The Elias-Carlysle Investigation


  • An orphan, fiesty and tough but stable, from Stratford Connecticut. Unafraid of a fight.
  • 38 years, dark complexion. Med build
  • He and Will became good friends, and Will insists he would do much for the man. His relationships are unusual as Elias and his friends often do not see or speak for months or longer when he is working, though he is very social. Enjoys cigars and the occasional drink.
  • Writings consentrate on death cults. His best known is Sons of Death about modern Thugee in India. Secretive about his projects until finished. His writing style implies first hand experiences. He writes much about cults’ powers of persuasion and manipulation of fear. He is a skeptic, however, of the supernatural and dark beings such as we combat as he has never seen it first hand. He says insanity and inadequacy characterize the death cults, drawing the weak minded to fill their inadequacies.
  • Travels widely, a fine linguist. Mostly self educated.
  • 1875 book on headhunters in Amazon; ’77 Masters of the Black Arts surveying historic sorcerer cults; ’78 The Way of Terror about use of fear by cults; ’80 Smoking Heard of which the first half details historic Mayan death cults and the 2nd present day Central American death cults; ’83 Sons of Death (he infiltrated the cult!!); ’85 Witch Cults of England about covens in 9 counties with interviews on practicing witches; ’86 The Black Power expanding on his terror/fear theme with interviews with anonymous cult leaders.
  • All books published by Prospero Press of NYC, edited by Elias’ friend Jonah Kensington (Will has met him a few times).
    Father Jon has actually read several of his works and finds them of high quality though they lack knowledge of the arcane.

The letter Will first received described how he has been doing research on a book in Central America and then at some point “stumbled upon a hornet’s nest” by gaining some kind of information on the Carlyle Expedition and needed to go to Egypt. In this mysterious letter, Elias also asks Will to find a ‘good investigator’ if he can, for he may need a good investigative team. This was all very cryptic, for Will had no idea why Elias was in Shanghai nor the reason for his investigating the Carlyle Expedition.
Will assisted Elias in researching his Witches of England book, in a section on the covens’ transference to the new world.
Theo has read man of his cult study books.
Recording missed much of this stuff on Elias.

His original letter to Will postmarked from Shanghai.
??? did Elias really go to Egypt, because his notes imply he did not.
No clue why he went to Central America at all but for researching death cults.
Believed in a monstrous worldwide conspiracy.
Went to Harvard for Africa’s Dark Sects, but it went missing.
Miriam said came here before his trip overseas, is this right?

Adventure’s in Darkest Africa by Nigel Blackwell: In 1881, one of the primary events in Blackwell’s book occurs. He, or his lifted source, was in Kenya. They were holding a ritual up in the mountains, mountains identified in Africa’s Dark Sects but not Blackwell. The ritual was dedicated to a god called ‘Kyu Mogandi’. According to Blackwell that translates as ’Lord of the Bloody Mouth.’ a priestess came out. A beautiful tribal girl. She had been a priestess since she was 14, now 18:
“As the priestess whirled around a fire lit circle, chanting dim words from an ancient spell, the cult executioners busied themselves with their screaming sacrifices. As the blood flowed a chill wind sprang up and I felt a flash of fear. The wind had become visible, a dark vapor against the gibbous leering moon and slowly my terror grew as I comprehended the monstrous thing taking form. The corrosive stench of it hinted at a vileness beyond evil. When I saw the great red appendage with alone constituted the face of the thing my courage died and I fled unseeing into the night”
“Now, what Nigel Blackwell saw according to this book was the god of the Bloody Mouth. The only other reference here is the name of the priestess..M’Wuru"
The symbol carved on foreheads: symbol of a cult, no one knows the name of it, that was driven out of ancient Egypt, sometime in the new kingdom for sure, perhaps 18th dynasty. The cult evidently fled from Egypt into what would become Kenya, worshiped some pharaoh that’s not mentioned by name. It just calls him the Dark Pharaoh. Driven out by…the priests…and the army of the Pharaoh.

