egypt. There was the black empire.” This is a word Wilkerson used, in his Hyborean Age theory.
Will “And that’s supposedly their calendar. So as far as this calendar goes, they sacrifice weekly?”
“They meet weekly, sacrifices maybe 10 times a year, maybe 12. No, not 12.”
Will “Is there 10 months in that year?
“Don’t know. Last year there was 11, this year to be 10. I ask Makunga once. He say this calendar from different world.”
Will “You said it was from earth, before Egypt.”
“They got it from the other place. Stupid name, formuhat. A city there, Sunojer.”
This is brand new material to us, if he the bloody tongue were telling him the truth at all. We must try to get our hands on this calendar. This was all a bit vague, he obviously didn’t know much if anything solid on the calendar. This will be a question for Wilkerson, though we know the Hyborean studies is in its infancy still.
“Don’t know when the next meeting is, but there will be a sacrifice soon; within days. And it’s supposed to be special.”
Will “Why is that?”
“Usually we cap…they capture black folk from Harlem. It’s white folk this time.”
Will “Are they already captured?”
“Soon, if not. They gonna diiiiiiieee.” He seemed a bit too satisfied about this.
Will “Don’t act so happy. Remember, you’re supposed to be trying to recover from now on or we can’t help you. Is there any way we can know this is coming by watching Juju House. If we see a lot of people showing up one night, we’ll know it’s going on?
“Oh yeah. You see 10 or more people go in and nobody go out, that’s it.”
Will “How long does it all take to come to fruition?”
Will “From the time we see lots of people go in, days until the sacrifice?”
“No, they spend days going in and out. You go in for days and come out only a couple hours later.”
Will “Oh. So once they go in we’ll have at most 2 hours to save them. Damn. So, Makunga you said is the head priest. What’s Silas?”
“He kinda like a master, sgt at arms.”
Will “The old man?”
“Guy that runs things.”
Will “Like a foreman, manager.”
That basically ended the interrogation. The Lt promised to keep him under wraps at the jail for now until hearing from Atwater. To the best of their knowledge, no one else should be in Cambridge to cause them trouble. They toyed around with going straight to Arkam, but with the sacrifice coming any day they made it straight back here.

So, once it is time for the assault, we will not have much time. It must be a lightning strike, fast and deadly. God be with Friday as we wait.


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