Armitage Files

Letter 2

This is 4 pages, the first 2 in note style, the third begins in journal style but begins mid sentence, continuing on the 4th.
It must predate the first letter we recieved in authorship, the madness has not taken such a hold yet.

Tears of Azathoth

  • fake book? Though he describes it as if he saw it
  • London booksellers
  • Del Rio used to have a copy of Tears of Azathoth!! It was a real mythos tome!! He can not remember what it was about, though he read it, oddly. It vanished from his library. He remembers not when. The more he tries to think about it the more confused he gets.
    Otherwise, no familiarity with the names. We’ve heard this before.

The Circus

  • travells eastern seaboard; perhaps a carnival per se, as no “bigtop and performing elephants”
  • Contacted law enforcement, why?
  • 2 strongmen: Vladimir Krotkin(may be garbled) and Sergei Garkalin; described by unnamed witness; strongman an “intimidating force”, guards entry to tent of ‘true secret’
  • winters in north?

New England League of Amateur Astronomers

  • a woman named Nelaa (pronounce Neela)
  • stargazer club of Miskatonic River area
  • Field trips to isolated places, rock spires: we need to research their times and places, past and future
  • we should perhaps join, and get their newsletter
  • Xmas social always Dec 21; Armitage wondered of occult significance
  • President = Thomas Ongine, laughed off Dec 21/occult question
  • “Always Darkest Before Dawn”: a song? Is he continuing from Ongine above, being the musician?

Philip or Philips

  • encyclopedia salesman, came to Armitage home
  • freckled, young but hard looking as if saw much already, but all smiles at first;quite the autodidact
  • stared at bookshelves “hungrily”
  • avoided talking of own family
  • rambled on Atlantis, eugenics, Roosevelt’s socialism, threats of freemasonry: some were normal but others taken over by satanists!
  • mentioned ‘Helping Hands’ service group: 2 or 3 chapters ’given over to murder…", Philip(s) supposedly an at sight of a rite including a shackled hobo and “inhuman chant” and ’summons to the black goat of the moon
  • accused Armitage suddenly of being ‘one of them’
  • Armitage could not get a grasp of the man’s sincerity


  • a “night in question” not explained; an unnamed informant
  • black roadster and a battered pickup, last seen rounding crown hill; something lie covered in the pickup’s bed; informant claimed something “writhed” beneath but maybe just the wind

Operative Olson

  • at an army base, reported “no untoward activity”

Our Investigations

The New England League of Amateur Astronomers is a club of stargazing hobbiests of the Greater Miskatonic River Basin. They organize field trips for members, release a newsletter, and conduct an annual Christmas social. Though there is no need for astronomy ability on entry, though we felt one should have at least some evidence of scientific interest if wished to infiltrate it. Therefore I myself travelled to Arkam to join the club, dragging Atwater along with me, explaining to them that "I drag Atwater everywhere with me”. We quickly joined as full members (for the newsletter, though it also granted the 2 of us voting priviledges), and I gathering back issues of the newsletter to return home with for my perusal. We made a point not to be too forward in the slightest, just smalltalk to get us started. Most of the stargazers, only about 25 strong, seem truly interested in astronomy, and so would be dupes if there is something occult going on with them. We will continue to try to attend monthly meetings as well as the Christmas Social, regardless of our feeling now. A single visit can not be considered enough.
Field Trips are only set up a month or 2 in advance, and the newsletter will keep us informed. Everything here seems logical, so it may be nothing more than a red herring.

Armitage Files

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