Jonah Kennsington

Carlyle’s Prospero Publishing editor; Elias told him blood cult killed Carlyle exp. but not all principles killed;

Dark Mistress

Yacht owned by Carlyle’s parents and NW owner parents when killed off of California coast, specifically it seems San Francisco; living creature itself; Westinghouse witnessed Nyarlathotep and Bishop on boat speaking/crew are illusion cloaked deep ones, then they they become anthropomorphic serpent men; must be yacht in Chine in Elias’ photo; as of NY during Lo Ping, Aubrey Penhue Trust owns it, so has found no new targets yet;

CA contact of Will: found yacht of that name in British registry owned by an Alfred Penhurst (aka Penhue?).and has been around for 30 or 40 years. However, it has been owned by a succession of people including the NW parents and Carlyle’s, so all 3 are the same boat. It has never been owned by a single owner for more than a couple years and many owners have died at sea. Originally commissioned in Dover shipyards; first owner and overseer of commission and building was a Mr. Richard HAUPTMAN!!!
A Dr. Lang Phu, from China, or agents of his, always seem to possess the boat after the deaths of the owners for he did so after the deaths of the NW parents and Carlyle’s. All in between died off coast of San Francisco.
A Lewis Clark was Cpt. during the deceased Carlyle’s owner. The current captain is also named Lewis Clark, indeed ALL of them were and have always disappeared at the death’s of the owners.


founder of the Foundation, saw short service in Yorkshire guards ’66 to ’67; Made Col. in British Army Intel in ’80; retired ’81 for unspecified injury; Family history has a few black sheep and some rumors of black arts; trace their nobility from a Boris Penhue during time of William the Conqueror; a Sir Blaze Penhue was beheaded for witchcraft;otherwise a seemingy honorable family; Sir Aubrey graduated Oxford in Classics before archaeologically exploring up the Nile in Egypt; credited with some subbranches of Egyptology and some good discoveries particularly at Dashur; his Foundation supports much important research and scholars; Aubrey owned several homes such as London,Monacco, Alexandria, Paris, Rome and Athens; Incredibly wealthy even before more fortune in his American holding companies; life is oddly private for such a public figure, no family or heirs other than the foundation; Egyptology peers hold him in high respect, but there is an undercurrent of distrust at the same time, feeling there is just something off about him; is a 10th level master sorcer of the Golden Dawn


has a clean record; heiress to a fortune; book written about her family Masters of Corruption of her ancestors making their fortune selling weapons and starting wars to do so; her grandfather Algington left most decisions to highly intelligent executives; her father George did the same, spending his time doting on Hypatia; she attended French and Swiss schools; has affinity for languages but her great interest is in photography for her shows have received good reviews; daring streak; affair with a Catholic named Raul Panara at City College NY.
Because of Raul Hypatia wanted to convert to Catholisism but the church rejeceted her.; the priest told Jon she got pregnant out of wedlock and had an abortion; Raul wanted to kill her because of the ordeal; she may have fled with the expedition to get away from him; Raul then committed suicide.
She was close to committing suicide herself over the matter, then became acquainted with Roger and the expedition which she considered to have saved her.

Jack Brady

has a lengthy police record, including a murder charge for which he was acquitted; former marine sgt, served in China at Peking embassy; had several runins with Chinese nationalists and escapaded with escapes; Rumored to be merc in Turkey afterwars, speaks Turkish/Arabic/several Chinese dialect; in CA oil businesses; strangled a man to death there in a fight, which peaked Carlysle’s curiosity; after an hour long interview the 2 became strong friends; Brady willing to die for Carlysle; Carlysle spent lots of cash to defend Brady on the strangling and amazingly got him off even with 7 eyewitnesses on several technical grounds; alternatively Carlysle’s bodyguard and spokesman; on expedition was foreman and manager; nickname Brass Brady from a brass plate he carries over his heart covered with strange enscriptions; bullets have twice struck it and only dented it, Brady says his mother (a recluse in upper Michigan) had ‘the eye’ and made it to guard her son.
Likely alive, and in Shanghai, from Elias’ matchbook assume see Stumbling Tiger

The Carlyles

Abner, came to VA 1740 after convicted of nefarious and degenerative activities in Derbyshire; illegitate son; his son Ephram moved to New England adopting the name Carlysle and made good investments, the start of the eventual family fortune; new profits during Civil War; have only grown since; lumber and textiles.

Roger was always wealthy; middle name Vane; neglected by dad; no military; craved attention; avoided paternity suit at 17; treated for alchololism at 18 and 20; graduated Grodin after being thrown out of many Ivy schools as well as USC and Miskatonic for general misbehavior; upon his parents’ death in a boating accident, Carlyle made a turn before regressing when his sister proved more skilled at family affairs; he then became influenced of an east African poet named Bounet, starting rumors of debauchery among police and journalists; spend greats amounts of money from family fortune, starting arguments with sister and executives, but otherwise still a friendly and popular figure socially; in months before left he became more serious and withdrawn;goals of expedition remain secretive even to many who one would think would know.
Paternity suit: Happened at Miskatonic hence his ejection. Girl still lives there as waitress, life ruined by the affair. She was ejected as well, abandoned and given hush money, and never saw Roger again.
Carlyle’s parents’ yacht was never found. They left on a cruise around the world, stopping in San Francisco. After departing their bodies were found floating off the coast. This was when Roger was 24, some 10 years or so after the NW parents death. The name of Carlyle’s yacht? THE *DAR*K MISTRESS!!!
New World link: Parents of current NW head died in strange fashion. Mother found on the boat, drowned, but with fresh water in her lungs. Crew missing. The boat registered to them was the DARK MISTRESS!
Carlyle’s parents’ yacht was never found. They left on a cruise around the world, stopping in San Francisco. They left, and their bodies were found floating off the coast. This was when Roger was 24, some 10 years or so after the NW parents death. The name of Carlyle’s yacht? THE DARK MISTRESS!!!

