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Westinghouse Detective Agency Files
Westinghouse Detective Agency
Occult Literature Mundane books on the occult and arcane, from The Keeper’s Companion Vol. 1

Loose Ends: remaining questions and loose ends to keep in mind from our smaller investigations, typically having no bearing on our success or failure
Grand Plots: all clues and leads consolidated in one place for the agency’s larger, long term investigations.


  • Creatures Encountered: a list of sanity check-inducing encounters
  • Gathered Lore: Information gained outside of The Great Meeting in London with Archimedes and the other Chosen Men; one should keep in mind the nature of the Mythos, and that most if not all lore is typically only the best guess of the limited human mind. Much, if not all, may be part truth at best to completely incorrect at worst.
  • The Tomes: record of the reading of Forbidden Lore tomes, mostly if not totally by Father Jon and Theolonius and which group has it now.

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Main Page

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