Robert Huston

clean record, no military; youngest of 3; dad Chicago doctor who as young man got caught up in utopianism of open plains, involved in several deviant sects; graduated from Johns Hopkins with honors; threw away his practice in 3 years and left his wife, leaving to Vienna to study alienism, one of first Americans to study sexual behavior and the mind; very in demand upon his return to NYC; practiced alienism here to very wealthy; fame and notoriety with exorbitant fees; women liked him; Carlysle was a patient; joined expedition to continue treatment of him after breaking off affair with one Emelda Bosh, dated her and she committed suicide over an abortion and subsequent breakup; Carlyle helped hush the scandal; rumors Carlyle did not want Houston at large while he was gone, worried Houston may reveal secrets of Carlyle; upon Huston being declared dead his records were stored to Medical Affairs Board of NY State.
In the Twilight’s early records, mention of a visitor from an unidentified sister organization in 1884 using the code phrase Mens Supremus Totus, ‘The Mind Above All’. Beside it, some cult member had scrawled R.E. Houston. Seems that it can’t be teh same man, unnaturally old, as Huston’s birth/family/life are well accounted for.

M’ Wuru aka Anastasia

African, went on expedition; suspected Nyarlathotep follower; Cassandra had altercation with;

Emerson Imports

Innocent business who was importing for Juju House; burned to the ground; owned by Arthur Emerson DECEASED; says saw Elias couple days before murder, before he told us he’d even be in the country; US agent for Mombasan exporter Adjah Singh whose monthly shipments went to Juju;

Professor Anthony Cowles

Resides in Arkam; daughter Eva; gave lecture Elias may have attended in NY just before murder but did not meet if he did;
Father of All Bats
Blood sacrifices to make him appear, and he would conquer the world.
Cult leader could supposedly take the form of batwinged snakes, and kidnapped victims.
Cowles says it became extincg, or dormant, hundreds of years ago, but it is the reason he became interested in Elias’s books about present day cults.
Reports of an aboriginal song about beings not men in western Australia, builders of great walls and caves. ‘Living winds’ defeated them, paving the way for this Father of All Bats;
showed them slides of men standing next to huge blocks of stone, presumably in Australia. Barely distinguishable carvings could be seen still. Cowles said the discoverer of these was an Arthur McWurur, who also recorded several deadly attacks on them by Aboriginals.
Tale of Sandbat versus Rainbow snake (deification of water).
Could this Father of All Bats be Cthulhu? Aspect of Nyarlathotep?

Miriam Artwright

Head librarian at Harvard, in Cambridge, MA; assisted Elias who came looking for Africa’s Dark Sects before his trip overseas but it went missing, odor at the time that made anyone sick; showed Elias Blackwell’s Adventures in Darkest Africa; G’ Harne fragments supposedly deal with the Cult of the Bloody Tongue and its Dark Master, above their god the Bloody Tongue. The late Sir Emery WendiSmith, a scholarly work on translations of carvings on pottery shards brought out of North Africa by an explorer named Winthrop. It was a humble, privately financed sixteen mo. (does Arkam have it, fragments?);

G’Harne Fragments: research shows it deals almost exclusively with the occult in Egyptian and the northern half of Africa. Miskatonic DOES have a copy of the work by Wendismith. Wilkerson noted in the package that Rathbone, who studied under him for a semester, read the sixteenmo during his studies at Miskatonic.
This and what Miriam says seem to link the flight of Nefrukah and Bloody Tongue as one and the same.

Sacred Order of the Protectors of the Temple of the Lord

Lodges around the world; in each area one lodge will be overseer.
Mordakai Lemming seen at a few of the Bloody Tongue murder scenes.

Bat Cult

see prof. Cowles above.
A Black Wind is known locally in several parts of the world, 3 of most noteworthy being Australia, a town in Italy, and South America. The Bat god from Australia has suspicious similarities to one in South America dating back to the Incas.
Why Elias travelled there?; link between Australia and the Pacific coast of South America
The Black Wind could be connected with several different Mythos beings.

Erica Carlyle

Lives about an hours carriage ride north along Hudson near Sing Sing.
2 primary companions: Joe Corry (tough, bodyguard) and Brady Gray (rumored mob enforcer, was armed at Benefit); Correy went on expedition
Gray hates Roger “spendthrift, cad”. Says he helped engineer power shift of Carlyle business to Erica.
Erica says Roger would disappear for days, then show up wile eyed and crazy from “harlem, with my own kind” meaning "Those that can see beyond reality.” He told her Anastasia was a queen and priestess and held secrets he must have.
She says only one who was real friend of Roger and looked out for him was Jack Brady.
About unknown significance of abortions, says once heard M’Wuru say “if they don’t choose the dark path themselves, the first step is the destruction of innoncence.”
His dreams started soon after his girlfriend’s abortion! It opened the gate to take him! Same with Houston.

She and Corry now remember everything, including the love for each other that blossomed on expedition. They are in constant danger now.

Erica’s Expedition

Erica says they were scared to death when she visited. When they went into the hills, someone started killing their people. She says tribe that was blamed were scared out of their minds of something else.
A Col. Endicot was their guide, a Brit. Owns a hunting lodge, huge blowhard; Joe hated him
What’s the name of the mountain?
Joe killed several offensive tribesman, came from around the mountain. They don’t ‘remember’ who the tribe was, but the other locals can help.
Joe has amnesia about expedition, but knows was not hit in head.
“Don’t go near…mountain of the black wind”.
Where did Erica hear the name “Nyarlathotep?”
Joe says “The son takes after the father?” Roger’s son? Hypatia? A half-mythos monster?
Press Joe more on the Bloated Woman.

Joe Corry Hypnosis:

Dangerous tribe lived on or around a mountain.
The tribe attacked and took them prisoner. Day and night they travelled to Mt. of the Black WInd. To sacrifice them, but they saw her there, the Bloated Woman: Hypatia. Like a huge slug but with a vacant, grinning, staring face. Movement in her belly. Father is darkness itself. When it is born the world will tremble, born when stars are right and the beast comes.
When put back in cell, they escaped through tunnels. They stole barrel of blackpowder from tribes armory (flintlocks…). Col used it to blow cave behind their escape but didn’t make it back.
Joe saw a map during escape. Had 3 locales in a triagle: Mt., Shanghai, and a place in western Australia desert. All places Paul was interested in when controlled by a Yith.
Then a dark fog came across and when they woke up they recalled nothing.
Did not see Roger and Houston, but did see M’Wuru. She’s their leader, they worship her. She sent the forgetting cloud.
Erica not part of evils of Roger. They’ll come for them Joe and Erica ever remember.
Mt. a short trip north of the Corrupt Ground (Carlyle massacre site) about 1/3 the distance from Mombasa to Nairobe.
Local tribes been at war with Mt. tribe for years.
Erica and her fell in love on trip, he was a hero to her. Blackness made them forget but keep loyalty to each other.
Erica fainted early on. We wake her and bring him out.,
He gives us name of tribe: Johnny must look up

Seances w/ Paul:

At séance:
Tries to channel Carlyle: nothing. Likely alive!
Tries to channel Houston: nothing.
Tries to channel Hypatia: contace, but ‘mostly death’. She wishes she were dead. Says killed her baby out of shame, then promised new baby by M’Wuru as a second chance.
Mself “By who?”
Violent scream “NYARLATHOTEP!”
She says Houston still alive but she knows not where. Never sees Carlyle, hopes he’s dead because they don’t need him anymore and she’ll devour his soul. The dreams whispered to them. Says Penhue alive, “the worst of all. He chose this path. He is to be Pharaoh. Sent back to ancient times to rule as the Dark Pharaoh.”
Says it’s a lie to Penhue. (sounds like he’s to be Nyarlathotep’s vessel maybe)
This will be after the Beast comes. It is the opener of the way. After it comes Harbinger, the god, the red eye of Azathoth in the sky!
Brady the most evil of all, she says. ’Brady’s mother a witch, fought vs Old Ones. Blessed him to be a valiant warrior. He let us to our fate. They watched the massacre of the darkies, and ate. Brady kidnapped Carlyle and killed followers of Dark Pharaoh, stole a boat and sailed away with Roger. If he lives, M’Wuru will find them and flay them alive. Brady tries to prevent the coming of the Beast, the Old Ones, my son!’
Then Nyarlathotep comes through ‘calls us his only pleasure. You and your compadres are a joy to watch. You can’t stop what is to come, but you can provide me with sport.’

The Elias-Carlysle Investigation

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